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Lieutenant Junior Grade Narin Valen

Name Narin Valen

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 185lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Standing at a moderate height, he carries himself with a confident yet approachable demeanor. His facial features are defined by sharp cheekbones, a straight nose, and expressive eyes that convey a mix of intelligence and determination. Narin's brown hair is typically styled in a neat and practical manner, framing his face with a touch of casual elegance. He maintains a fit and athletic build, a testament to his disciplined approach to physical fitness and well-being.


Father Tovan Valen [deceased]
Mother Elara Valen [deceased]
Brother(s) Kaelan [brother - deceased]
Sister(s) Liora [sister]
Other Family Dr. Aiden and Dr. Elara Hansen [adopted parents] Ethan Hansen [step-brother]

Personality & Traits

General Overview Narin Valen is a Starfleet officer whose journey is shaped by resilience, leadership, and a thirst for exploration. Born on Betazed into a family of academics and public servants, Narin endured the loss of his parents and brother during the Dominion conflict, finding solace and support in the care of close friends. Through his Starfleet career, Narin has honed his scientific prowess, specializing in xenobiology while demonstrating adaptability and composure in the face of adversity. His leadership qualities have led him to command roles and diplomatic missions, fueled by a deep commitment to fostering understanding and cooperation among diverse cultures. Despite grappling with emotional vulnerabilities and a yearning to reconnect with his heritage, Narin's unwavering resilience and dedication to exploration drive him forward as he navigates the complexities of the cosmos, seeking knowledge, peace, and a sense of belonging.
Strengths & Weaknesses Narin Valen epitomizes a unique fusion of scientific acumen and adaptability, shaped by his upbringing and Starfleet tenure. His extensive expertise in xenobiology, inherited from his father and honed in the field, positions him as a valuable asset in comprehending and navigating the intricacies of alien life forms. Coupled with his innate adaptability, Narin's resilience emerges prominently as he transcends personal adversities, showcasing leadership in challenging circumstances. His remarkable composure and guidance through tribulations underscore his natural leadership prowess. Despite enduring profound hardships, Narin's unwavering resilience and diplomatic finesse propel him forward, facilitating peaceful interstellar relations during Starfleet's missions. However, Narin grapples with emotional vulnerabilities stemming from past trauma, occasionally affecting his decision-making amidst heightened stress. Additionally, Narin's deep attachment to his sister sometimes veers into overprotectiveness, clouding his judgment in critical moments, while struggles with trust from past betrayals hinder his ability to form close relationships. Thus, his journey is a delicate balance between leveraging his strengths and overcoming his weaknesses as he navigates the uncharted territories of the cosmos.
Ambitions Narin harbors personal ambitions that reflect his desire for fulfillment and growth outside of his duties. With a longing for stability and connection stemming from the loss of his family, Narin envisions building a sense of home and belonging for himself. This may lead him to establish a family of his own, seeking companionship and the opportunity to create new bonds. Additionally, Narin holds a deep-seated curiosity about his Betazoid heritage, fueling a personal ambition to explore and reconnect with his cultural roots. Furthermore, he aims to honor the memory of his parents and brother by making meaningful contributions to society and advocating for causes that promote peace and reconciliation. Ultimately, Narin's personal ambitions are driven by a desire for healing, connection, and finding purpose beyond the confines of his professional life in Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Narin Valen's hobbies and interests reflect his multifaceted personality and his dedication to personal growth and well-being. As a lifelong learner, Narin enjoys immersing himself in research and study, delving into scientific literature and conducting experiments to expand his knowledge in fields such as xenobiology, astrophysics, and computer science. Additionally, he finds solace and excitement in holodeck simulations, using virtual environments to simulate scientific experiments, embark on adventurous scenarios, and satisfy his thirst for exploration and discovery. Drawing from his Betazoid heritage, Narin also practices meditation and mindfulness, employing techniques to enhance his empathy, focus, and emotional resilience. Moreover, Narin understands the importance of maintaining physical fitness for his duties as a Starfleet officer, engaging in regular exercise routines that include martial arts training, cardio workouts, and recreational sports to keep himself physically and mentally fit for the challenges that lie ahead.

Personal History Narin Valen was born on Betazed in the year 2363. His father, Tovan Valen, held the esteemed position as an Xenobiology professor, while his mother, Elara Valen, served as a government representative. As members of the Thirteenth House of Betazed, renowned for its dedication to peace and protection, He assumed the role of the eldest sibling among three children, with a younger brother named Kaelan and a sister named Liora.

