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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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First Encounter

Posted on Mon Jan 7th, 2019 @ 3:19pm by Lieutenant Amelia Zano Psy.D. & Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell
Edited on on Wed Jan 9th, 2019 @ 4:06am

Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: Various; Pioneer/Casperia
Timeline: MD008 1430 hrs
2473 words - 5 OF Standard Post Measure

Rissie was a little envious that Dana got to go down to the surface first. She had a few things to finish up, on the USS Pioneer. She hurried to her quarters to change. She grabbed a simple but slightly revealing top. Underneath she had a bathing suite on. She walked into the transporter room and noticed Amelia Zano the chief counselor.

"Hello counselor, going down for few hours or taking the next couple of days off?" Asked Rissie, being a little nosy, and trying to start up a conversation. She walked over to the transporter padd and looked at Amelia and gave a big smile. She really did not know Amelia, but she was hoping to meet new people. She just hoped Amelia did not think this a cry out for a counseling session.

Amelia smiled warmly as the young blonde woman greeted her and enquired as to her plans. Rather quick to ask mind you and you'd think she had security experience rather than engineering but some people just liked to know things.

"Just a few hours this time Ms Rockwell." she answered. Amelia liked to know who everyone was on the ship, first names and a little history just in case someone spoke to her. "There is a nature walk I liked the look of and thought I'd go clear my head a little. The last mission took a lot more out of me than thought it would. What's your plan?"

"You can call me Rissie or Clarissa, please not Miss Rockwell. Sounds to formal, and were off the clock." Said Rissie, with a big grin on her face. She paused for a moment, before continuing on. "I plan on visiting the beach, and have a couple of exotic drinks." She said, as she got situated on the transporter padd.

"True, whenever someone calls me Ms Zano I think of my mother." she replied with a laugh. "Ok, Rissie it is." Amelia smiled even at the off the clock comment. As a psychatrist she never felt off the clock, her training had made her a constant observer but this wasn't always a bad thing.

"I do like the sound of exotic drinks, there's only so much you can get in After 11 and I've only ever been twice."

"Chloe knows how to throw a party, but today I am chasing after the boys. The guys on the Pioneer are nice, but I do not want to deal with the next day emotional baggage." She said, feeling that she needed to justify her answer. "I just want to go out tonight, flirt a little, and let the night take me. Without worrying in the morning if the guy I flirted with wants to either get down my pants or worse down my heart!" She said with a nervous chuckle. Rissie was not ready to settle down.

"Yes... Chloe is rather boistrous for sure." Amelia replied rather distastfully. She had heard many reports of the younger womans exploits, adventures and general disreguard for etiquete. "But I don't blame you for wanting to try out the local wildlife as opposed to here. Small ship with the same people day in day out can lead to many awkward meetings." she said not from experience but she'd had sessions with those who had. "You know my walk can wait... I think letting my hair down wouldn't be a bad idea after the 'lost year', the effects of the alternate time and stuff. Mind if I come along?" she asked.

"I don't mind the company, as long as you promise not to talk to about work too much." Rissie with a big grin on her face. The last thing she wanted to talk about was work, and how things were going. They were now on vacation. Rissie wanted to take full advantage of it.

"Counsellor/patient privilege doesn't allow me to talk about work so there's no issue with that." Amelia replied with a smile. "Not unless you're feeling guilty?" she jokingly asked. To be honest she too could do with letting her hair down a little, something relaxing or otherwise mind engaging. She was sure that with Clarissa that would be the case.

Rissie and Amelia beamed down to the resort. "Follow me, I memorized the directions to the bar. I do not want to waste anytime enjoying myself." She said, with a big smile. She was eager to get away from the daily workload. Her mind, body and spirit was now in vacation mode. The two ladies started to head towards the bar. The view from the transporter room to the bar, was breath taking. Casperians really knew how to design beauty.

"Lead the way Rissie." Amelia replied gesturing for the woman to venture off with her in tow. She couldn't help but be in awe a little at the stunningly beautiful world they were on, it would seem silly to not enjoy themselves when they had the time too.

They came up on the bar rather quickly, Rissie's directional sense clearly not failing her. "Wow, this place looks great!"

Rissie and Amelia both walked over to the bar, and took a seat at the bar. Almost immediately, Rissie noticed a few hot guys. She gave a slight smile their direction. And as they did she noticed the bartender approaching their position. "Lemon drop, please." She said with a big grin. She was curious what Amelia was going to order. She noticed the two men checking them out, and plotting something.

"Sex on the Beach please." Amelia said to the bartender, "The drink I mean." she added feeling a flush in her cheeks as if she needed to explain herself. She also noted, much like Rissie, the two men close by who seemed to be deep in conversation with the occasional look over to them. "Very chatty those two." Amelia commented.

"Probably trying to strategize how they are going to come over here and hit on us." Pointed out Rissie, she was used to this type of attention. In part, this was exactly what she was looking for. Some attention, and distraction from daily life. She was glad that Amelia tagged along.

"Ahh." Amelia said in realisation, it wasn't something she was used too as she always tended to have her nose in a book. "Surely it's not difficult to come over and speak to us?" she asked almost kicking herself. In her line of work she often knew that talking was the hardest part.

The two gentleman smiled as they took her up on her offer. "Hello you lavishing beauty. If I may, your eyes are enchanting. May I know your name." Asked the unknown man, as he kissed Amelia's hand.

Rissie thought about stepping in, but she was curious to see how Amelia responds. Personally, Rissie thought the guy was coming on a little strong, but Amelia basically told him to stop by. Rissie had a feeling that the guy was improvising at this point.

