El Aurian Species Data

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Species Name: El Aurian

Species Appearance: Humanoid (multi gender and multi ethnicities)

Species Age: 38.7 Million years (Earth calendar)

Species Home-world: [Original] El-Auria, Ras’col System (destroyed 2265) [current] ***CLASSIFIED*** (Kaitos, M class planet colonised 2345 in Halle System, Beta Quadrant, has 4 moons and system has two suns)

Current Population: 1.8 million

Average number of births per year: 38

Average number of deaths per year: 7

Average Age (in death due to natural causes): 2500 years (Earth Calendar)

Oldest Surviving Member: 3005 years (Earth Calendar) (Grand High Priestess Salanna Muatan)

Current type of government: Democratic Confederacy, ruled by The Council of Elders. - Chairman Antho Hopki, Councillors; Allyou Islove, Gemenine, Miror Relfe & Crailo Feshau

A'ransari - Capital City (Population - 400,000 approx.)

The main city on the planet, the first place they found to be suitable to their needs has resulted in a thriving city on the Aslan continent.

In the beginning it was all bastardised ship parts and decades old, if not older, junk used to build housing but over time has been transformed into a technological paradise rivaling that of Earths San Francisco. A lot of work went into making it self sustainable and liveable for those that chose to stay there.

Home to the governing body of the El Aurian people, The Grand Council and its advisors govern through diplomatic and fairness. A Council that listens to the people, or gives the appearance of such.

Lua Thelenas - Coastal City (Population - 300,000 approx.)

Very much trying to mirror the old city of Lua, the name being incorporated within, Lua Thelenas is situated west of A'ransari. It hugs a sandy coastline which catches the rays of Kaitos' first sun. The beach goes on for miles and behind it stands a city that has been designed to blend with the green world it comes from. All buildings have vines and plant like decorations on them, even the tallest 'skyscraper' gives off the tallest tree vibe.

Thao Belanore - City (Population - 350,000 approx.)

To the east of A'ransari, Thao Belanore has became a thriving central city that boasts a fine arts program. Some say this has became Kaitos' Broadway of sorts as there are many theatre, concert halls and attracts all those in the fine arts professions to learn and grow there. From thespians to musicians, painters to sculptors, Thao Belanore is the place to be for those that want so be creative.

Caan Shaeras - Academic Area (Population - 200,000 approx.)

The academic area on the planet. Taking a different approach to construction the founders of the city chose to use stone from the planet itself. They follow a less technological approach to life but still teach the benefits of a life with it.

They teach the sciences (social, cosmological, geological, physical, chemical, and biological), literature, history, and have an excellent medical programme.

Lan Edhil - Farming Town (Population - 100,000 approx.)

Across the Onaluna Sea on the continent of Wishwal sits Lan Edhil. This town produces most of the food and goods for consumption of Kaitos.

Fenthalas - Town (Population - 50,000 approx.)

South of the town of Lan Edhil sits Fenthalas. A town famed for religious academia. Founded by the surviving members of various religious beliefs as a sort of Mecca for those that wanted to follow older ways and teachings.

Home to The Covenant of Tiree and the Followers of Tolan as the main religions on the planet. There are also other followers of other religions.

Kaitos 1, Orbital Station (Population - 50,000 approx.)

Operated very much as a defensive station for their world but also as a 'scout' for possible incoming visitors.

Commanded by Commander Appe Feshau. He is entrusted with the protection of the world below from potential threats.

Kyanbel Shipyards (Population - 50,000 approx.)

Responsible for producing vessels for Kaitos. This ranges from light scouting vessels, freighters and light military vessels.

Zestrebos (Population - 200,000 approx.)

A colony on Kaitos' second moon. This colony also has a secondary purpose of being a research and development centre for the planet. At the moment it essentially specialises in biological advancements.

Religion: Polytheism

Millions of years ago the El Aurian people followed a simple way of life. Pray to the Gods/Goddesses of their world for life, growth, safety etc. There were idols for both positive and negative aspects of life and there was always a male and female counterpart. As generations of the species spread across their world so did devotions to each idol and as technology grew some of their religious beliefs diluted.

