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Ensign Maya Edrei

Name Maya Edrei

Position Head Nurse

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 163cm
Weight 65kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Nelyv would most certainly be attractive by most humanoid species' standards. Her skin is a healthy shade of green with an almost perpetual youthful glow that compliments her eyes. She takes much effort to maintain her appearance by way of exercise and it shows clearly in her athletic yet still unmistakeably feminine physique.


Spouse None at the moment.
Children Nelyv doesn't think she's ready for children - she's far too young for that!
Father Elro Edrei
Mother Nelyv Edrei
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) None.
Other Family Maya has an aunt living on Argelius with her wife whom she has never met.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maya sometimes wishes that people would not assume things about her just because of the color of her skin. She works hard to display all the proficiency and professionalism expected of her and then some on duty, which has been noted several times over by her instructors as a cadet.

She is very much Risian in behavior off duty, however, being cheerful and unreservedly friendly with people she likes. When it suits her to lean a little into stereotype, she sometimes does, if only to savor the reactions people have to it.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Compassionate, Hardworking, Enthusiastic

Weaknesses: Likely too kind for her own good, protective
Ambitions Maya would one day like to take up studies to become a doctor when she feels that she is ready and move on from there. If that path never opens to her she'll settle for head nurse or an instructional appointment at Starfleet Academy.
Hobbies & Interests Maya uses sports as a means of keeping herself fit; one can often find her swimming on the holodeck or elsewhere suitable or playing beach volleyball with a friend or three if she can get enough people to join her. If not she can be found in literally any social space chatting up her fellow crew members.

Personal History Maya's mother spent many years as a slave woman to a wealthy Klingon man and his House. Eventually his wife grew annoyed that her husband had begun to spend more time with his slaves (particularly Aedea herself) than her and so gave them each some money and chartered a freighter off of Qo'nos to take them to Deep Space Five, where they would no longer be (or her husband's) problem. Aedea was not well educated and thus spent a while asking where she could go to find sanctuary until she found a freighter bound for Risa.

Settling in on Risa would surprisingly be not as difficult. Aedea was lucky to meet a fellow Orion who lived there employed as a social worker; he would be the one to assist her with finding accommodation and a livelihood (and some proper education) and, eventually, father her daughter.

Maya was raised and educated among the local Risian population in Suraya Bay, who accepted her without any fuss. She took an interest in the medical field aged sixteen when a retired Starfleet doctor came to her high school for a career talk, where he spoke passionately about the good being a medical professional could do for someone else. Though the entirety of his talk was intriguing to her, of particular interest was his career in Starfleet, which Maya found herself drawn to. She liked the idea of being able to travel the stars and do good by people while doing it. Nursing appealed to her slightly more than being a doctor; she liked the idea of being able to actively engage with someone as they recovered compared to the more office work-intensive life of a doctor.

She made up her mind after much careful consideration. Aged eighteen, bravely, she moved tearfully off of Risa to Earth to begin her education at Starfleet Academy with her parents' blessing.

Though the very nature of Starfleet Academy demanded long hours spent with her head buried in books or practising in training medbays or listening to some mind-numbingly boring greying human drone on about biology, Maya adored her studies. She would gain a reputation among her instructors for being one of the most hardworking and willing to help cadets in their courses. Maya graduated in the top 20% of her class. Her parents and friends from Risa attended her commissioning and graduation ceremony.

Her posting orders did not take long afterward to arrive. She was to be assigned to the Intrepid-class USS Pioneer!
Service Record 2392-2398: Cadet at Starfleet Academy