The Eldorans

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eldoran.pngPlanet of Origin: Eldar
Affiliation: The Eldoran Reach & Romulan Star Empire
Classification Humanoid
Genders: Male & Female
Telepathic Abilities: Empathic
Racial Features: Golden and brown skin, copper colored eyes, hair colors range from gold, copper, and brass.

Eldorans, with their golden and brown skin, copper-colored eyes, and hair of jet black, gold, copper, and brass are perhaps the most beautiful humanoids in the galaxy... and they most certainly know it.

The Eldoran Reach, is a series of planets, colonies, and outposts near the Romulan border and the former Neutral Zone. The Reach is officially a tributary state of the Romulan Star Empire, but in practice they are an independent aligned state. They are asserting their independence more and more since the fall of Hobus and less Romulan presence in the area.

The unofficial Capital of the Reach is the planet Eldar. The Eldorans acquired warp drive from the Romulans, but are far more advanced than the Romulans and the Federation when it comes to medical science. Eldoran skill with genetics, toxicology, and virology translate into unparalleled capacity for biological weapons and tools of assassination. Due to their use of their knowledge as guns for hire the Romulans call them "thrice cursed liars," but Eldorans regard that as a compliment. They enjoy appearing as harmless toadies or pleasure seekers, and they respect no one who can't see through the facade.

Eldorans are exemplars of persuasion and seduction who excel at concealing their motives. In a society that prefers poisons and tailored viruses over open conflict, resistance to toxins and diseases is a must. As such Eldorans have a natural immunity to most toxins and diseases. Eldorans are very much creatures of tropical days; they do not see well in the dark, nor can they tolerate the cold for extended periods of time.

Eldoran names are 3-5 syllables long with graceful flowing sounds. The personal name is followed by two middle names (after the same sex grandparents) which are only given in full introductions. The last name is the designator re followed by the name of the ancestral home. (example: Alandreo Nominal Colonduar re Sianna) Of course as in any culture this is mainly a guideline that is typically followed. It is not uncommon to see some parents differ from this naming convention. It is also not uncommon to see Eldorans shorten their names when serving with other cultures.

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