Certain groups/sects include:

The Covenant of Tiree/Followers of Tolan – Biggest following up to The Exodus. Devoted to following their idols who believed in the sanctity of time, that it should never be meddled with. That fate was fixed and could never be moved.

Deities (Additions made ongoing)

Tolan/Tiree (God/Goddess of Time & Fate)
Fruuka/Falenseel (God/Goddess of Art, Beauty, Wisdom)

Education System

Primary Education (Aged 5 to 25) – Basics such as numeracy, complicated mathematics later in language, foreign languages, social skills, history, politics.

Secondary Education (25 to 40) – First 15 years spent learning social sciences such as psychology, sociology and more intricate science such as physics, chemistry and biology.

Aged 40 - Enter specialised focus such as engineering, military, medical or science. These are based on family background, performance criteria, intelligence factors and wants of individual.

Using Engineering as a basis of explanation

Aged 45 – Entrance into the El Aurian Engineering Division (EED). Apprenticeship level (lasting roughly 10 years), focussing on defensive technologies for civilian and military fleets.

Aged 55 – Full title of Engineer given, possible transfer to specialised engineering groups such as El Aurian Defence Division (EDD), El Aurian Civilian Fleet (ECF) or El Aurian Planetary Group (EPG).

Engineering Rank Structure (an example of structure)

Apprentice Engineer (10 Years approx.)

Engineer (Can vary depending on many factors such as ambition, political favour, contributions to El Auria.)

Specialist Engineer (Can also split as stated above to Civilian Engineer, Defence Engineer or Planetary Engineer.) Also, at this stage they can transfer to the teaching academy and become Engineering Professors.

Supreme Engineer – Head of each organisation within chosen field track.


The United Alliance (Galaxy wide governing body)
El Aurian Defence Force (EDF), El Aurian Exploratory Force (EEF)
El Aurian Engineering Division (EED)
El Aurian Medical Collective (EMC)
El Aurian Science Division (ESD)

General Information & History

The El-Aurian people are one of the oldest races known to UFP science. Its earliest recorded language was created while the Earth was still deeply in its Paleogene Period.

El Auria was part of a galactic federation of planets known as The United Alliance, normally The Alliance for short. This union consisted of over 500 planets with El Auria being one of the core worlds, and one of the founding worlds. This founding took place in the Earth year 1154 and spanned until its break-down around the 2220’s.

Other founding planets were The Voltari, a reptilian species. The Fubarians, humanoid species known for their spiritual background. The Clyd, a humanoid race and The Borg-Van-Ders a genetically modified race looking at augmentation with technology.

During the 1400’s the Borg-Van-Ders suffered a change to their way of life. By then they had adapted through hundreds of thousands of years to be part biological and part technological and early that century had activated technology on their planet to form a collective to increase productivity, order and to further the pursuit of perfection. This goal became the driving force that led to the creation of The Borg, dropping the Van-Ders, and their driven attitude that others should join them in that pursuit.

They were thrown out of the Alliance in the 1430’s as they began to attack neighbouring systems and enforce their will through assimilation and destruction. This was only a handful of systems most of which belonged to them as their slow burn of galactic tyranny began.

For the next 800 years they would grow and become the enemy that everyone feared they would be, the unstoppable kind.

In the 2150’s a Doctor called Siora Carberos was in charge of a lab that created a pathogen that could be injected into The Borg. This was a ‘sleep’ code that would power down this unstoppable force and put them down for a nap. This pathogen lasted for over 60 years before The Borg began to reactivate.

During those 60 years there was peace and prosperity as they thought the enemy had been vanquished. The systematic destruction of sleeping Borg began but not all could be found and removed.

What was to follow was a collective form of destruction they had never witnessed. It was as if the Borg had all the pent up desire to conquer given their inaction for so long and began ripping through the Delta Quadrant.

Alliance worlds began to fall, disappear off the galaxy map as if they never existed or simply became more drones for the Borg to consume and use. The Fubarians were the first of the core worlds to fall during the early 2210’s and support for the Alliance began to waver.

