New Home and Shore Leave.

Posted on Sun Jun 10th, 2018 @ 2:13am by Ensign Dana Wakefield

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One has to admit that settling into a new ship is hard. It has not been as easy as I anticipated, however, I believe that I am up to the challenge. Meeting the Captain can say interesting, he does not want sheep, he wants people who will question him, something I will gladly do, but I would still never refuse a direct order if daddy taught me anything it is to follow orders.

Speaking of daddy, the Captain knows who he is and whom I really am, something which threw me, the chance of a leak or the odds of someone finding out increases with the more people that know, even if he is the Captain of the ship, one is not sure if one can trust a person to keep secrets, after all, trust is earned not given.

My medical was fine, for once the clinic had no problems sending my records, all be it with the correct details and amended name. What was surprising was the Doctor, he looked around early to mid-twenties but was really 87, honestly 87, I thought he was pulling my leg at first if only human men looked so appealing at 87.

I did try to contact daddy to let him know that I had settled in, but he was in a meeting with top brass, as to not raise suspicion or questions and have security wonder why I am trying to contact a Fleet Admiral at Starfleet Command and as we have shore leave, I am heading to Empok Nor, on my own, yet another great feat, my first time in public without my security escort, to try and barter for a secure terminal to make a call home.

End Log
Encrypted Log Entry
Lieutenant JG Dana Wakefield, Chief of Operations



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