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Mixed Feelings

Posted on Tue Jan 29th, 2019 @ 6:37am by Ensign Dana Wakefield

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Personal Log, Lieutenant Dana Wakefield

To be honest, when shore leave was announced I was a little apprehensive. This would be my first time visiting a pleasure planet and to be honest, I didn't know what to expect, after all, I am not know for letting my hair down. However, I admit I was pleasantly surprised, the beachfront bungalow, the warm sand with a gentle breeze, it was perfect, just want I needed to get my head around losing a year.

Sometimes, I have moments when I wonder if this is really my reality, or if suddenly someone is going to turn around and call me Admiral again, but I am sure everyone has days like that.

What is more concerning is how quickly we were recalled from shore leave, I've just returned from a senior staff meeting and it looks like we're headed into another situation involving the Cardassians. Some people may say they deserve everything they get, However, I in a way feel sorry for them, what would I do to save the Federation, the people I love. Well, I'd quite happily sell my soul to Satan, without hesitation.

Cardassia is trying to rebuilt and we are duty bound to help them, in any way we can. It's what we do and I'm proud of what we do, we don't turn our back to people in need, no matter what past transgressions, everyone deserves a chance to turn things around, you can't condone an entire species for decisions made by their leaders.

I for one will do whatever I can, to ensure the upcoming missions is a success. Today I plan on checking the recent upgrades as well as conducting a full diagnostic and test of the power distribution system and I must make time to introduce myself to the new Assistant Chief of Operations as well as a catch up with Lieutenant Fairburn.

Off duty, I plan on visiting the gym as well as a general tour and check in with other departments, just to see if they need anything and to re-introduce my face to people, after all I want them to be able to envisage the person they are depending upon or talking to at the end of a communicator.

End Log


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