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First Contact

Posted on Tue Nov 14th, 2023 @ 4:40pm by Lieutenant Vura & Petty Officer 2nd Class Otes Ze
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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: Observation Deck - Command Tier Deck 6 - Poseidon Station
Timeline: MD004 1200 hrs

Vura heard that the Pioneer had docked. There was a momentary sense of excitement that she would be going on to a new ship and that it was finally here. She let herself relish the emotion of that anticipation mixed with excitement by closing her eyes and letting the world stop around her. Once the sensation had been fully experienced, she let it pass and walked out to the observation deck, trying to get a first look at the ship.

Vura wore a long red V-neck dress with an asymmetrical hem, which emphasized her legs when she walked. On each thin arm she wore three bracelets. From her front, you could see a long drooping necklace. Her lips were painted ruby red.

Arriving at the observation deck, she craned her neck trying to see where the Pioneer might be located.

Otes was stationed right by one of the windows a Padd in his right hand and a cup of warm black coffee in his left, He had heard that the Pioneer had docked with Poseidon Station, and the young nurse wanted to marvel at his future home.

He was reading an old Earth book on his Padd, The Hobbit. He was partial to earth fantasy novels. As Otes was off duty he was in a crew neck t-shirt, slacks and some 1990 vintage converse all stars in the color red with black laces.

Otes was a social creature but sometimes preferred the company of himself and a well-read book. Today though, he was chomping at the bit for a little human interaction. The station was a beautiful work of art, unlike deep space K-12 which was a clunky outer rim outpost, Poseidon Station was a work of art that even Otes had stop and stare at once the Mercia had docked to drop him off.

He took a sip as he saw someone stood at the edge of the observation deck, he craned his neck to get a better look, Otes drank as he looked over at the new comer, He placed the Padd in his pocket and walked over to greet them "She's a beauty isn't she," he said with his fixed to the rail in a cross motion with his cup of coffee rest on the old metal railing.

The bald-headed woman in the red dress turned to face Otes. "I think I am," she replied with a knowing and alluring grin. "But it really is not kind of you to speak of me in the third person," she continued in a playful tone. "Don't you think you should tell me who you are before you continue to tell me about my beauty?"

Otes laughed and hung his head. "Walked right into that one didn't I?" he said laughing a little as he looked out across the view "Otes.. Petty Officer 2nd class Otes Ze. Nice to meet you," he said as is eyes lingered on the woman in front of him. "I mean your beauty doesn't compare to many things I've seen even on a wonderful world such as Betazoid," he said with a slight wink. "Are you here to come aboard the Pioneer, same as me?" he asked drinking from his cup of coffee. "Awfully sorry I should have offered you a drink," he said with a slight smile, the poor lad had forgotten most things even his manners, which never happened.

Vura's eyes sparkled as her smile became more like that of the spider who had caught a fly in her web. "Most likely you should have offered me a drink. Are you going to do so now?" she inquired mischievously. "And yes, I will be joining the Pioneer. My name is Vura, Lieutenant Vura, or Counselor Vura, as you please."

Otes smiled holding out his hand for the other to take "Nice to meet you Lieutenant Vura," he said with a slight smile "What drink can I get you alcoholic or a nice hot drink?" he said as he pushed his hands through his hair.

Vanity? Self confidence? Both? Vura wondered as she noticed Otes running his hands through his hair. "Either or both is fine as long as it is on you," Vura answered with a smile. She did not accept his hand, however. "I really do not think you want me to shake your hand, though. Have you forgotten your lessons on Deltans?"

One of various reasons Otes ran his hands through his hair, it was an anxiety tick a nervous tick he had never been able to shake. He mossied off down to the bar "Two Tequila Sunrises please" He spoke to the Bolian bar tender "Coming right up." The bartender returned as he made the drinks in the replicator.

The Bolian handed off the drinks and waved Otes on his way "Two Tequilla Sunrises I'm told by an old friend, they're an earth favorite." He said handing over the drink. "Well, my memory isn't what it used to be that's for sure," he said with a slight wink.

Vura accepted the drink and smirked at Otes. "Not what it used to be? At your age? You barely look old enough to get your shuttle license, Otes." She took a sip of the Tequilla Sunrise and closed her eyes, savoring the flavors as they flowed over her tastebuds. "Mmmm," she told Otes. She then opened her eyes as she swallowed, "This was a fine selection, my young friend."

