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Working Holiday

Posted on Tue May 2nd, 2023 @ 7:18am by Major Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna
Edited on on Tue May 2nd, 2023 @ 9:27pm

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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: Major Tremble's Quarters - Deck 2 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 0600 hrs

Neil set the carafe on the tables warmer, then settled into his customary spot before pouring coffee into his mug. Checking his chrono, he noted he still had time before his duty-day started.

“Like a ship’s XO, especially a Marine is ever off-duty,” he half snorted to himself as his contact began pulling information from the slow streams of data he had working, and the individual holo-pages began popping up into the air in front of him.

The AI color-coded various sheets and the faint sound of paper stacking rippling against more paper sounded. The sound helped ensure that everything was meshing and not floating about loose.

He idly sipped at the coffee, which hadn’t cooled enough and began listening to his AI read a Fleet report on Aquil sector as a slide show played through. The text of the AI scrolled to one side and Neil occasionally stopped and highlighted sections which dropped into a report of his own. He’d have to brief the Department Heads on various matters, and it all needed to get structured into his schedule or he’d meet himself coming back around.

Jayna padded silently into the room and slipped her arms around Neil from behind so she didn't disrupt him too much while he prepped for the day. With her new promotion, she appreciated even more the need to keep on top of all the reports.

The motion sensor software registered Jayna's appearance, but Neil tried not to react. He enjoyed trying to hear her soft footfalls and he closed his eyes for a moment at her touch.

"Good morning," he smiled, making a push-back motion with his hands, which moved his digital workspace into hold mold, then he swiveled slightly and pulled her into his lap.

She chuckled and caressed his cheek, enjoying the freedom to touch him. Jayna kept to herself in the past, but Neil brought out a side of her that had been dormant for far too long. "Good morning." She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a good morning kiss. "Would you like me to replicate something to go with your coffee?"

"Only if you'll eat with me," Neil replied, keeping his hand about her waist. "How did you sleep?"

"Better than I have in a while," she admitted. "What about you? And what do you like for breakfast?"

"Really well," Neil said. "As for breakfast, I usually go with whatever Marine Supplement the computer decides I need. This morning's workout is a run, so it's probably number eight: cereal with fruit or number six, the oatmeal."

He made a bit of a face at that. "The replicator's oatmeal tastes like chalk, for some reason." Smiling into her eyes, he asked, "How do you break your fast?"

"Usually with some sort of meat roll. The replicator has a good selection. You can choose your bread, including pancakes or tortillas, and what you want inside. I often go with a sausage roll, a pancake roll with blackberries and blueberries, or a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, and tomato. They taste better than that oatmeal. They also have fruit, granola, and yogurt if you want a change from cereal." She smiled, deciding for the fifth or was it seventh time that she liked his eyes. "I like convenience and flavor." It was probably more of an answer than he wanted, but that oatmeal sounded terrible.

"Probably the fruit, granola and yogurt then, "Neil decided. "I usually eat something more when I hit my desk after PT."

"That makes sense. I often take something with me as well." While she enjoyed sitting on Neil's lap, they both had things to do after breakfast. She got up, letting her hand trail across his chest and went to the replicator to get two bowls of fruit, granola, and vanilla yogurt. She set one in front of Neil and sat down. "Would you like company for PT?"

Picking up a spoon, Neil met her eyes and nodded. "Sure. And thank you for breakfast." After a spoonful of the yogurt and granola, he said, "I'm Trooping the Line, or jogging through the Pioneer's decks. Gives me a chance to look everything over and be seen."

After tasting another spoonful, he asked "Any plans for shore leave?"

"I'm supposed to take some time on the bridge, but other than that, nothing. What about you?" She often spent shore leave working on personal projects, but she'd much prefer spending time with Neil. She took another bite of her granola. She should at least have a good look at what the station and planet had to offer.

Neil thought about things and said, "Honestly, I don't know. I found out last night I'm helping organize a Marine Corp Birthday Ball on Poseidon. Do me the honor of accompanying me?

Her eyes met his. She'd been to a couple of formal affairs as part of an assignment, but this would be a new experience. And one she found she actually looked forward to. "Yes. I would love to accompany you. Thank you."

Grinning, Neil ran his eyes over her and said, "You'll need a sexy dancing dress..."

Jayna grinned back. "For you I can do sexy. How formal is this? Or should I look it up?" She wasn't sure if tea-length or floor-length was more appropriate. Would Neil even know? Maybe she'd just go with long, dark, and sexy. "Anything else you'd like to do? I hear the planet has a nice beach, but I don't think it'll compare to Risa." Then again, not much could compare to the island on Risa.

Neil chuckled even as he smiled wider and said, "Well, it's full mess dress. That includes, for me, a hat, pyro saber and medals. Full dress scarlet." Shaking his head at that, he said, "No wonder we get called marionettes..."

Definitely long, black, and sexy. Maybe even gloves. "I like the idea of you in full dress scarlet. Lots of buttons..." She gave him a wicked smile. "I could even help you with that saber."

"Yes, lots of buttons," Neil assured her with leer. "I generally draw the line at the boat cloak though. I think I've only wore that for the tailor."

She finished her breakfast and took her bowl to the replicator to recycle. "I'm not sure how much work is involved in planning the ball, but I'd be happy to help if you need it."

"Sold,” Neil said automatically. "There are invitations that will have to go out to all senior officers and civilians invited. Actual. Factual. Hand signed and delivered invitations..."

"Impressive." And a lot of work. Still, she was happy to help. "Every civilian on the station? That could be problematic."

Neil stood and tidied up after his breakfast, correcting himself, "Senior civilian officials and any special guests. Less than a hundred I'd imagine. That's part of what I was shoe-horning into my schedule. Trying to run down who all will be attending this soiree."

Straightening his uniform tunic, he fixed his beret through a loop on his left shoulder and stepped to Jayna and slid an arm around her waist. "We can talk more about all of this later during the run: Maybe in a couple hours?"

"Yes." She caressed his cheek, her eyes meeting his for a moment. "Just let me know when and where." She gave him a quick kiss and smiled impishly. "Maybe I'll look for some sexy running shorts."

Neil kissed her back and gave her whisper of a wink. "Well. The old saying goes I'm happy when you arrive, but love to watch you go. That's part of the reason you get ahead of me on runs. I also call it motivation."

She laughed at the comment. She appreciated his impressive chest and shoulders. "I will definitely get a new pair of shorts, then. I need to do my part to keep you motivated," she teased. "And if I do, you might let me play with your buttons after the Marine Corps Ball."

Neil eyed her with an innocent smile asking, "That's not a problem. Will your dress be zipped or sprayed on?"

Jayna chuckled softly and gave him a wicked grin. "It will definitely have a zipper. Half the fun will be letting you find it."

Widening his eyes, Neil grinned speculatively and said, "Well. Don't make it too complicated. I'd hate to have to cut you out of it in the heat of the moment."

Jayna moved closer and pressed against him so she could whisper in his ear. "I think you'll be able to handle it." Then she stepped back and smiled impishly. "See you for that run. I may even let you catch me."

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