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Chief Petty Officer Jol Reena

Name Jol Reena

Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

PNPC By (H O'Rourke)
Nickname "Gunny"
Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78m (5' 10.5")
Weight 170lb
Hair Color Reddish Blonde
Eye Color Deep Blue


Father Jol Aron [DECEASED]
Mother Jol Shela [DECEASED]
Brother(s) Jol Kal [DECEASED]
Sister(s) Jol Tela [DECEASED]

Anahera Chernova (adopted sister)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses +Clever.


+Professional when on duty.


+ Caring.

-Can be stubborn.

-Curses in Klingon.

-Often over indulges in alcohol.

-Unlucky in love.
Hobbies & Interests *Enjoying her downtime; spending time with friends.

*Martial Arts


*Tinkering with machines/weapon systems.

Personal History Jol Reena was born on Cardassian occupied Bajor. She was the youngest child of Jol Aron and Jol Shela. When she was 6 she saw her father beaten to death for some perceived slight.

Four years later her mother and brother, Kal were taken to workcamp.
Her and her older sister, Tela never saw either of them again.
Her sister got a job at the local market during the day and studied to be a teacher at night. A few years later Tela, Reena's sister, met Anahera and the two became lovers.

One night while Anahera was off-world, Tela was attacked and killed by Cardassian soldiers. When she returned, Anahera took Reena on a mission of vengeance. The two women then left for Earth. When they arrived, Anahera traded her own liberty, so the Reena could get asylum.

When she was old enough, Reena joined Starfleet in order to leave the death and destruction behind. She became an Engineer to honour her (dead) father. She served on several ships, including a Klingon ship, where she learnt how to curse like one. Served with distinction during the Dominion War. Can be a 'little' gruff especially to new Engineering Cadets, which she believes are too full-of-themselves.
Service Record 2372 - Graduated boot camp and Engineering school.

2372 - Engineering Apprentice: USS Ångström

Promoted to Engineering Crewman

2373 - Engineering Crewman: USS Ångström

Promoted Engineering Specialist 3rd Class

2374 - Engineering Specialist 3rd Class: USS Bainbridge

Promoted Engineering Specialist 2nd Class

2375 - 2376 - Engineering Specialist 2nd Class: IKC Varchas

2376 - Left Starfleet when the Active part of her contract was up.

2385 - Returned to Starfleet at her same rank

2386 - 2389 - Engineering Specialist 2nd Class: USS Ark Royal

2389 - Engineering Specialist 2nd Class: USS Atlas

2390 - Retrained as a Tactical Specialist.

Promoted to Tactical Specialist 1st Class

2391 - 2396 - Tactical Specialist 1st Class 'Gunner's Mate': USS Endeavour

2396 - Promoted to Engineering Chief

2396 - Engineering Chief - Damage Control Specialist : USS Nightingale

2397 - Engineering Chief - Damage Control Specialist : USS Pioneer