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Lieutenant Junior Grade Trelor-Var of the Elanis Upsol

Name Trelor-Var of the Elanis Upsol

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Nickname Graze
Gender Male
Species Grazerite
Age 28 Earth Years

Physical Appearance

Height 6’1” (1.85m)
Weight 198# (90 kg)
Hair Color Dark Gray
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Trelor-Var stands at an impressive height of 1.85 meters, displaying a commanding presence wherever he goes. His well-proportioned build, combining strength and agility, reflects his disciplined nature and dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Spouse Shanara-Mal, Diplomat
Children Son: Jaren-Trel of the Elanis Upsol - Jaren-Trel, their son, is a bright and curious Grazerite who inherited his mother's affinity for diplomacy. He is currently studying interstellar politics and hopes to follow in his mother's footsteps by joining Starfleet Academy in the future.
Father Varun-Tal of the Elanis Upsol
Mother Selara-Ina of the Elanis Upsol
Brother(s) Malor-Tan of the Elanis Upsol - Malor-Tan, Trelor-Var's older brother, is an accomplished engineer and innovator. He embarked on a career in Starfleet, specializing in designing advanced propulsion systems and exploring new frontiers of technological development. Malor-Tan's visionary ideas and technical prowess inspire Trelor-Var, fueling their sibling rivalry and mutual admiration.

Zaren-Vor of the Elanis Upsol - Zaren-Vor, Trelor-Var's younger brother, is a brilliant scientist and researcher. His expertise in theoretical physics and quantum mechanics contributes to groundbreaking discoveries and the advancement of scientific knowledge within Starfleet. Zaren-Vor's analytical thinking and meticulous approach to problem-solving complement Trelor-Var's engineering skills, fostering a harmonious collaboration between the brothers.
Sister(s) Ryla-Var of the Elanis Upsol - Ryla-Var, Trelor-Var's younger sister, possesses a vibrant and compassionate personality. She followed her passion for medicine and became a dedicated doctor within the Grazerite community. Ryla-Var's nurturing nature and commitment to healing others remind Trelor-Var of the importance of empathy in his endeavors.

Alara-Tan of the Elanis Upsol - Tragically, Alara-Tan, Trelor-Var's youngest sister, passed away at a young age due to a rare medical condition. Although her time was brief, Alara-Tan's joyful spirit and infectious laughter impacted the family. Her memory serves as a reminder to cherish every moment and approach life with gratitude and resilience.
Other Family Trelor-Var and his extended family form a close-knit unit within the Elanis Upsol, supporting and inspiring each other as they strive to make a positive impact through diplomacy, cultural exchange, and the pursuit of understanding.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Trelor-Var possesses a brilliant engineering mind, befitting his role as a Grazerite engineer. He is known for his exceptional problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. Trelor-Var approaches every challenge with a determined and resourceful mindset, striving to find efficient and groundbreaking solutions. His ability to unravel complex systems and design cutting-edge advancements is a testament to his sharp intellect and relentless pursuit of engineering excellence.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Engineering Expertise: Trelor-Var's extensive training and natural talent in engineering make him a skilled problem solver and innovator. His ability to analyze complex systems, think critically, and design creative solutions allows him to tackle technological challenges with precision and efficiency.

Technical Proficiency: Growing up with a passion for engineering, Trelor-Var has acquired a deep understanding of various technological fields. This technical proficiency enables him to grasp intricate concepts, adapt to new technologies quickly, and implement advanced solutions in practical settings.

Collaborative Nature: Trelor-Var values teamwork and recognizes the power of collective intelligence. He builds strong relationships and fosters collaboration, inspiring others to contribute their expertise and work together towards achieving engineering milestones.


Attention to Detail: Trelor-Var's meticulous nature sometimes leads him to become overly focused on minor details. While this attention to detail ensures precision in his work, it can occasionally cause delays or result in missed opportunities for broader conceptual breakthroughs.

