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Ensign Millicent Ambrose

Name Millicent Tabitha Ambrose

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

PNPC By (Merrick)
Nickname Millie
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140
Hair Color Light brown hair with some dyed magenta streaks
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description A lithe individual with well toned muscles, due to the work she does. Millie at times can attract attention, but that is when she actually bothers to dress up. Her hair is a light brown which brushes just below her shoulder blades She has several streaks of magenta as well. The one feature that stands out the most is her dark brown expressive eyes framed by long dark eyelashes. She looks demure and oh so innocent, with a peaches and cream complexion.


Father Samuel Ambrose
Mother Emily (Baker) Ambrose
Brother(s) 1.Rhys Dawson Ambrose
2.Joshua Matthew Ambrose
Sister(s) Lydia Kallie Ambrose
Other Family Paternal relatives
Aunt Lacey Ambrose
Uncle Devon Ambrose

Grandmother Mabel Baker
Grandfather Oliver Baker

Personality & Traits

General Overview Millie has a hidden wild streak, well except for her hair. That is about the only indication that there is something beneath the surface of this demure and innocent looking ensign. That wildside of hers though, Millie tends to keep it hidden away unless she is comfortable around a person or is drunk enough to let her walls down. Most times she comes off as a reserved individual, with a piercing gaze that looks like she can gaze into your soul. She tends to observe people before she engages with them.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Creative
+Hard working
+Curious in how things work
+Respectful of those in a higher rank

-Tends to be reserved
-Has a hidden wild streak which comes out when she is drunk
-Observes people
-Takes a little bit for her to warm up to people
-Has a secret life she has created via a holo program that she has programmed.
-Has a worry that her former boyfriend will find her.
Ambitions To improve herself both personally as well as professionally
Hobbies & Interests Creates holo novels/ adventures. Likes to do cosplay, on her own time. She likes to do origami, and leather crafting. Skiing and snowboarding. Plays golf.

Personal History DOB April 19th, 2374

Born in Libby, Montana a picturesque town filled with history and plenty of outdoor things to do. Millie had a decent childhood, she was deemed a little bit of a wild child, wanting to be outdoors, energetic and lively. On occasion she got into trouble, due to her taking apart different items that she was curious about. She managed to put them back together but her mother was a little baffled in coming home, finding a piece of equipment she wanted to use already taken apart. One of them was her vacuum. Realizing that her daughter had a knack where it came to fixing items, Millie was allowed to go work in her Uncle Devon and Aunt Lacey's fix it shop. That is where she got the idea of joining Star Fleet from listening to the tales her uncle and aunt's friends told of being in Star Fleet.

Brief Family History:

Millie's father is a teacher, her mother is a scientist which works in the nearby national forest. Her brothers are in construction. Millie's sister is going to college.

Her grandparents run a bakery. Millie gets along fairly well with her family.

Academy Days
Millie took the entrance exam to get into Star Fleet and passed in the middle range. Her first two years of academy was great for her. She made friends, was having a great time. Then Millie met someone who she thought was her true love. Millie was smitten, he was someone whom she thought could be the one. His name was Alaric Thorton. He was handsome, with dark wavy hair, dark brown eyes, and a killer smile. Millie met him while skiiing when on her school break and found that he was going to the Academy as well.

What more could a girl ask for? The sweetness began to sour, after a year. Millie needing to concentrate on her schooling, he wanting all of her attention. She ended the relationship, he wouldn't let it go. He was expelled from academy due to his behaviour, having gone as far as kidnapping Millie in order to forcefully marry her. She escaped, finished academy and graduated, gaining the rank of Ensign. The USS Pioneer is her first ship assignment, far away from the Alpha Quadrant as she could get.
Service Record Academy 2392-2396
2396 Is made an Ensign and assigned to DS9
2397 Assigned to USS Pioneer