The Valen family knew only peace and contentment on Betazed until the tumultuous year of 2374 when the Dominion's conflict engulfed their world. The Battle of Betazed brought devastation, claiming the lives of Narin's parents and his brother, Kaelan. Narin and Liora narrowly escaped the chaos, their survival hanging by a thread. Eventually rescued, they found refuge on Earth,

Narin and Liora found solace in the care of close friends of their late father, Dr. Aiden and Dr. Elara Hansen. Having forged a strong bond through years of collaboration, the Hansen’s welcomed the siblings into their home with open arms. Alongside their own child, Ethan, they provided comfort and support to Narin and Liora during their time of need.

While Liora, the younger sister, found the transition somewhat smoother than Narin, she still grappled with profound devastation. Nonetheless, she adapted more readily to their new circumstances. Narin, on the contrary, struggled immensely to come to terms with their ordeal, yet he steadfastly maintained a facade of strength for the sake of his sister.

Their stay on Earth was brief, for in 2375, the Breen Confederacy entered the conflict, aligning with the Dominion. In a sudden and clandestine assault, they targeted Earth, catching the Federation off guard.

The Hansen family, joined by Narin and Liora, embarked on a journey from Earth to find refuge in the tranquil embrace of Elysium Fields, a distant star system renowned for its serene beauty and peaceful ambiance. Despite lingering worries about the sustainability of their newfound sanctuary amidst the chaos of ongoing warfare, their anxieties were dispelled when the unified forces of the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans successfully brought an end to the conflict.

As the war concluded, the option to return to Earth presented itself, yet the family opted to remain on Elysium Prime. Originally a fledgling colony established prior to the conflict, it had since burgeoned with individuals seeking solace from the ravages of war.

Surviving on Elysium Prime proved challenging, particularly during the initial phases where the colony faced numerous shortages and hardships. However, as time progressed, conditions gradually improved. For a period after the war, Narin and Liora grappled with the devastation wrought upon their home, reeling from the loss of their family and their beloved brother.

Upon reaching adulthood, Narin made the decision to depart Elysium Prime, but not wanting to make his sister feel abandoned after they have suffered so much lose in their lives, Narin waited for her to turn of age as well.

In 2383, Narin enlisted in Starfleet, he was to become a Science Officer. He carried with him a wealth of knowledge imparted by his father in Xenobiology, while his stay with the Hansen family proved invaluable. Dr. Aiden Hansen, a renowned researcher and astrophysics professor, and Dr. Elara Hansen, a distinguished professor of computer science, had both contributed significantly to Narin's education and preparation for his journey into Starfleet.

Following his graduation in 2387, Narin was assigned to the USS Hawthorne, the newest Intrepid class vessel in the fleet. USS Hawthorne embarked on a mission to explore newly discovered star systems along the outer rim of the Beta Quadrant. They were tasked with charting uncharted territories and establishing diplomatic relations with newly encountered species. There was many challenges the crew faced raging from spatial anomalies to hostile encounters, however their discoveries laid the groundwork for further exploration in the region.

Upon returning to Federation space Narin was reassigned to a scientific outpost, Golden Hind. The outpost was established on the fringes of Federation space to conduct groundbreaking research into subspace anomalies and cosmic phenomena. The outpost was equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, and observation facilities. For any researcher the outpost was a dream facility however Narin only lasted a year before putting in for a transfer. There was something about stationary for a prolonged period of time that Narin disliked.

Narin was reassigned to the USS Van Atreides, a Sovereign class vessel that was embarking on a five year mission to the Gamma Quadrant. They were tasked with charting new star systems, establishing diplomatic relations with alien civilizations, and conducting science research into the unexplored reaches of space. Narin was ecstatic about the opportunity. It held the promise of unparalleled adventure and potential for groundbreaking discoveries that would forever expand the horizons of Federation knowledge.

During their five-year odyssey through the Gamma Quadrant, the USS Van Atreides encountered a multitude of wonders and challenges that tested the limits of their exploration capabilities. From the breathtaking beauty of nebulae and celestial phenomena to the enigmatic allure of ancient ruins and alien civilizations, each discovery brought with it a wealth of scientific knowledge and cultural exchange.

The journey wasn’t just a pleasure cruise either, they encountered a myriad of dangers ranging from volatile spatial anomalies and gravitational disturbances to hostile encounters with predatory species and territorial conflicts with aggressive alien civilizations.

After the USS Van Atreides completed its arduous five-year mission in the Gamma Quadrant, Narin took a well-deserved several-month leave of absence from Starfleet. Seeking solace and familiarity, he journeyed to Elysium Prime to reconnect with his adopted family and find respite from the rigors of space exploration.

However, as the months passed and the call of duty beckoned once more, Narin felt a renewed sense of purpose and readiness to return to active duty within Starfleet, eager to embark on new adventures and continue his journey among the stars.
Service Record 2383 - 2387: Starfleet Academy

2387 - 2391: USS Hawthorne

2391 - 2392: Science Output: Golden Hind

2394 - 2398: USS Van Atreides

2398: USS Pioneer - Present