Marine Vertical Envelopment Enhanced Armored Suit

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Detachment 75747/M

After due consideration, Fleet command has ordered the Marines to add the /M designation to the Pioneer’s embedded detachment, known as The Cure. The detachments Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E) has been modified to include the Marine Vertical Envelopment Enhanced Armored Suit, or MARVEL-EAS MarkIV, as well as facilities for storage, maintenance, and mission prep.

The Morgue

In the Pioneer’s case, the suits will be stored in a cylindrical room known as the Morgue which includes coffin like alcoves where the armor is stored vertically. The room also has work tables and tools where the suits can be worked on as needed. Incorporated into the room is an overhead crane system for moving parts or whole suits around for the aforementioned maintenance, etc., and a five person transporter pad is located near the center of the room allowing for direct deployment.

All current personnel will receive training in the MARVEL-EAS and all future replacements will have at least a familiarization course with the armor prior to assignment.

Maintenance will be handled in house as well, with each Marine learning the basics of maintenance, repair and customization. However, repairs when needed can be performed by the ship's engineering department. The MARVEL-EAS system is made to plug and play with replacement modules as much as possible, as well as being able to tailor them to a required missions needs. Further, the core suit can be modified for RECON, standard, or fire support mode.

Basic suit design includes armored, air tight carapace (with enough oxygen for 12 hours) and filtering systems which can purify almost any atmosphere. Heads Up Display give the marine full suit status information and tactical sensor readings out to 100 meters in normal terrain. The HUD also displays information such as terrain guidance, weapon status and tactical information as provided or developed by command. The suit also incorporates augmented strength for the marine. The Mark IV has a fully shielded, sate of the art comm package. The suit also incorporates a limited use jump pack to help a marine navigate zero-g while providing the means to clear obstacles within atmosphere as well.

Weapon load outs can include a weapon of choice with telemetry feed for linking with HUD. Micro, mini, and standard grenade launch systems. Shoulder mounted phaser system which can be programmed to provide point defense against targets. Finally, fire support mode can incorporate a Dual Launch Projectile System which is capable of firing photon mortar shells (two at a time), or other munitions as dictated by the mission.

A Group of Marines wearing the MARVEL-EAS In The Airlock

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