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Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Rish

Name T'Rish

Position Quartermaster

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Betazoid
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color blue
Physical Description ’Rish is 5’5” tall. She has an athletic build and is in top shape. She has allowed her hair to grow and it hangs in curls around her face. When her hair is down most would not notice she is part Vulcan. While she has defined ears her eyebrows are arched and she has the black Betazoid eye color and pale skin.


Personality & Traits

General Overview T’Rish, like most Vulcans, believes in a life run by logic, although she has been known to let her emotions get the better of her in select situations. A few aspects of her personality are taken from her Betazoid ancestry, the most difficult for her to cope with is her increased sex drive. This tends to stress her ability to control her emotions and compulsions around members of the opposite sex that she finds attractive. She has always had trouble suppressing her emotions, but had improved over the last few years. When she is fatigued she finds it difficult to cope with the flood of emotions from those around her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths – Her devotion to logic. Also her ability to sense the emotions of other, used predominantly in her investigations and interviews.
Weakness – Struggles with emotion control when she encounters certain stressors.
Hobbies & Interests Aikido, reading – most books but prefers murder mysteries, cooking, Loves learned about other races especially humans.

Personal History T’Rish was born on Vulcan in 2361 to T’Rel and L’Mees. Her mother and father were both teachers at the Vulcan Science Academy. They said more then once, they had hoped she would follow in their footsteps.

As T’Rish grew up it was apparent that she was different from most Vulcans. When she was little she noticed that she looked different. As she aged she realized that although most of her features were common for a Vulcan some, such as her blonde hair, black eyes, and arched brow, were not.

Around T’Rish’s 15th birthday she started having more difficulties controlling her emotions. Her Vulcan telepathic abilities made it even harder for her to focus on suppressing her emotions Her mother patiently worked with her at night to strengthen her emotional control though meditation.

In 2378, when T’Rish was 17 she learned that the color of her eyes was a Betazoid trait. When she confronted her parents about her genetic similarities with another race, she was devastated to learn that her father was not in fact her biological father. For the first time in T’Rish’s memory, L’Mees lost control of her emotions as she told the story of how she and a Betazoid named Talim Breal had planned on running away together. This had taken place only 4 months after L’Mees and T’Rel had been married. She explained that the freedom of emotion her lover had expressed had become intoxicating to her. She was already pregnant with T’Rish when the ship they were on was attacked and she was one of 85 survivors. T’Rish’s biological father had not been so lucky. L’Mees had returned to Vulcan and returned to being T’Rel’s wife. T’Rel explained that although he had raised her as his daughter he has never accepted her as his family. At hearing this story T’Rish was overwhelmed by sorrow, remorse, and distain. It would not be until later that she would realize that what she felt was the emotions of her parents.

That night during her meditation she made the decision to leave. Letting her emotions get the better of her she packed her things and stowed away on the Bolian cargo ship, Jedzek. It was three days before they found her. Though pure determination T’Rish negotiated with the Captain not to return her to Vulcan. In exchange she became part of the crew for no return other then sanctuary.

T’Rish served on the Jedzek for over 3 years. In that time she befriended a Betazoid women name Tiana Ren, who helped T’Rish learn to better control and use her empathic abilities to her advantage. Tiana taught her how to sense what others were feeling. This would be come crucial to T’Rish later in life.

In 2380, When T’Rish was 19 the crew supported T’Rish to follow her calling and apply for Starfleet. In the time she had spent on the ship she had gained more of a family then she had ever experienced on Vulcan.

During her time at the Academy she improved her control over her empathic abilities. Although she maintained most of her Vulcan mannerisms she changed her appearance, letting her hair grow to cover her Vulcan ears. She began learning to embrace both of her cultures, and use her Betazoid traits to her advantage.

In her last year at the Academy T’Rish seemed to come out of her shell. She was still in the process of finding a balance between her Vulcan and Betazoid natures. She became close friends with a human named Melissa Bell. The two had become as close as sisters. Once they graduated they were both stationed on the USS Genevieve, T’Rish in Operations and Melissa as a Science Officer. They served together until T’Rish put in for a transfer to the USS Pioneer.

T'Rish's comission on the USS Pioneer would be short lived. Her skills were soon noticed by another faction with Starfleet and she was transferred to the USS Yorktown. It took all her connections and goodwill to get herself back to the USS Pioneer. She only hoped that the relationship she had found while there would still be intact.