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Lieutenant Junior Grade Jordan Spencer

Name Jordan Spencer

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 192
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jordan Spencer considers himself just average when it comes to his physical appearance. He is on the taller side but his build is trim with some muscle definition, which comes from a regimented workout routine. He always has a couple days worth of stubble since he is not a fan of shaving, but doesn’t really want a full beard either.


Spouse Catherine (Sampson) Spencer (Deceased)
Children Unborn child (Deceased)
Father Garrett Spencer
Mother Victoria Spencer
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Rachael (Spencer) Franklin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jordan is a hardened ex marine to the heart, hard headed, blunt and to the point. But one wouldn't know as he responds to most things with a sarcastic comment but still maintains a level of professionalism. In his earlier days he had seen and done almost everything a Starfleet Officer could do, and it shows in his ability to keep his cool even when everything seems to be falling apart around him. Only a handful of close friends see a softer side to him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: With years of experience under his belt, Jordan is well diverse in hand to hand combat along with a good shot. But most of his Starfleet and Marine career has been focused in the Medical Sciences. Not many things really surprise him as he is usually the first one to step up

Weaknesses: Having spent the bulk of his career in the field or training he is very reluctant to trust others completely and can come off very selfish and sometimes lazy when he feels like the job is a waste of his time.
Ambitions After the death of his wife and child, he only focuses on the job or the next mission. His true ambitions in life seem to have all but been misplaced or lost over the years. So his true drive is to take care of others over himself.
Hobbies & Interests Jordan is more of a loner than most. He focuses on his work and on his off hours either has a drink or spends time on the range if it isn’t to work out and keep his mind off of his own issues. While swearing it`s only to keep sharp skills needed by every Starfleet Officer, he drowns every waking moment with anything and everything but himself.

He has a reputation of not being afraid to bend the rules to get a job done, and a good threat has been known to open doors that were previously firmly closed.

Personal History Born on Earth to his parents, Garrett and Victoria, Colony scientists, who also had a daughter, Rachael. With his parents being farmers in Kansas, Jordan and Rachel both grew up working alongside their parents to raise animals and care for them as any other person. They also got to learn to grow food and live off the land. But in the end, their parents wanted them to reach for the stars and strive for what they wanted rather than follow their footsteps.

For Rachael, she had a desire to become a Veterinarian with her years of love for the farm animals while growing up, while Jordan heard of the fighting going on in deep space which pulled so many of his friends’ parents away from them and even dying for a cause he didn’t completely understand. But he felt as though he needed to assist the, and help them.

When Jordan was 17 he wanted to join Starfleet Marine Corps. Early in the 2370s Jordan applied to Starfleet Marine Corps Academy and was accepted but only after his basic training was completed. After completing this Marine’s basic training as all other marines were required to do, it was during his first year at the off field training he started taking a liking to the different martial arts of different planets, during self defense classes. Despite this, he wanted to go into the field of medicine. It seemed odd to his family that he wanted to go into medicine, but it was his desire to help others in the field more than just in a doctor’s office, he wanted to be able to fight as well. So despite all the deep training he received in combat training, Medicine was more to his goals.

From then on, he focused more on medical routes and even picked up psychology as well during Field Medic Training. But shortly after he started, was when the Dominion war broke out, and field required more personal. With that being said, he was rushed throw Field Medic training for completion before being assigned to the U.S.S. Archangel.

The USS Archangel, a Akira class carrier ship, was regularly on the front line during the war. It was because of this that Jordan and several marines saw the battlefield. But with this in mind, many of its crew were killed in combat throughout the war. It was a macabre place to work, and those that survived remained close friends for the years after the war. Once the war was over, and having received the rank of Corporal for his work throughout the war, he returned to Earth to take a break in service.

He returned to his family’s farm and spent more of his free time advancing his career ideal in becoming a physician. But during his years of college, he suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) As a field medic and rifleman, he saw many deaths and put many of his friends in caskets after struggling trying to keep them alive only to see them pass away. It became almost bearable that he had his pistol in hand ready to end his own life. But after remembering the many lives he had saved and helped through many of the issues, he reached out for the assistance he needed to strive to assist others as well.

During his time on Earth, he met his high school sweetheart. The two spent several months together and decided to get married while he was going through his college time together. Shortly after their marriage, they found out that they were expecting a child. It seemed all was well until there was a vehicle accident, killing both his wife and new born child. This, along with his PTSD, almost forced him to want to give up on life altogether. His sister and he became very close and helped each other get past his loss. Rachael had told him to continue his schooling, for his wife and child would have both wanted him to complete it and move on in his life.

After completing four years of college, he felt as though Star Fleet was calling him back once again to help in more than normal house calls. There he could help those that had the issues that he had suffered with himself. He returned to San Francisco to which he entered into the Medical Fast Track Course in Starfleet Medical Academy. While at Starfleet Medical Academy, his primary focus was on Medical with a secondary focus on psychology. He felt that with an understanding of the mental state of a patient could also assist with diagnosing an issue.

Once completed, he was assigned to the U.S.S. Indianapolis commissioned under the watch of a qualified doctor. It was a requirement to be supervised by a certified Starfleet Doctor. While on the Indianapolis, he excelled in his on the job training and showed great strides over most of the other medical personnel. He was one of the medical personnel that had completed the training a little bit ahead of schedule and was promoted to Lieutenant J.G.

With his track record, he had preferred to stay in place versus going to another assignment, and was able to stay aboard the Indianapolis. Within a short amount of time, he was even offered an Assistant Medical Officer position to which he accepted which took him away from the trainees and more on the actual crew of the ship. But he still continued to keep to himself and focus on his job, and nothing else. During his final year of being assigned to the Indianapolis, he started to have a relapse of his PTSD to which he took to the assigned counselor on board.

After he had passed through the major portion of his relapse, he requested additional training and was sent back to Starfleet Medical where he researched and received his certification in physiology which at the same time was able to pick up on additional hands-on studies with on-call counselors and recordings. Even though he wasn’t an empath, his life of watching the people around him and being slow to speak and quick to listen and watch, he had been able to pick up on people. The day finally arrived and was able to complete his counseling training for Starfleet.

Service Record Parris Island, Earth - Basic Military Training - Promoted to Private After Basic Military Training
San Francisco - Starfleet Medical, Earth - Field Medic Training - Promoted to Lance Corporal after FMT
U.S.S. Archangel - Field Medic/Marine Rifleman - Lance Corporal
U.S.S. Archangel - Field Medic/Marine Rifleman - Promoted to Corporal

---- Break in Service -----
San Francisco - Starfleet Medical Academy, Earth - Medical Fast Track Course - Reenlisted as Ensign
U.S.S. Indianapolis - Medical Officer - Ensign
U.S.S. Indianapolis - Assistant Medical Officer - Promoted to Lieutenant J.G.
San Francisco - Starfleet Medical, Earth - Counselor Certification Training - Lieutenant J.G.

Basic Courses
--Field Medicine / First Aid
--Hand to Hand Combat
--Small Arms Basic Tactics

Advanced Courses
--Scene Preservation
--Hand to Hand Combat
--Small Arms Advanced Tactics

Career Development
--Infantry Officer's Course
--Force Reconnaissance Qualification
--Explosive Ordnance Technician
--Starfleet Command Course