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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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First Morning

Posted on Tue Sep 22nd, 2020 @ 8:56pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jayden Robertson
Edited on on Tue Sep 22nd, 2020 @ 11:37pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Rockewell/Robertson Quarters
Timeline: MD009 0800 hrs
1101 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Jayden lay in bed with Clarissa’s head on his shoulder, smiling to himself. He was living here now and it felt so right, he wondered what took him so long to make a decision .

He should go get her flowers, breakfast in bed or something, to celebrate this next step in their relationship. Jayden turned his head, staring at her, thinking how lucky he was. Clarissa knew him better than anyone.

Clarissa was not really the snuggling type, so most of the night she kept her distance. But as soon as she started to wake up, she pulled him close, and half laid on him. She was wearing one of his crappy ship replicated shirts in bed.

It was nice, they both had the morning off. And they both could lay in bed, enjoying each others company. "Don't even think about it." Clarissa said, with a warm smile on her face, as she pulled him close. She did not want him to leave.

But even deeper in her mind, she was still contemplating her feelings for him. And why things got very complicated in the back of her mind.

“You caught me,” Jayden said as he wrapped his arms around her and held her. “I thought about bringing you breakfast and maybe some flowers to celebrate our living together.”

"None of that matters." Clarissa said, as she snuggled him tightly. "This matters, this right here. The two of us." Clarissa explained to him. She still had her eyes closed, as she laid on his chest.

“It feels really good,” Jayden murmured. “To be here with you and know this is our home. A mixture of the two of us.”

"Well not yet, your stuff is all in the corner over there. I sort of stopped us from unpacking last night. You did not seem to mind to much." Clarissa said, with a big grin on her face. As she continued to lay on his chest, with her eyes closed.

“Oh I remember how you distracted me,” Jayden’s voice held humor. “You has your wicked way with me and I have to can feel free anytime.” He kissed the of her head.

"If you prefer me to keep my wicked ways to myself, I can do that." Clarissa suggested to him, in a curious tone. She was going to see how he responded to this.

“Oh no,” Jayden said quickly. ”I love everything about you, just the way you are and that includes your wicked ways. He hugged her. “Please don’t keep them from me.”

"Do you really think I would do that?" Clarissa asked, not relenting on this line of questioning? It was cute to see him, squirm a little.

“Not really,” Jayden replied. “But you love giving me a hard time.” He paused. “You wouldn’t, would you?”

"It's my job, my love." Clarissa said, as she leaned in to give him a small kiss. Morning breath was a killer, so no deep tongue action. But still, to show her affection. A small peck was in order.

Jayden smiled at the kiss. “What shall we do today? I don’t feel like tackling that pile over there but it won’t take care of itself.” He was hoping she had something else in mind.

"I can think of a few ideas." Clarissa said, with a big grin on her face, as she crawled on top of him, to make eye contact, and to be a little bit of a tease.

"Maybe after some personal time, we can explore the station a bit more." Clarissa asked, as she stroked his hair, and looked into his eyes. There was a lot of passion in her eyes.

"Personal time," He brought his arms up and caressed her bare shoulders. "I like the idea of that." Jayden felt his passion rising as he stared up at Clarissa with desire in his eyes

"And what about the station?" Clarissa asked, as she felt him start to loose focus on the conversation at hand. Which was completely her fault.

"It sounds like fun," Jayden murmured with a smile. "Last time we went there wasn't much time to look around we were on a mission."

"Today we will be able to take our time, just like we can do right now." Clarissa's eyes said, as the grew big to show her affection, for wanting him.

"First though, I believe you owe me a some personal attention." Clarissa said, as she started to nibble on his neck, laying on him pretty thick.

Jayden moaned and returned the favor, turning he started to kiss her back. She knew just what to do to her him going.

"Lay your debts? Oh my Mister Robertson, what kind of girl do you think I am?" Clarissa whispered in his ear, she said in a seductive tone.

“A bad girl,” Jayden growled back. “One who gets what she wants and gives just as much.”

Clarissa grinned from ear to ear, as she slowly leaned in closer and whispered. "I like being the bad girl." Clarissa said, as she started to get steamy with Jayden. The scene fades away.

A couple hours later.

It was much later that Jordan smiled at Clarissa as she lay staring into his eyes. “Now thats the way I like to get up in the morning.” He grinned at her.

Clarissa grinned, as she rolled off him. She was a hot and out of breath, but feeling very satisified. "Now that's how we should make love. Everytime." Clarissa said, with a big warm grin on her face.

Clarissa had a big grin on her face, as she stared into his eyes. "We have the rest of our lives to improve tonight, I'll be honest not sure if we will be to top that." Clarissa called out, as she laid in bed with him staring into his eyes. She decided tonight, she was going to ask him. She was going to ask him to marry her.

Jayden smiled at her words “I like the sound of that, the rest of our lives. I look forward to every single day with you.” He was right where he wanted to be.

"Me too." Clarissa said, as the scene starts to fade with the two of them continue to talk.


A Joint Post By;

Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Jayden Robertson
Operations Officer, USS Pioneer


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