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No Intell On The Intell

Posted on Wed Nov 6th, 2019 @ 9:16pm by Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
Edited on on Thu Nov 7th, 2019 @ 3:30am

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Mission: Episode 8 - The Silence
Location: Jennifer Masters' Quarters - Deck 2 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD005 2030 hrs

Jennifer came home from her shift and took off her shoes and put them in the shoe rack. She pulled her hair loose. The braids made her dark brown hair fall curly around her shoulders. She walked on her socks to the replicator and stared at it as she was thinking about what is going to be for dinner today.

"Billy, what do you want to have for dinner tonight?" She called over to the bedroom.

Billy came out and sat down at the table. He had been distracted since returning from Wren IX. His thoughts hung heavily in his mind. "Schnitzel would be nice about now. But I can also go for whatever you are in the mood for." He spoke absent minded.

Jenn Looked to Billy and then turned to the replicator and ordered two chicken schnitzels with rice and beans. She walked to the table with the two plates and put one in front of Billy. She then went back to return with a pitcher of water and a two glasses. She poured them both a glass and sat down. She picked up her fork and knife as she said, "Penny for your thoughts?"

"Hmmmm..." He said turning toward her and seeing the food. "Oh sorry, and thanks... It's all that happened out there. How did we not see it coming, know anything about it. I mean I have been through a lot in my day. I have known of concealing things from the government, the government concealing things from the people. But never the government concealing things from it's own intelligence personnel." He inhaled the aroma deeply, he loved a good schnitzel.

Jenn shrugged. "As you know, it's not unheard off. I mean the Tal'Shiar, the Obsidian order and even section 31 operated outside of the government. It would stand to reason that the Government is now reluctant about who to trust. But it's all a political game, we hide things from the government, the government hides things from us. But they must realize we have means to find out anyways, right?" She grinned.

"That is what I am afraid of. What if we do not have the means of finding out? I would bet that the Detapa Council has no idea what happened here. Hence the reason they sent us here to investigate. Starfleet has no record of a battle occurring here, and if that is all because of The Silence why was there no beacon warning to stay away. it doesn't jibe, it is almost like everyone who knew either forgot themselves, or wanted everyone to forget..." Billy replied and then tucked into the food.

She took a bite from her food. Billy really knew how to ruin a nice dinner. "Well," she said, "Maybe there is something to that last theory, you know. Maybe they wanted to forget. Maybe it was a failure they didn't want to face." She shrugged as she took a sip from her drink and put her glass down. "I wouldn't worry about it too much right now, I would like to enjoy the meal and the company. We can talk about it later. When I come home, I really want to unwind. Can my hair loose and some food." She smiled.

Billy smiled and squeezed her hand. "Of course, check the rank at the door and leave the work at the SCIF. I am sorry..." He lifted her hand and kissed it. "So Jayna seems to be working out and rumor mill has it that the Maquis will be joining us. The making of our own little network."

"Sounds great," Jen said as she continued eating. "Any more news?" She asked.

"Nothing else on my end. Do you have anything new?" Billy dug into his meal further the thought that something was going on kept buzzing in his head. However, he loved the downtime at the moment.

"I am planning a spa day with Dana, Ensign Wakefield. We have been through a lot, and I think we should relax a little. I got a few extra hours in the holodeck," She said and went on, "Don't ask me how I managed that, but I have my ways." She grinned to him. "And don't worry, nothing illegal. I know people talk. Wouldn't want grumpy mc'beckett to come complain to me again." She took a sip from her drink. "Speaking of Beckett, how is he doing?"

"He is doing as best as can be expected. He is a good man, knows his work. He is just a bit by the book... Tobias was once in line for your position and then something happned. Whenever he is asked about it he simply shrugs it off. But something definitely happened there, and I think it is the reason that he is so by the book." Billy said as he wondered what exactly happened with his colleague.

Jenn put her fork down. "Oh for goodness sake, we're intelligence officer, when are we ever by the book. It's our job to not follow the book to get what we want." She chuckled a little, "Or is that just me?"

Billy chuckled and smirked. "It is our job to skirt the book, to follow one chapter but ignore others. However, if we just throw the book out then we become like them. The Tal Shiar, The Obsidian Order, Section 31, organizations without scruples." He spoke emphatically.

Jenn giggled, "I wouldn't mind people tremble upon hearing my name. Section 31 was more a mystery than that people were exactly fearing it. And admittedly their methods aren't so kosher, but you have to admit, sometimes you have to cross that line instead of just walking it. Sometimes." She added that last sometimes strongly.

"Sometimes for the greater good yes, you have to walk the tightrope between what is right and what everyone else says is right. There are times when the book should be tossed out in the name of sanity, of humanity. I have seen those times once. However, those times are few and far between. One must be careful how many times they shun the rules and regulations." He cocked his eyebrow as part of his mind got lost to memories of times long ago, long forgotten.

Jenn put her knife down and leaned her elbows on the table as she leaned her head on her hands just gazing at Billy. She looked quietly and patiently waiting for Billy to come back to their reality. When he looked back at her she said, "So where were you? And when?" She grinned to him.

He smiled, she knew him well and it was refreshing for someone to know the old man that well. "Earth, Germany, 1942. A time that I think your people would like to forget."

"Ah yes, the great war," She nodded and then picked up her cutlery again. "Anything from that time you don't want to forget then?" She asked curious.

"All of it, for once you forget what happened, you are doomed to repeat it. We had to throw all the books out and recruit a group of people whose language no one knew just so we could get an edge in the conflict. Just so we can learn what they were doing and how to stop it. It was real trench intelligence." He replied almost wistfully.

"And that is why I love you," She said, before continuing on her food. "Do you want to do something after dinner?" She asked after swallowing her last bite.

"What do you have in mind dollface." He smiled and then finished up his plate. A date would get his mind off of the shadows of the past.

She had to think about it a moment. "How about be watch a very classic movie? Nice and old fashioned. With popcorn, on the couch with a blanket and close to each other?"

"Sounds good, and I know just the movie. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and old western" Billy smiled broadly she knew just how to cheer him up.

"Sounds good to me," Jenn replied. "You go set it up, I will clean up the table." She got up and started to stack the dirty plates.

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