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Second Meetings

Posted on Mon Jan 24th, 2022 @ 7:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Maren
Edited on on Tue Jan 25th, 2022 @ 1:01am

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Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Operations Center - Deck 6 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 1300 hrs

Alyssa loaded a PADD with the relevant data and headed for operations to see if she could get some of the labs set up for the long-term experiments she hoped to facilitate and her requirements for a vertical garden. She might as well kill two birds with one stone and it would give her the opportunity to order supplies if they were needed.

She felt that both projects would give science not only more to do, but allow them to experiment during their off-duty time. She walked into operations and looked around for someone to direct her to the chief.

Claire smiled as she saw Alyssa. They had met on the base while waiting to arrive at their assignment. She headed over to where she stood. "I planned to look you up, but I didn't think I would see you this soon!"

"Hi again. I'm taking advantage of our time on Empok Nor to make a few changes to science. I've got approval from the Captain." She smiled. "Then maybe we can have lunch or something."

"That sounds good." Claire said with a nod. "I am looking forward to that." She was glad to have made a friend on board.

"Good." Alyssa smiled. "I'm also going to need some help from ops. I have permission to convert part of a cargo bay--or all of it, according to engineering--into a vertical garden and I'll need help with the infrastructure."

Claire’s eyes peaked with interest. “That is something I would be very interested in helping with.” She paused. “What are you planning for this garden?” She wanted to hear more.

Alyssa pulled out a PADD. "A trellis system along the top for vines with grapes and berries. The walls will have some edible plants and herbs and some experimental flowers. The deck will have sections of plants and smaller trees with some walkways and places to sit. I'd like to have an irrigation system in place as well." She raised an eyebrow as she looked at Claire. "What do you think?"

"I love your plans." Claire said honestly. "I like the idea of having herbs and edible plants and real fruit." She grinned. "You have sold me on this. I am on board to help out."

Alyssa grinned. "Perfect. Engineering is on board, too. I think this is going to turn out really well." Better, in fact, than she first thought. "It'll be interesting to see what we can do using all the available surfaces. I look forward to seeing how it turns out."

"It is going to make the whole crew happy." Claire nodded. "I am not a scientist but I will be interested in watching as they grow and develop as well."

"I hope the crew will like it," Alyssa said. "At least it'll be something different for them."

"If I were a betting person." Claire smiled. "I would bet they won't just like it, they will love it."

"Some will. Some won't see the need for it, or consider it a waste." Alyssa shrugged. "I'm sure there will be enough who want to take advantage of what we provide." Regardless, there would be enough to make it worthwhile.

“There are always going to be those against anything.” Claire murmured. “The ones who like it will make up for those you don’t.”

Alyssa nodded. "True. Nothing ever goes exactly as you expect and not everyone will like it, but they aren't the reason I'm doing this. The opportunities for experimentation are exciting."

“I am certain the senior staff will mostly be behind you.” Claire smiled. “My son will be your biggest fan.”

She grinned. "He'll be welcome. I can always use a fresh perspective. I wouldn't mind setting aside a patch for kids to play with. Might be fun to see what young growers can do." Alyssa didn't think there were many children on board, but it would be fun to have a plot set aside.

"It would be good for him to help out." Claire said with interest. "From what he says at this point he is planning on following us into Starfleet. He could use the experience in how to forge food for himself."

"It's not quite the same as foraging, but I can always add some lessons on edible foods that should help." Alyssa smiled. "It's always good to know what you can and can't eat. Even in an arboretum...or cargo bay."

“That would be good.” Claire nodded. “What I meant was more how plants grow and what it takes to raise them. He can see your progress and study it.”

"Of course. I'd welcome it. Everyone needs to know how to take care of plants, in my opinion." Alyssa was mentally rearranging her plans for the cargo bay to include a small plot for children.

"We think alike." Claire replied. "You could be tutoring some future scientists. I know Marshall hasn't decided exactly what he wants to do yet."

"How old is he?" she asked.

"He is twelve." Claire said with a smile. "One of those awkward ages, not quite a teen but he doesn't want to be referred to as a child."

"Yes. He's the perfect age to be responsible for his own garden plot. It won't be very large, but I'll be happy to teach him what to do." At twelve, Alyssa was already learning what she could about her local history. If Claire's son was interested in plants, she'd be happy to teach him.

“Who knows?” Claire smiled. “He could be a future scientist.”

"It's always possible." She smiled. "Now that we've taken care of business, are you free for lunch?"

“Yes.” Claire said with a nod. “I just realized I am hungry.” She let one of her crew know she was leaving and then came back “I’m ready!”

"Perfect. Now the only question is, where should we eat?" Alyssa liked having a friend on the Pioneer. It was a good start to a new beginning.

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