Pulling her hand back from the mans grasp she simply said, "Amelia, my name is Amelia." she looked over at Rissie. There was a little uncertainy as to what this guy had planned next but she thought it may have been his nervous energy that made him do such. Rissie seemed to have her attention averted by her own suitor and she looked like she didn't take any prisoners when it came to men.

"I am Carlito Vax, and Amelia what brings a beautiful woman to this tropical paradise?" Carlito asked with a grin on his face. He slide right next to her, which violated her personal space. He did it, to show he was interested and hoping she thought it was cute.

Scooting up her seat a little as he encroached on her own space she gave a weak smile. She had people hit on her before but this was another level of 'flattery'. "Hi." was her simple if not childish reply as she struggled for words. "Just here to relax after our last mission. What about you?" she asked in return just only noticing his spots.

Carlito smiled as he slowly slide a little out of the way, to give her a little breathing room. "Were here to relax as well. About to blow off some steam so to speak. And were celebrating tonight." He said, as he flagged down the bartender to get another round of drinks for everyone. After the bartender, stopped by he placed his attention back on Amelia, with a big warm smile.

Rissie noticed that Carlito was coming on a little strong. "Name is Clarissa Rockwell, even though you did not ask." Rissie said, trying to see if Amelia needed a life line. This trill was coming on a little strong. Rissie knew how to handle these type of men. But she was worried if Amelia knew how to handle them?

"Don't worry about Vax." Came a deep smooth voice. "He has a tendency to make a fool of himself long before any real harm is done. It's nice to meet you Clarissa, my name is Alfredo Hearan." He gave a little bow of respect towards her, his large muscular frame falling and rising before meeting her gaze.

"How reassuring." Rissie said, as she liked the fact Alfredo knew how to keep his distance. Unlike his Trill counterpart. Rissie smiled as she reached her hand out to shake Alfredo's hand. It was a standard human greeting.

"Ah." Hearan exclaimed as her hand reached forward. "A Human greeting." he took her hand and gave it a firm squeeze in response. "How are you enjoying Casperia?" he asked moving only a little bit closer.

Amelia noticed Clarissa's suiter was much more reserved in his approach, something said that he was the older, more seasoned of the two as Jax did give off youthful inexperience. "Oh? What are you celebrating?" she asked with genuine interest.

"A minor scientific breakthrough. Lets not talk work, were here to celebrate. And you ladies look like your in dire need of a good time, luckily were the guys to help you with that." Suggested Carlito. He grabbed Amelia by the hand, and walked her to the dance floor.

Rissie followed Alfredo. When they were alone, she looked to Alfredo. "Carlito, is quite the character. But what about you? Rissie asked, hoping that Alfred was nothing like his counter part. So far he appeared to be a down to earth guy. Rissie typically liked to be the aggressive type of personality.

"Him? He's a fool if you ask me. Hundreds of lifetime and still acts like a child when it comes to women. I am not as wild as he but I have my own fire." he said smoothly. "I get the impression you are not impressed by bravado and that type of behaviour? You strike me as a very capable and dominant women, the very best kind and is only rivalled by your beauty Ms Rockwell." he said as a glint shone from his dark brown eyes.

Rissie smiled as she thought to herself. Look at him, bring on the charm now. She took a sip from her drink and then looked over to Amelia, to see how she was doing on the dance floor. She hoped Amelia was okay. She waiting for a visual clue from her, something that showed, the message, SAVE ME.

"Well your not to shabby yourself, Alfred." Rissie said, with a smile on her face. She was thinking to herself, he might do for her interest. However, she was not sure yet.

Amelia did get a little fright as Vax took her to the dance floor, she wasn't much of a dancer but knew how to hold her own. She had no doubt he would have a few 'show off' moves of his own. "Entertain me then." she said with a cheeky smile.

With a big come and get me grin, Carlito said. "Your wish is my desire." He started to dance with Amelia, first trying to loosen her up with a little salsa style dancing. He was a little aggressive, but he kept it clean, and he liked to lead on he dance floor.

She had to admit the movements of his body and the style of the dance did make her get into the 'swing' of things a bit more, let her hair down so to speak and she let him lead as he seemed to enjoy it. A bit out of breath she looked up at him, "I didn't think someone as big as you could move like that..." she said in regards to his muscular body style.

Alfredo smiled in return and took her hand giving it a quick kiss and gave her a small tug towards him. Care for a spin on the dance floor?" he asked.

"Thank you, love too." Clarissa said, with a big grin on her face. She allowed Alfredo to take the lead, but she was really worried about Carlito overly aggressive behavior. She did not see Amelia, liking his type of personality.

Then Carlito began to move in more closely and forcibly towards Amelia. She put her hands on his chest to stop his advances but he was too strong and he arms buckled each time as he moved back and forth. A weak look of help was outreached toward Clarissa if she saw it but it was definitely time to move on.

"Alright, its time to call it a day here." Clarissa said, as she left Alfredo, and reached out to grab Amelia. Her tone was prideful. She maybe a small lady, but she had a loud voice, as he walked over to Carlito. "Time to go, Alfredo can you please assist?" Clarissa asked, looking at Alfredo, hoping he would get his friend off Amelia.

Alfredo moved over to his companion, "Always go too far Carl. Ladies had enough and I think you have too. Time to cool off." he said holding one of the man's arms.

Amelia moved into the safety of Clarissa's space, kind of half behind her but trying to look even the littlest bit assertive herself. "Maybe try somewhere else? Where there are less aggressive creatures?" she whispered into her ear.

"I agree." She said, as she looked to Alfred. "Have a nice night Gentleman." Said Clarissa with an annoyed look on her face. The two men started to leave. "Sorry about that, and your right, lets try elsewhere." She said, as the scene starts to fade.

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