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Chief Petty Officer Maeve Kelly

Name Maeve Eion Kelly

Position Xenolinguistics Specialist

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 130
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue


Father Cillian Kelly
Mother Aisling Kelly
Brother(s) Dechlan Kelly - 42
Liam Kelly - 29

Personality & Traits

General Overview Personality Traits:

Reserved and introspective: Maeve is a deep thinker who prefers to observe and analyze before speaking.

Mysterious and enigmatic: Her innate language abilities give her an air of mystery, as others often wonder how she grasps languages so effortlessly.
Independent and self-reliant: She values her autonomy and trusts her instincts, especially when it comes to deciphering unfamiliar languages.

Perceptive and intuitive: Maeve has a keen sense of intuition that helps her understand not just the words but also the nuances and emotions conveyed in different languages.

Self-doubt hidden by overconfidence: Despite her natural abilities, Maeve’s experiences have taught her that language is anything but straightforward and communication is measured at the listener's ear, not the speaker's mouth.

Unique Language Skill:

Maeve's mind works uniquely and almost supernaturally when it comes to languages. She experiences synesthetic responses to linguistic patterns, seeing colors, shapes, and textures that correspond to different languages. This synesthesia not only helps her decipher languages quickly but also allows her, intuitively, to understand cultural nuances and unspoken meanings within conversations.
Strengths & Weaknesses Skills and Abilities:
Language synesthesia: Maeve's synesthetic responses to languages give her a distinct advantage in translation and communication.
Cultural sensitivity: She intuitively understands cultural nuances and can navigate delicate intercultural situations with ease.
Analytical thinking: Maeve's analytical skills complement her innate language abilities, allowing her to solve complex linguistic puzzles.
Strategic communication: She excels in conveying messages effectively, leveraging her understanding of both verbal and non-verbal cues.
Self-Doubt: Despite her outward confidence and competence, Maeve struggles with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. She often second-guesses her abilities and feels like she needs to constantly prove herself, especially in high-pressure situations.

Trust Issues: Due to past betrayals or disappointments, Maeve has difficulty trusting others, especially when it comes to forming personal relationships. This can make it challenging for her to open up and connect with her crewmates on a deeper level.

Overly Critical: Maeve has a tendency to be overly critical of herself and others, leading to high expectations and occasional frustration when things don't go according to plan. This can create tension within her team and affect her ability to collaborate effectively.

Difficulty Letting Go: Maeve has a hard time letting go of past mistakes or failures, dwelling on them long after they've occurred. This can prevent her from moving forward and taking calculated risks, fearing the potential for failure or disappointment.

Impulsive Decision-Making: When faced with intense emotions or challenging situations, Maeve can be prone to making impulsive decisions without fully considering the consequences. This impulsivity can lead to conflict or unintended outcomes.

Struggles with Delegation: Maeve prefers to take on tasks herself rather than delegate to others, as she worries that they won't meet her high standards. This can lead to burnout and strain on her relationships with her team members.
Hobbies & Interests Languages (duh)

Personal History Maeve Kelly's upbringing aboard the SS Horizon was marked by the constant hum of engines and the ever-present smell of machinery lubricants. Her parents, seasoned crew members, taught her the ropes of life in deep space, emphasizing the importance of discipline and caution.
From a young age, Maeve displayed an uncanny aptitude for languages. She absorbed the myriad dialects spoken by traders and travelers who frequented the Horizon's cargo holds. Her mind seemed wired to decipher linguistic patterns, and she often found herself acting as a translator during negotiations.

During one particularly delicate negotiation with a foreign faction over a valuable cargo, Maeve was tasked with interpreting the nuances of a complex treaty. In her eagerness to impress and facilitate understanding, she misinterpreted a crucial clause, unintentionally offending the other party.

The misunderstanding quickly escalated into a tense confrontation, with accusations and tensions running high. Maeve's error had jeopardized not only the negotiation but also the fragile peace maintained between the Horizon and neighboring factions.