Risk Aversion: In his pursuit of engineering excellence, Trelor-Var may display a tendency to be risk-averse. While this cautious approach ensures stability and reliability, it can also hinder the exploration of unconventional ideas or limit the willingness to take calculated risks in pursuit of innovation.
Ambitions He aspires to become a gifted engineer within Starfleet, seeking positions of higher influence and responsibility where he can make significant contributions to cutting-edge research and development. Trelor-Var also aims to integrate Grazerite engineering practices with those of other species, promoting collaboration and cross-cultural exchange to enhance technological advancements across civilizations.
Hobbies & Interests Outside of his duties, Trelor-Var finds solace and rejuvenation through various hobbies and interests. He is an avid reader, often immersing himself in philosophical and historical works that deepen his understanding of different societies. Trelor-Var also enjoys exploring new cuisines and experimenting with cooking, using food as a way to connect with others and celebrate cultural diversity. Additionally, he finds balance and tranquility through the practice of meditation and enjoys physical activities such as swimming and martial arts, which help him maintain mental and physical discipline.

Personal History Trelor-Var was born into the Elanis Upsol on the vibrant planet of Grazer in 2369. Raised within the unique social structure of the Grazerite society, Trelor-Var experienced the interconnectedness of the upsol firsthand. His parents, Varun-Tal and Selara-Ina, instilled in him the values of cooperation, empathy, and cultural appreciation. Trelor-Var grew up alongside his older brother, Malor-Tan, and younger siblings, Zaren-Vor, Ryla-Var, and Alara-Tan, cherishing the bonds of their close-knit family.

Tragedy struck the family when Alara-Tan, Trelor-Var's youngest sister, passed away at a young age due to a rare medical condition. The loss deeply affected Trelor-Var and his family, reminding them of the fragility and preciousness of life. Alara-Tan's memory serves as a constant reminder for Trelor-Var to cherish every moment and strive to contribute to a universe driven by technological advancement.

Inspired by his upbringing and driven by the desire to push the boundaries of engineering and innovation, Trelor-Var set his sights on joining Starfleet. He recognized that Starfleet provided a platform to utilize his engineering skills on a galactic scale. With the support and encouragement of his family, Trelor-Var embarked on a path that would shape his destiny as a Grazerite engineer within Starfleet.

Starfleet Career:

Trelor-Var's journey within Starfleet began in 2391 when he was accepted into the prestigious Starfleet Academy. His exceptional academic performance and natural talent for engineering quickly distinguished him among his peers. During his time at the Academy, Trelor-Var immersed himself in the study of advanced technologies, theoretical engineering concepts, and practical problem-solving.

After graduating in 2395, Trelor-Var was commissioned as an Officer with the rank of Ensign. He was assigned to the USS Aurora, a Federation starship dedicated to exploration and scientific research. Serving under the guidance of seasoned engineers, Trelor-Var gained practical experience in designing and implementing cutting-edge technologies, optimizing systems for peak performance, and contributing to the advancement of Starfleet's engineering capabilities.

Medical Notes

Despite Trelor-Var's overall good health, he carries a unique medical condition that he has dealt with throughout his life. He was diagnosed with a rare Grazerite-specific syndrome known as "Sensory Flux Disorder." This condition affects Trelor-Var's sensory perception, causing intermittent fluctuations in his ability to process sensory information accurately.

Sensory Flux Disorder manifests in various ways, including temporary episodes of heightened sensitivity to light, sound, or touch and occasional moments of dulled sensory perception. These fluctuations can disrupt Trelor-Var's concentration and make it challenging for him to navigate environments with extreme sensory stimuli, such as loud or crowded spaces.

While this condition is not life-threatening, it presents ongoing challenges for Trelor-Var in his endeavors. He has learned to manage the episodes through various coping mechanisms, such as using noise-canceling devices, taking short breaks in quieter environments, or relying on meditation techniques to restore his focus and equilibrium. Trelor-Var's experience with Sensory Flux Disorder has taught him resilience and adaptability, allowing him to navigate through adversity and find innovative solutions to overcome the obstacles it presents.
Service Record USS Aurora (2395-2398): Ensign, Engineering Officer

USS Pioneer (current): Lieutenant Junior Grade, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer