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Some Well Deserved Awards

Posted on Tue Sep 13th, 2022 @ 6:03am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke

As we reach what could be the midway point of our mission "Crooked River" there are a few awards that are deserved.

I am hoping to award the Character of the Month, and Support Character of the Month on an actual monthly basis. I have been bad on staying on top of that and I am sorry. But stay tuned...

Lieutenant Paul Michael - Character of the Month -"For the month of August we would like to give Paul Michael Character of the Month. He has definitely stepped up his activity and keeps pushing the story along in his piloting of the Marines during the mission. As the mission progresses I look forward to seeing what he comes up with. Keep up the great work."
-USS Pioneer Command Team-

Ensign Rachel Sinclair - Support Character of the Month -"The Ensign just joined the ship and yet their arrival posts were some of the funniest that we have seen. The awkward anxiousness of a new Ensign meeting the Captain is just something I have not seen and in the post you can feel it coming off the page. Thank you for adding a Lower Decks kind of feel to your arrival. Keep up the great work."
-USS Pioneer Command Team-

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ja'sol H'ros Re Seva - Service Citation Six Months - "Times flies when you are having fun. Has it been six months already. With the additions that Ja'sol makes to the story it seems like he was always here. He is a wonderful addition to the story and to the community as a whole. Thanks for being a part of this community and I look forward to what comes next."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

First Lieutenant Edmond Merrick - Recruitment Award - "Awarded for their recruitment of Lieutenant Junior Grade Ja'sol H'ros Re Seva. The addition of Ja'sol was a great boon to the Pioneer and as CO I am overjoyed that they are part of this sim and this community. There is a distinct sense of mystery and suspense to the security posts from Ja'sol. None of that would have been possible if not for the First Lieutenant's recruitment. So on the six month anniversary of Ja'sol's joining the Pioneer I would like to recognize the person who brought them here."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

I would like to add that I am proud of each and every one of you. The Pioneer has returned to the posting levels it has enjoyed for the most of the time that the sim has been around. For that I have you all to thank for your talent and your imagination. Thanks for making these stories some of the best and most believable.

For Now
Steady As She Goes,
Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer


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