Despite being able to complete the negotiations and keep the fragile peace they shared, albeit less stable than before. Maeve was devastated by the consequences of her misinterpretation. She realized the weight of her responsibility as a language specialist. She sought guidance from her mentors and diligently studied the intricacies of interstellar diplomacy, determined never to repeat her mistake.

When an opportunity arose to join the Starfleet as a language and communication specialist, Maeve saw it as a chance for redemption. Her journey from a naive mistake to a skilled professional was marked by humility, perseverance, and a deep sense of responsibility.

Maeve Kelly's transition from civilian life to Starfleet service was filled with uncertainty and self-doubt. Despite her natural talent for languages, she found herself struggling to keep up during basic training. Surrounded by peers who seemed to excel effortlessly, especially with the social aspect, Maeve often found herself in the middle of the pack, doubting her abilities and wondering if she had made the right choice by enlisting.

She hesitated to speak up during linguistic exercises, fearing ridicule or criticism from instructors or fellow recruits. Her performance was inconsistent, with moments of brilliance overshadowed by moments of hesitation and self-criticism.

As Maeve progressed through her training, she became more withdrawn, holding back in group exercises and second-guessing her linguistic analyses. She struggled to find her footing in a competitive environment where every mistake felt magnified.

Despite her doubts, Maeve's instructors recognized her potential and encouraged her to push through her insecurities. She sought out additional practice opportunities and engaged in one-on-one tutoring sessions to improve her skills.

Once Maeve Kelly finished her training and received her first assignment to a diplomatic team on a starbase. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience. As a seasoned language specialist with years of service under her belt, Maeve found herself mentoring younger officers and contributing valuable insights to diplomatic negotiations.

It was during this time that Maeve crossed paths with a young, bright, and ambitious officer who had recently joined the diplomatic team. Despite their significant age gap—Maeve at 38 and him at 25—they shared a mutual passion for their work and a deep intellectual connection.

Their initial interactions were professional and respectful, centered around their shared responsibilities and the complexities of interstellar diplomacy. However, as they worked closely together, late-night discussions turned personal, revealing their similar values, aspirations, and even shared interests outside of their military roles.

The attraction between them grew stronger, leading to an illicit affair that both knew was forbidden by military regulations. Their clandestine meetings added an element of risk and excitement to their already demanding lives, but they were also aware of the potential consequences if their relationship were to be discovered.

As rumors began to circulate among their colleagues, Maeve faced increasing scrutiny and pressure to end their affair. Aware of the impact on their careers and the professional dynamics within their team, Maeve made the difficult decision to request a transfer to the USS Pioneer.
Service Record Basic Training - 2388

Maeve Kelly enlisted in the military at the age of 29, after leaving behind her civilian life on a cargo ship. She excelled in basic training, particularly in linguistic studies, showcasing a natural talent for languages and communication.

Temporary Assignments:

Language Acquisition Program (Temporary Assignment):
-Assigned to a specialized language acquisition program for six months.
-Mastered multiple alien dialects and communication protocols.
-Received commendation for exceptional progress and dedication.

Diplomatic Liaison Team (Temporary Assignment):
-Selected as part of a diplomatic liaison team for eight months.
-Facilitated communication during high-stakes diplomatic negotiations with alien species.
-Played a key role in fostering positive relations and agreements.

Intelligence Analysis Unit (Temporary Assignment):
-Assigned to an intelligence analysis unit for four months.
-Analyzed intercepted communications and translated coded messages for intelligence purposes.
-Provided crucial linguistic insights for intelligence operations.

Permanent Assignments:
Diplomatic Corps (Permanent Assignment) - 2388 - 2398
-Joined the Diplomatic Corps as a language specialist after completing basic training.
-Served as a linguistic liaison during diplomatic encounters and negotiations.
-Contributed to the development of communication strategies for interstellar diplomacy.

USS Pioneer (Current Assignment): - 2398 - Present
-Requested a transfer to the USS Pioneer after her most recent promotion to Chief Petty Officer
-Assigned as a Communication Specialist on the starship, contributing to deep space exploration missions.
-Continues to excel in linguistic analyses and communication strategies in the uncharted territories of space.