Otes laughed "My Knowledge of Earth's selection of alcohol is second to none," he said winking a little. "My memory however, that's a work in progress," he said taking a sip from his own drink. The view out of the window was quite nice. Space had its beauties and decorum. "And let it be known I barely passed my shuttle exam," a slight laugh forming across his lips.

"But you passed," Vura reminded the youngster, with a matronly smile. "And here I thought that alcohol was supposed to cause the memory to be dulled...." She giggled lightly and asked, "So, Otes, what are you most looking forward to about joining the Pioneer." She took another sip of her Tequilla Sunrise, this time with her eyes open.

Otes laughed as he drank a little from his own drink, The view out of the window was a marvel space had always fascinated I'm in one way or another "That I did. Actually I didn't do too badly I just can't seem to give myself compliments on my own achievements," he said with a slight laugh and nervous twitch of his hand through his hair. "Well, actually, I'm looking forward to finding my feet in sickbay and helping patients. It's something I've always been passionate about. My work as a medical nurse has always been very close to my heart and helping those in need has and always will be my priority," he said with a wide smile. "And what are you looking forward to the most on your new assignment," he said taking a healthy pull from his tequila sunrise.

"Before I answer that, I have to ask, Otes, why don't you feel like you can take pride in your accomplishments? Do you feel undeserving somehow? Or that you are not worth it?"

Otes took a second to think about it "I mean I've never really thought about it but then again I've always been a chronic overachiever because I was the youngest child and always thought I had something to prove, and I was never really the guy at the academy and my self-esteem has always been a problem." He took a sip from his drink, expertly not dodging the question but dodging enough to make sure there was enough to go on.

"Why has your self-esteem been a problem? You seem like a pleasant enough fellow," Vura prompted.

Otes drank some of his drink, he hadn't really thought about it, but really he knew where it came from. "I was the youngest of my parents' children and sometimes felt I never matched up to their expectations of me I wasn't my older brother Ikril and I most certainly wasn't Tos I was weirder, odder, and didn't fit their view of me"

"Tell me about Ikril and Tos," Vura prodded, listening intently.

Otes looked around "Well Ikril is in command. He's always been the golden boy," he said with a brief up turn of his eyes. "Tos is the middle child and got 90% of the flack growing up so became so incredibly self sufficient and between the two of them there was huge shoes that I've never been able to fill."

"Again why do you say that? And why do you insist on comparing yourself to them?"

Otes didn't quite know how to respond he looked out the window, "I suppose because I've always looked up to them it hard to compare my achievements to theirs?" he said trying to think. "I've always been living in their shadow and it's kind of hard not to when one is an operations lieutenant and the other is in command of constalation starship."

"Everything comes in its own time, Otes. It is not a race. If you continue to compare yourself to others, you will always live in their shadows. You have to live for yourself. Once you do that, you will find your own greatness."

Otes smiled at the Deltan. "Thank you, Vura. I feel I needed to hear that," the young Betazoid spoke, as he drained the last part of his tequila sunrise. "Live for myself? As a nurse that seems counter-productive," he said laughing a little, as it was mainly a joke. "Can I interest you in another drink Vura?"

"Oh, you could interest me in many things, Otes," the Deltan flirted. "Another drink will be a good start."

Otes smiled "Coming right up," he said as he allowed the flirting to fly right above his head, not that he didn't find her attractive, he was just an awkward guy at times. Otes would have responded in kind but it took Otes a little while to feel comfortable. "Computer, two Tequilla Sunrises," he said as the replicator whooshed the two drinks. He walked back over. "Two Tequilla Sunrises," he said handing Vura her drink.

Vura accepted the drink, crossing her legs seductively. "So, tell me something more that will interest me, Otes."

Otes drank a little of his drink. "Well I always wanted to be a medical officer, I was a nurse on Betazoid and decided to join Starfleet after both my brothers did. I opted for enlisted as I wanted to help more in sickbay," he said taking another long drink. "What about you anything interesting?"

"Isn't being a Deltan counselor interesting enough?" Vura asked with a myserious grin.

Otes laughed. "Well, actually, that is interesting enough. I haven't met a Deltan in some time, so this is most defiantly a welcome break."

"The fact that you ever met another Deltan is interesting to me. We so rarely leave our home planet."

Otes drank from his drink a little looking at the time. "Crap, I had better shoot this down the hatch and get packing. I only have a few hours 'til I board the Pioneer," he said with a wide smile.

"Very well," Vura responded with a coy smile. "I'll see you on board. Don't forget to make an appointment with me."

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