USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal


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Petty Officer 3rd Class Morol Rial

Name Morol Rial

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Joined Trill
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 180 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Emerald Green
Physical Description Mogol is of average height and physically fit, as most officers are. However, he does not exercise more than is necessary to maintain his fitness requirements. Mogol keeps his hair on the shorter side and has emerald green eyes which got him a lot of attention and ended up getting him in trouble.


Father Anjol Sanj
Mother Saft Sanj
Sister(s) Daynah Ral (older) - Chief Science Officer USS Valiant

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mogol Rials personality is actually a combination of Mogol’s and his symbiot Rial. Mogol was a free spirit, always in bars and womanizing. In contrast the Rial symbiot was more tempered, having been a Federation Ambassador, Lawyer, Administrator and various other jobs where the hosts had to act “proper.” Together they have found a balance with each other, Mogol still flirts and likes to drink. However, Rial has tempered him and Mogol does not act like he has nothing to loose anymore.
Hobbies & Interests Morol is most comfortable relaxing with the latest engineering specs and manuals. He enjoys trying to design new equipment and craft.

He also enjoys cooking, only using the replicator for the ingredients when needed.

He also loves pool and poker.

Personal History Morol Sanj was born in 2368 to Anjol and Saft Sanj, both of whom were civilian engineers. Due to this Morol grew up learning everything from replacing a faulty isolinier chip to rebuilding engines. He loved working with his hands and when he was 16 he started working with his parents. Morol soon had made a name for himself, assisting Starfleet as a civilian contractor. He worked on spacecraft, hover cars as well as with the corps of engineers building or repairing weather control stations. On his eighteenth birthday Morol decided he wanted to see space and different world but did not want to join Starfleet. So he left home to join a freighter crew as an engineer.

He quickly worked his way up to being the assistant engineering chief due to the work ethic he had learned from his parents and Starfleet. However, it was not long before his crew decided he was to innocent and drug him out to different clubs. At first Morol was hesitant, however, he soon became comfortable with it and discovered his love for drink. He also discovered his love for women as well when they noticed his eyes and would come talk to him. He didn’t have to much luck at first, however, his crew taught him how to be suave and charming.

This led him to many dangerous encounters and having to jump out windows or hide under the bed when the significant others came home. Unfortunately, he was not quick enough on one occasion and found out he had been with the wife of a civilian law enforcement officer. The officer arrested Morol after the wife claimed no knowledge of him being there. Morol was booked on breaking and entering as well as lewd conduct. After a few days sitting in a holding cell the Trill Ambassador, Melani Rial was brought in from the Federation Embassy. At first Morol told Rial to leave and tried to push to push the Ambassador with fowl language and threats.

Melani had decided Morol was a lost cause, however, the Rial symbiot was intrigued how someone with Morols history had ended up in that position. Rial was able to convince Melani to assist Morol and she was able to get the charges dropped. Morol was transported back to Trill where Melani was waiting for him. She spoke with Morol and asked why he had not wanted to be blended and went down the path he had.

At first Morol just blew the woman off, however, after a month of sulking he finally sat down her. Morol explained he had just wanted to see different worlds and ended up losing control and just falling farther and farther into the darkness. He had wanted to be blended, but, he assumed after his first few drunken trists he would not be eligible to enter training.

Melani took pitty on him, knowing that she’d had her own issues as a 19 year old away from home for the first time. So, she spoke with the heads of the selectee academy and was able to get Morol in on a probationary basis. Morol was elated and promised not to let her down. While going through the selection process Morol continued to study engineering on his own. After a year, with Melani mentoring him, Morol found out there had been a terrible accident that left Melani shot. Melani was on the verge of death and Morol had been the host requested for Rial.

With only minutes to make a decision Morol agreed to take the Rial symbiot. The blending completed, but, Melani had died before Morol could make a final visit. He started to become depressed and turned once again to the bottle. However, every time he started to drink out of control he would get deathly ill, the Rial symbiot not letting him return to his old ways. Morol finally relented and called a friend he’d made from the corps of engineers.

Seeing how lost Morol seemed the friend offered to mentor Morol and recommend him to Starfleet. Morol didn’t want to spend four years training and his friend told him about the enlisted corps and the training only being 2 years. That piqued his interest and he could feel Rial supporting it. So, Morol applied to the Academy as an engineering specialist. With his work history he was able to finish in the top three percent of his class. Morol was quickly shipped out to the USS Pioneer as a propulsion and damage control specialist.