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A Crossroads

Posted on Wed Dec 1st, 2021 @ 8:41am by Master Chief Petty Officer Clark Eriksson & Lieutenant Claire Eriksson & Marshal Eriksson
Edited on on Wed Dec 1st, 2021 @ 8:43am

Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Empok Nor Various
Timeline: MD001 1330 hrs

Clark stepped through the airlock and into the main corridor of Empok Nor. He had never been on a Cardassian station, and spent a good portion of the trip over from the Triste wondering why the Federation and Starfleet managed a Cardassian station. However, it really was not him to question, it was just a mere curiosity is all. He noticed his son looking around wide eyed. Clark realized that Marshall had never been out this far and he smiled while he tussled the young boy's hair. "Well here we are our little corner for a few weeks until the Pioneer gets back from mission."

Marshall looked at his Dad and grinned. He was excited to be here. “I can’t wait to look around.”

Claire looked at Marshall and smiled to herself. It was good to see him enthused about being here. Marshall tended to be serious most of the time and right now he was smiling and his excitement showed. “We have a lot of time to check out the base.” She assured their son. Looking over at Clark she continued. “Once we are settled in we should get something to eat.” Marshall had mentioned being hungry just a few minutes ago.

"There is an old fashioned diner on the promenade that we can try. It seems..." Clark's voice trailed off as he looked at a padd and checked their room assignment. "...It seems that we are in the habitat ring deck two. I suggest we drop of our nessecities and change out of the uniform. Lord knows I do not want to wear this any more than I have to. Perhaps we can learn a little about the Captain and the crew of the Pioneer. Wonder if Marshal will have any friends."

“I am hoping there are children close to his age.” Claire replied. She thought he was way to used entertaining himself. That was a good thing but he needed to make some friends. She laughed softly, looking at Clark. “Uniform is already getting to you.”

“I want a cheeseburger.” Marshall spoke up. “And fries with lots of ketchup!” He didn’t know what his parents were worrying for. He was excited about this adventure and if there weren’t any other kids he would make his own adventure. On a holodeck.

"It's not the uniform, I want my wife back. I have had enough of my boss. Although sometimes they are the same thing." Clark said with a smirk as he pointed toward a lift.

Claire smiled at him, understanding what he meant. "I could do with some time to just be a wife and mother as well. Once we get on board the ship it will be a lot harder."

Marshall wasn't paying much attention to his parents as they headed to their rooms. "What do you think people do here for fun?" He asked his Dad.

"On Empok Nor? I would imagine that they could get up to some baseball in the holosuites. Or perhaps they go camping. Watching all the people come and go would be fun too." Clark replied with a broad smile. He and his son did not understand each other fully yet, but the man loved his son all the same.

"Camping would be cool." Marshall grinned. "Or some baseball." He looked at his mom. "What do you think?"

Claire smiled at him. "I'm good for either one, but I think camping would be fun. We could go swimming and maybe do some fishing." She looked at Clark with a smile. "What's your preference?"

Clark stroked his chin thoughtfully for a moment. "There was a lake front property that I used to visit when I was young. I wonder if it could be replicated on a holosuite. Yes... I think it can. But first we have to find our quarters for the night and get settled in. I think the Pioneer, our new home will be here in the morning."

Marshall sighed to himself. He hated how things always went by grownup rules. Finding quarters, and then eating. He just wanted to go on an adventure.

Claire looked over at Clark and laughed softly, then to their son. "We will go, but we need to change and I know I want a shower."

"Right then off to our quarters..." Clark said and his voice trailed in as his alert and studious eyes took in all the sights around him. Empok Nor was alive, she was a living breathing place. Clark knew that he would crack her secrets, and a lot more.

Claire concentrated on keeping Marshall with them until they got to their quarters. He was restless, tired of traveling and wanted to explore. She was glad for the change and a new adventure for all of them.

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