Commodore Thomas Rice

Name Thomas Daniel Rice

Position Sector Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tom is not a physically impressive man, by most human standards he appears short and frail. However his physical appearance he dwarfed by his personality. He carries himself with a very commanding presence.


Spouse Single
Father Charles Rice (D)
Mother Nancy Rice (D)
Brother(s) Captain Jacob Rice, USS Wrangell, Commanding Officer
Commander Matthew Rice, JAG Office, Earth
Sister(s) Lt Cmdr Taylor Rice-Davis, USS Washington, Executive Offcer
Other Family Ex-Wife: Brianna Zook-Rice, 45 USS Magellan Executive Officer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tom is a by the books Officer, he almost enjoys finding problems in other people. Tom has personally seen the end of many Officers, due to improper conduct in their jobs, and only seems to be going strong. Many Officers within Star Fleet consider Tom's arrival as an omen for bad luck.
Strengths & Weaknesses Thomas has strong engineering skills, he is a master at tearing things apart and rebuilding things. He's skilled at getting information out of people, even when they don't want to talk.

Weaknesses: Thomas has a very short temper, has a very hard time letting people into his life, keeps a profession distance.
Ambitions Tom really hasn't set any goals for his life, having accomplished several tasks already he feels that just surviving until retirement is a lofty goal. Secretly, Tom has always wanted a family but realzies that his own troubles and insecurities could make this almost impossible.
Hobbies & Interests One of Thomas's most treasured hobbies is his love of real food, something his mother instilled in him at a young age. Tom's mother was determined to ensure that all her children could cook, a trait Thomas continues today cooking whenever he can.

Personal History Thomas Rice was born December 9th, 2347 to Charles and Nancy Rice. The oldest in a family of six, Tom was a determined and spoiled kid who always seemed to get his way. Growing up in the heart of Willamette Valley wine country, Tom found a passion for food and favors. As a young child, he was known to follow his mother into the kitchen where he would assist her in prepping the family dinners. To this day, Tom is still passionate about his cooking and insists that a real working kitchen be installed in all his quarters, none of that replicated crap.

Life in the Rice family was normal to most, most who looked in would see a functioning family, complete with a mother and a father. However, life in Starfleet had taken its toll on Charles and Nancy. Both parents provided for their child but were truly unable to express true love and affection. For the Rice family, their place was to provide home, shelter, and food. Consequently, all the Rice children truly have had struggles forming long-term relationships with anyone. They all have been divorced and struggle with basic attachments, opting to live solo lives within their careers.

Realizing the need to get out of his home, and build his own life; Tom applied to Starfleet and was accepted in 2365, enrolled in the Federation’s Security track. Unknown at the time, Tom’s rebellion started a trend within the Rice household with all of his siblings eventually joining Starfleet. This is a bitter topic in the family, as Tom’s parents cut off all contact with their son. They blame him for the family following him in the uniform.

Life in the academy was pretty basic for the young Thomas Rice. Having grown up in a fairly rigid home, the Academy proved to be nothing Tom couldn’t handle. Excelling in areas of combat and Security, Tom found his niche in Investigations and Intel. On the opposite side of the coin, Tom struggled in areas of interpersonal relationships and forming long friendships. Tom opted to go it alone. While several were considered, his behavior was never something that caused alarm; many just considered him a loner. Someone determined in their career, instead of friendships.

Graduating in 2369, Tom’s first assignment was as a Third Shift Security Officer on the USS Valor. The Valor proved to be merely a stepping stone in his career, earning a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and a position as a Section Lead, before being transferred to the USS Wells in 2375. Taking over as the Assistant Chief of Security, the Wells was exactly what the Officer needed to grow in his career.

With the Dominion War ending in 2375, the Wells provided Rice with the opportunity to assist in the frontline clean up on the War’s after-effects. Rice served on the Wells, until 2379 when he was transferred to the USS Dayton as Executive Officer. Rice’s career was on track, while his service never saw any meaningful events, he was noticed as a dedicated Officer who demanded perfection from his staff. In 2385, Rice was offered a Command of the aging Galaxy Class, USS Wendover.

While Command of a starship was the goal of all Command level Officers, Tom found the command to be less than desirable. It wasn’t the day-to-day operations or supervising the staff, Tom found himself unable to relate in the Diplomatic areas. He believed in the cowboy diplomacy theory and then let those with more brass on their collar sort out the aftermath.

In 2392, Rice applied for and was accepted to a position in Star Fleet’s Office of Internal Affairs. During his career, he had gained a reputation as someone who could weed out the less than desirable Officers. His investigative abilities were on par with some of the best. Some even questioned if he enjoyed ruining careers, in the name of the Federation.

The year 2393 proved to be something of an oddity in the life of Thomas Rice. Having met Commander Brianna Zook, an Investigator within the Officer of Internal Affairs. Their romance was quick and fast, marrying within a year of their first meeting. However, Tom’s inability to form a real relationship had taken effect on their marriage. Tom filed for divorce in 2395 having learned that his wife had been seeing someone else for almost six months. The divorce left Tom humiliated that he had not seen his marriage falling apart, nor that his wife had been seeing a family friend for almost 5 months.

Communications in 2396, from Rear Admiral Harrington, changed Rice’s life forever. When Rice was temporarily put in command of the USS Nogurga, while on leave from the Office of Internal Affairs. The Nogura was the position that broke the Commodore. Having lost control of the Nogura’s crew and failing their mission, Rice was hauled back to Starbase 50 in disgrace. Having spent the better part of the last four years in Internal Affairs, Rice found no friends in his court-martial hearings.

Realizing the need to save a career, Admiral Harrington demoted Rice to Captain and assigned him as the Commanding Officer of Starbase 50. The position was widely considered to be a supervised role, where Admiral Harrington would be able to keep an eye on the disgraced Officer. While Tom protested the assignment, he realized that he didn’t have much choice. He knew that he would either need to make the best of it or move on. In a twist of fate, Rice's demoted was overturned and his previous rank of Commodore reinstated after Admiral Harrington was demoted in disgrace. After receiving his promotion to Commodore, again, Rice was given the position of Sector Commander over the Aquil area of space. Calling Starbase 50 home, Tom has learned a lot from the people there and works on furthering his career and expanding his personal life.
Service Record 2347 - Born
2347/2365 - Childhood
2365/2369 - Star Fleet Academy, Security Track
2369: graduated Academy, Commissioned as Ensign
2369: assigned USS Valor, Security Officer
2371: promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2373: assigned Section Lead, Night Watch, USS Valor
2375: assigned Assistant Chief of Security, USS Wells
2379: promoted to Lieutenant
2379: assigned Chief of Security, USS Wells
2382: assigned Executive Officer, USS Dayton
2385: assigned Commanding Officer, USS Wendover
2385: promoted to Captain
2392: promoted to Commodore
2392: assigned Star Fleet Office of Internal Affairs
2396: Demoted to Captain
2396: assigned Commanding Officer, Poseidon Station (SB50)
2396: Previous rank of Commodore reinstated and assigned Sector Commander.