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Washed Out Part I

Posted on Tue Jul 26th, 2022 @ 6:07am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi
Edited on on Tue Jul 26th, 2022 @ 6:18am

600 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: Bridge - Deck 1 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD006 1145 hrs

The sound of the ship bridge echoed in Thex ears as she stepped out of the turbolift. The away teams had been down for several hours now. Taking over the communications seat from her officer Thex fixed the earpiece into her ear as she began looking over the situation on the gorund.

The game of cat and mouse that the Pioneer crew had been playing with Jutrai security had really gotten Tyler hot under the collar. He hated the waiting game and it seemed that was all they played at the moment. Tremble, and McGowen took their teams under water to see what they could find, all the while Tyler's new Security team had worked the General into one huge dead end. "Lieutenant anything on sensors?"

" Sensors are as clean as an ice field after a snow storm." Thex replied as she looked through the stream of data on her screen. " One moment." She said highlighting a report which began to translate. With a tap of a botton a copy of it was sent to the captain's chair. " Another report of more feet. Looks like three more sets." She said from her chair.

Tyler sighed heavily he had a large chunk of his crew down there and nothing seemed to be getting done. This was damned baffling, he knew his crew worked hard to close out this case there just did not seem to be any leads. "See if you can raise major Tremble on comms."

Thex nodded as she tried to open the coms. Running her hands over the panel she twisted her earpiece slightly as nothing but static. Letting out a grumble in andorian which didn't translate she began typing. " Sir we have an electrical storm over the ocean causing a feedback loop in the Isolinear Flux Buffer. Give me a second to try and fix it."

For the moment all Tyler and anyone else on the Bridge heard was "...Attack... Massive Damege... Dead..." Tyler did not need Thex to clear the message to know that his team was in trouble. But before he could mount a rescue or even plan a rescue he did near to hear the message. Once again Tyler found himself doing the thing he hated, waiting.

Thex hands ran over the console as she worked furiously to get a clear signal. "Give me a moment i may be able to bounce our signal off one of the local weather satellites."

Tyler waited as his Ops Officer did what she did best. However, when the message cleared it did not make anything happier. "Right... so they are trapped at the bottom of the river. Thex take whatever resources you need and figure out a rescue plan."

" Will do sir." Thex said as she pressed a button to call a replacement to the bridge.

This mission was going from bad to worse and Tyler knew it. What started out as a standard investigatory mission has turned into a situation where more than half his crew is trapped and in need of rescue. Right now all Tyler could hope for was that his new Operations Chief was up to the task.

As her replacement arrived Thex nodded and left the bridge. She had a rescue operation to organize.
To Be Continued...

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Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer


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