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Family Matters Wrap Up - Episode 11

Posted on Tue Nov 23rd, 2021 @ 6:33am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke
Edited on Tue Nov 23rd, 2021 @ 7:31am

To start off I want to say thank you to all of you. This mission had the unfortunate position of happening when most of us had a chaotic time in our real lives. With everything that has happened in the past year or so. And yet we continued to write, at our own pace mind you but the story got told. For that I am more grateful than ever.

Family Matters was the first of what I hope will become a series. We had a mission that highlighted one of the crew in this case Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil. It was a gritty and hard hitting mission that dealt with ties of family vs duty always a good theme to have in Star Trek. Unfortunately at the close of the mission Vaebn's real life commitments has taken him on an ELOA. But we are still amazed by his commitment with this mission and his writing.

As this mission draws to a close the Pioneer returns to the place that it loves the most Empok Nor. The crew goes on Shore Leave on the station and to the planet Risa. New crew comes aboard and old friends reunite at the station. One can only speculate as to the hijinks that our Intrepid Crew (see what I did there) can get into. All this and more in Episode 12 - Risin To Risa.

On a personal note this year has been filled with ups and downs. Being that I work so closely with this pandemic, add to that I bought a house and got married. So I would like to say thank you for your friendship and for being with me through all of this. I am as always humbled by your friendship. Without every single one of you the Pioneer would not be possible.

So that is enough of the misty eyed thank yous and heartfelt adoration. Suffice to say you all rock, but I rock most lol...

So without any gilding the lily and no further ado I give you the one, the only, awards... taps mic


To start things off we have a promotion. This person has earned the extra pips.

Mira Jayna - Mira has been with the Pioneer for a little over two years now and in that time has done a great job in the Intelligence Department. It can be very hard writing a non department head, even harder when that non department head is enlisted. Mira took the proverbial bull by the horns and showed us all how it is done. Especially shining in the last mission, where she helped infiltrate the Romulan base. Great work and I cannot wait to see what our new Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer has in store for us next.


Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke - Captain's Personal Merit Award -This mission Hermia O'Rourke deserves this award. In a mission that centered on a small group of characters, and which unfortunately became stagnant for a time, Hermia generated plotlines to keep things moving. This kind of initiative is something that is a breath of fresh air from a simmer, and I would like to congratulate them. Jumping in to mop up the medical work upon our return was a lot of fun and something that I did not think about when the mission was planned. Great work and keep it up can't wait to see what you have in store for us next.
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Vaebn tr'Hwersuil - Executive Officer's Merit Award - I chose Vaebn's writer for this award as he had a hand in both missions (Family Matters & The-Ties-That-Bind), contributing both to the overall SIM as well as pushing character development and letting us all see more of what makes Vaebn tick. Good job.
-Major Cornelius Tremble-

2XO Merit.jpg
Major Cornelius Tremble - Second Officer's Award of Merit - According to the description it says: "the crew member that the second officer deems worthy." Tremble was the second officer before and is now the first officer. His writing and ideas makes him the most worthy in my eyes. And his promotions to second and later first officer are a testament to his service to this sim.
-Lieutenant Rowena McGowen-

Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles - Crew's Choice Award - For putting up with my erratic tagging schedule.
-Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke-

Larim's been a member of the crew since Pioneer kicked off. He's steady and always willing to get into a JP and write and helps form the backbone of the Pioneer.
-Major Cornelius Temble-

In the last mission he preformed well as interim first officer, leading the crew during the diplomatic tour. For that I nominate Larim for the crew choice award.
-Lieutenant Rowena McGowen-

Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke - Support Character of the Month November - This month we decided to go toward the saying hi part of the award description. Hermia is always popping up on the Discord to say just that "Hi". To see how everyone is doing, and sometimes when one is having a horrible day knowing that there is someone who cares out there can go a long way. Not only that but Hermia contributes to a number of posts and runs Sick Bay superbly. So for November everyone should say hi to Hermia and thanks for being there.
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Major Cornelius Tremble - Character of the Month November - The award description says a shining beacon of activity. For this month and for the first granting of this award I can think of no better that Major Tremble. Not only did they assist in getting the last mission buttoned up. But in the month that the new mission has been active they have contributed five posts. All of this while serving as the XO of this ship. A beacon indeed.... Keep up the great work.
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Captain Larta Daughter of Shog - Non-Player Character Award - I would like to grant this award to Larta. Having a friend in the Empire is always a benefit. She seems to constantly have the ability to show up right when we need her. She is the consummate Klingon and I am excited to see what happens between her and our XO.
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Lieutenant Paul Michael - Departmental Service Badge: Command - Paul really stepped up this mission. He introduced an idea that has become an underlying plot for an entire race. This is something that I as a GM will always appreciate. Great work and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next.
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Petty Officer First Class Tobias Beckett - Intelligence Prowess Award - From the desk of Jennifer Masters-Calhoun: As my last act as chief intelligence officer of the USS Pioneer I hereby award the Intelligence Prowess Award to Petty Officer 1st Class Tobias Beckett. I know we haven't always seen eye to eye and your personality always clashed with mine. But despite all that you always had the best interest at heart with the department and I haven't always shown that or acknowledged that, I would like to do so now. You have done an impeccable job during hard times when the department as well as the vault itself. You have taken your job serious and you never failed faltered or were late. Where I was usually the field operative and the street fighter you were the brains. And for that I thank you. I don't know who will replace me, but please take good care of them, as I trust you will. And keep an eye on things as you've always done. Kind regards, Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters-Calhoun.
-Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Master-Calhoun-

Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Petty Officer Third Class Sofia Cipriani - Friendship Ribbon - The friendship that is building between Sofia and Tyler is one that can be cherished. It goes beyond the Captain and Yeoman relationship, it is more brother and sister. This is something that I have cherished as both a player and a reader. It is great to see the Captain in vulnerable moments with the young woman, and her teaching him without knowing it to be strong and lead by example.
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Lieutenant Paul Michael - Air Medal - Awarded for his expert piloting demonstrations in the posts titled "Bridging The Gap Parts I, II, and III" Landing safely with no engines is definitely worthy of this award.
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Lieutenant Claire Eriksson - Service Citation 2+ Years - Sammi has held down the Operations Department first as Ameri O Flannagain and then as Claire Eriksson for the past two years. It was said that the Operations Department was created by writers so there was a utility officer. Someone who could do anything that was needed at any time. Sammi fills that position perfectly, she is a great utility writer filling in the gaps whenever needed. Thank you for your friendship and for being a part of this great community.
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lunara Hol - Service Citation 1 Year - Lunara joined us a year ago and I am overjoyed that a Counselor has actually lasted that long in this madhouse. But seriously I am amazed by their writing, and their contributions to this sim are refreshing and a joy to read. Thank you for being a part of this great and ever growing community.
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

I think this mission has taught us all that Family is not just blood. In this mission we saw the crew of the Pioneer risk it all for one of their own. That is pure Trek, and an amazing story. Now that it is over I cannot wait to go back to the beginning and read all in order.

As we begin to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States and then later Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and New Years. I want say thank you for your time. Time is perhaps our most precious commodity and when you give it to someone through friendship it is perhaps the greatest gift of all. So thank you, thank you a million times thank you.

As always I am humbled by your writing and your faith in my stories.

For Now
Steady As She Goes,
Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer


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