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Lieutenant Junior Grade R'mes

Name R'mes

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft2in
Weight 180
Hair Color White with black spots
Eye Color Green
Physical Description On the taller side, with an athletic build. Fur similar to a Terran snow leopard with vibrant green eyes. Short hair.

On duty prefers standard duty uniform
Off duty more casual, opting for t shirts and shirts most days


Spouse None
Children None
Father M'reer of Cait (biological) Grerd th'Endlez (adoptive)
Mother Street (biological) Shares th'Endlez (adoptive)
Brother(s) Ltjg Reg Wren, USS Stockman

Personality & Traits

General Overview Strongly family oriented and loyal to them, whether they be blood or otherwise.
Bit of a snarky personality, prone to cracking the odd joke once in a while
Strengths & Weaknesses He considers his loyalty to be his greatest strength, that and his moral code. He strongly believes in "first do no harm." Also his language skills owing to his multicultural upbringing

Weaknesses include a certain lack of real world experience, owing to the fact he's only been on one assignment prior to his current posting
Ambitions Head of Starfleet medical someday
Hobbies & Interests Loves to learn new languages and converse that way. Has been known to hang out in the odd holosuite

Personal History Life started out rather normally for R'mes. Born on the homeworld to what would be considered a "middle class" family his earliest memories are of playing in the snow with his parents. They were a pair of semi retired starfleet officers who went on reserve status to recharge their batteries, as they put it.

Life was good, albeit slow. That was until shortly after R'mess' tenth birthday. That was the day a starfleet Commander beamed onto their doorstep. As it turned out his parents have been deployed to a ship bound for the Bajor sector, the USS Tidal. After a few minutes of packing the family set off.

R'mes went to the Tidals school, where he learned more standard. The family had been communicating in caitian up to this point, and the parents went to their jobs. This became the new routine.

A few months went by with nothing to report until an attack by a rogue Cardassian galor class. The ship was no match for the relatively undergunned excelsior class vessel and the Tidal began to take damage. His parents were assigned damage control to a hull breach on deck 11, where emergency forcefields unfortunately fell. Timing was bad as at that point starfleet backup was arriving just then.

After the battle R'mes found out. Naturally he was devastated. Having no family in the remote part of Cait wher he grew up he was sent to the federations child care system, where he was adopted by a nice Andorian family who were unable to have children of their own.

As expected it took a little while for R'mes to engage with his new family. But with a little help from his new "brother" a human boy named Reg the caitian slowly but surely started to come out of his shell. And it wasn't too long before the pair became fast friends. And through Reg, R'mes warmed up to his new parents. Going as far to learn the Andorian language to honor them.

Life went on like this for the next seven years until the kids left the nest to join starfleet. Reg went in for pilot training whilst R'mes went in for medical. He was delighted to hear that he was accepted into Starfleet medical academy, and was ready to take on the ch as lengthy commitment.

Getting by with a solid B average the caitian graduated and was posted to the Galaxy class USS Lowe as a junior MO before assignment to the USS pioneer
Service Record Starfleet Medical Academy
Graduated and Sent to USS Lowe as MO before being transferred to USS Pioneer