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Ensign Daris Wren

Name Daris Wren

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10(177.8 cm)
Weight 160 lbs(72.5 kg)
Hair Color Red Hair
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Standing average but lithe, Daris has the spots one expect to find on a Trill that run along both sides of his body on his pale skin. In addition to this, he has freckles across his face that he developed in his teen years and early twenties mostly due to exposure to the sun when he would join archeology excavations.


Father Dannis Andros; Oceanographer
Mother Yanna Andros; Deceased
Brother(s) Kolna Andros, 33; unjoined - Veterinarian
Sister(s) Tecka Andros, 26; unjoined - Holonovelist

Personality & Traits

General Overview Daris is a conflicted man, going through a series of changes in his life and identity, given his recent joining with the Wren symbiont. His personality is going through development as he rediscovers who is in now that he is joined.

Regardless, he is still a soft-spoken man with a cheerful smile and playful attitude. He finding a growing boldness and adrenaline seeking thanks to the influence of the Wren symbiont.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Holds strong convictions
+ Studious
+ Adrenaline seeking
+ Good natured

- Extremely stubborn
- Coming to terms with his symbiosis
- Can be anxious and lacks self-confidence
- Can be prone to sudden outbursts of rebellion
- Competitive
Ambitions To come to terms with who he is now and live a happy and productive life
Hobbies & Interests Archeology. anthropology, swimming, cliff jumping, horseback riding, reading, Federation history, singing, holo-novels

Personal History Daris was born on the Trillius Prime in 2369. From very early in his life Daris was shown to be quite studious. He would often choose to finish studying before joining his friends to play. He found history to be fascinating and more thrilling than any work of fiction he came across.

Due to fears of the Dominion during the war, his family rarely left their homeworld until it was clear the Federation Alliance was winning back territory and the battles were forced into Cardassian territory. Because of this fear, he rarely ventured outside the norm and was far from adventurous for most of his formable years, sticking with the safe route. This led to him focusing on his studies in archeology and anthropology and excelling to the point that once the war was over, he was invited to a mentorship program provided by the Federation Archaeology Council as young as fourteen years old.

Throughout his teen years, Daris proved to be a bit of a protege in his chosen fields. He studied at prestigious universities throughout the Trill system as he took part in excavations throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants and wrote papers for the Federation Archaeology Council through the mentorship program. Given his high level of achievement at such a young age, Daris' family convinced him apply to the Symbiosis Commission in hopes of being selected to be joined.

In 2388, Daris was selected to be an initiate and began working towards being selected for his joining. This was the first real time Daris felt challenged in his life as he competed with fellow Trills for such a coveted role in Trill society. Finding a drive and competitiveness he never realized he had, Daris pushed himself to learn various new skills. He became an avid horseback rider, took up swimming and found he had a beautiful singing voice that he further trained.

Unbeknownst to Daris, while training to be a new host, the Federation and Trill government was in a highly contentious legal battle for his eventual symbiont. The Wren symbiont was considered young compared to most others having had only one previous host. Rhea Wren was a pilot and former Maquis Resistance member during the Cardassian occupation of the Demilitarized Zone. Unlike many of her fellow Maquis who were Starfleet officers not from the region and did not have a home to fight for, she was not looking simply kill Cardassians, but believed in the Maquis cause and protecting the homes of innocent Federation civilians from oppression.

In 2371, Rhea Wren was captured and arrested by Starfleet security during an assault on a Cardassian weapons depot. She was swiftly placed in prison. When the Dominion War began, and Starfleet was desperate for skilled officers and began granting amnesty to any Maquis volunteer, she refused to join in the war citing her refusal to be a puppet for the Federation and Starfleet and giving up her convictions for the Maquis cause. Due to her unyielding sentiments, Rhea spent the rest of her life in prison. When it was clear that she was going to die of old age, the discussion of what to do with the Wren symbiont began.

Due to the fact that Rhea Wren was a convicted traitor and that Wren was as responsible for the crimes as much as Rhea, the Federation lawyers argued the symbiont should remain in prison with it's host, as it was felt that, given her intense convictions to the Maquis cause, Rhea was ultimately not a good candidate for a symbiont and was a danger to others due to her unpredictability. Over time, that speculation grew to wonder who was more responsible for Rhea Wren's actions and was the deviant portion of the relationship, the host or the symbiont. It was discovered that Rhea was dying of an incurable illness and the Federation made clear their intentions to deny the transfer of the Wren symbiont to a new host, given Rhea's intense convictions to the Maquis cause and other signs of instability.

The Trill government argued vehemently against this citing the shortage of symbionts in the species already and loss of life of joined Trills, many of whom joined Starfleet, as a result of the war. They also argued that it was impossible to ever know who's influence drove the more chaotic tendencies of Rhea Wren. After years of legal debate in the courts, the Wren symbiont was determined to not be subjected to the fate of it's first host and upon the death of Rhea, a new host would be selected.

In a rare circumstance, Daris was not allowed to chose his own symbiont and was denied access to meet the previous host before his joining. His symbiont was selected for him by the Symbiont Commission due to Daris' mental stability and lifestyle, the Commission believing this would offset any imbalances from the previous joining. He informed only days before his joining who his symbiont was.

Upon his joining, Daris was immediately aware that he was a different man. He spent the next six months working closely with a guardian to ensure his joining was a success and there were no unforeseen circumstances. While different, Daris proved he and the Wren symbiont worked well together. He slowly over time began to merge his personality with that of the symbiont and the memories, skills and experiences of Rhea messed with his own.

Daris began to develop a taste for adrenaline seeking behaviors and took up cliff jumping and exciting adventurous holo-novels. What shocked him the most was that he longed to pilot spacecrafts, as Rhea once did. This craving for adventure that he developed thanks to the joining led him to apply and be accepted to Starfleet Academy at the age of twenty-four under the helmsman program.

Rhea's past experience and knowledge as a pilot helped as a starting point for his skills, which Daris only honed more due to his desire to be the best he can be and intense studying. The influence from the Wren symbiont meant that his style of flying could be considered unorthodox at times, but effective. His other academic classes only furthered his prowess and combined with his previous life experience and degrees, he was allowed to graduate a year early.

In 2395, Daris was assigned to the USS Montreal, an Akira class ship, as a flight officer. While friendly and well-mannered, he found he craved more. While performing his duties admirably, off-duty he would spend hours continuing his archeology research. He came across writings regarding some sort of artifact that Romulans had acquired and despite scouring all databases, wasn't able to find much more about this mysterious item. He nearly became obsessed with this artefact, wanting to piece together the fragments of data that was available.

When it came time to request assignment, Daris submitted a transfer to the open assistant chief helmsman position on the USS Pioneer, knowing his skills as a pilot would land him the position and that it would be in proximity to the Romulans and hopefully he could learn more.
Service Record 2392-2395 - Starfleet Academy; flight program

2395-2398 - USS Montreal; Flight Officer

2398- USS Pioneer; Assistant Chief Flight Officer

Obtained multiple degrees in both archeology and anthropology from multiple universities and institutes on Trillius Prime and the Trill system prior to joining Starfleet.