Like dominoes worlds pulled back, protected themselves when the El Aurian’s tried to keep them all safe. By far they had the biggest military force, both exploratory and defensive.

In 2218 the Clyd fell and the Alliance was in pieces followed by a formal dissolvement in the early 2220s.

El Auria began to pull their people back. Colonies abandoned as The Borg pushed, trade routes consumed by cubes and spheres. The Grand Council saw this would prove to be a losing battle and commissioned a fleet to protect their system to be commanded by General Zorvan T’San, his son Colonel Aranis T’San as fleet XO, and Major Kisorna T’San serving as the General’s XO on their vessel the Bela’na.

In 2265 El Auria, the homeworld of species, was attacked by the Borg.

General T’San had taken his ship and some attack forces to meet the Borg before they entered the system to attempt to give more time to the fleeing civilians. This worked for a time before they were destroyed then sights were set on the defence fleet and planet.

There were survivors that managed to flee and now make up what is left of species around the galaxy. This attack has come to be known as The Exodus with most of the remaining population knowing that title.

In 2345 Zaos Orihana led his people, and the Grand Council (not led by him) ship, and found a world in an uncharted part of the Beta Quadrant. They decided that they had spent long enough wandering as a broken fleet and set roots down on the planet they have named as Kaitos.

Kai and Tos, the gods of rebirth and protection respectively, led to the creation of the planet's name.

This M Class world has 4 moons. Monides, Zestrebos, Telani and Gaaliv. The system itself has 2 suns and consists of another 6 planets.

Presently they have technology that can phase the planet, and surrounding moons, out of normal space time so they can live in anonymity. The fear of Borg returning is still fresh in the minds of some and they believe hiding is the best option at present.

They take in their own kind but most are told to go to a nearby system and are then brought in through covert means. This means they must remain planetside for a number of years of service to help rebuild. There are those that are entrusted with its location such as council members, ambassadors and some traders.

It is a growing movement on Kaitos that they reveal themselves soon. There has been talk in the council chambers of petitioning the Federation for membership.

Physical Appearance

For all intents and purposes El Aurians appear to be the same as Humans. They vary in all shapes and sizes, colours and varieties.

Body Size

El Aurians vary again in size and shape, much like Humans. Typically, the males of the species are larger, more muscular than their female counterparts. The females of the species are leaner and generally slimmer in appearance.


El Aurians have a temporal sense. This gives them the unique ability to sense and understand time better than other species. This is somehow linked into their physiology and genetic makeup.

For example, when a timeline changes El Aurians can sense the difference. They may not be entirely sure what has happened but the feeling of unease, that something is wrong is ever present until something is done to revert.

Have some form of defence against the beings known as Q. With the raising of two hands in a clawlike stance it is believed this can somehow nullify the powers of these omnipotent beings.

Astral projection.

Have a strong empathetic sense, the sensing of feelings in other species.

The ‘listening’ ability is actually the release of pheromones that affect other species by making them more pliable. As such they become more truthful, more open to revealing their hopes, dreams and secrets. Almost like they are intoxicated by the El Aurians presence, better than any truth serum.

Known Medical Conditions/Physiology

Temporal Migraines - Symptoms include severe head pain akin to a Terran headache but with other effects such as bleeding from the nasal passage, ears and in bad cases the eyes. This is known to occur in rare circumstances as 1 in 100 are diagnosed with this illness.

As such there is little known medication and an injection of Loralsonal has been known to subdue the effects.

Condition usually occurs when a temporal event occurs near an individual, and can act as a prelude for temporal changes/waves.

Pregnancy: Gestation lasts 8 months.

Symptoms include: a degree of morning sickness, increased optical range (eyes become more sensitive to light spectrum), increased awareness/range of changes to timeline/universe. Hormonal imbalances usually associated with pregnancy and an inhibitor must be placed on the pheromone release of their species as it has been known become hard to control given the increased strain on body and mind.


Celani’mel - Greetings
Losani – Horses
Elthal – Piano
Vokari – Violin
Kisack – Penny/Money
Webe – Phone/Cell
Samso – Taxi
Carina – Darling/Sweetheart

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