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Ensign Josie Boone

Name Josie Boone

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Nickname Jo
Gender Female
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 6 in
Weight 140
Hair Color red
Eye Color green
Physical Description More or less typical looks for a young woman of her age. Hair about shoulder length, kept up most of the time. Stands abut 5 feet 6. Fit build from all that Academy PT

Found in her uniform most of the time

off duty, more casual. Found in t shirt and shorts. Something quick and easy


Personality & Traits

General Overview Can come off as driven, but that's just the Starfleet brat in her. Once you peel that away Josie, or "Jo" to her friends in the most loyal of a friend that you could ever want.

Need someone to hang out with, look no further

On duty she is all business however
Strengths & Weaknesses + careful
good at her job, in theory

-untested outside the academy
sometimes tells you like it is
Ambitions Gain a higher rank than her dad, then retire
Hobbies & Interests Computers

Personal History Born in Dallas, Texas by a Starfleet doctor, Josie's future seemed to be mapped out for her. Hers and her brother Dan's. And she wouldn't've had it any other way. She loved it. Dan did it because he felt obligated, Josie loved it. Not intent to go through life as a "girly girl". Naturally she knew her own limits, but didn't let them define her.

Typical upbringing ensued, School, athletics (she found that she loved to run), southern traditions, the whole 9 yards. She would've liked to have dated but its hard to when boys see a father with a phaser being overprotective. Didn't stop her from sneaking out sometimes, which didn't fly. Otherwise she was pretty much a normal teenage human.

Eventually it came time to choose a career. Dan had altready entered the Academy as Medical. Josie threw everyone for a loop and chose engineering citing "Doctors can't fix if their gear don't work,"

She's since switched to operations track
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Operations cadet

Cadet Cruise USS Hades

Posting to USS Pioneer