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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lunara Hol

Name Lunara Hol

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Short in stature and with a slim build, Lunara is smaller than either of her previous hosts, a cause of annoyance to her. She stands at just 5'4" and weighs 120 lbs, with fair skin and brown eyes. Given her small build, she's not able to take blows very well, however this is compensated for with natural agility and reflexes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Yadan Imirea
Mother Nyma Imirea
Brother(s) Yizled Imirea, age 29, classical Trill musician, Tenaran Symphonic Band
Sister(s) Jinza Imirea, age 23, postgraduate botany student at the Bolian Institute of Natural Sciences

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ever cheerful, Lunara is the third host to the Hol symbiont. A bit ditzy at times, but very reliable. She has the same bright energy as her first host, Jalen, bordering on hyperactivity when she gets excited about something. She also inherited his intense curiosity, which causes her to come across as nosy at times. However, she also tends to act much more modestly and cautiously than either of her previous hosts. Perim Hol, the second host, had an extremely strong and indomitable spirit which Lunara tries to draw on. She developed a habit of crossing her arms over her abdomen after she was joined.
She’s normally bright, chipper, and compassionate, however she’s prone to bouts of melancholy and wistfulness when remembering the past and friends that are no longer with her. She inherited memories of close friends who often faced death together, then only to learn they've been dead for decades and she's never met them. Currently she's a bit distant, as she doesn't want to go through the pain of losing most of her close friends to old age again.

Perhaps fitting for a counselor, she can be driven by emotions, perhaps too much, as they can sometimes cloud her judgement. She can be a bit of a teasing flirt, a trait inherited from her first host, Jalen. However, she usually doesn't mean anything by it. She typically dresses in more "boyish" clothes, preferring shorts to skirts and shoes to heels.

Fully aware of what it's like to be on the other side of the counselor's desk, she tries to make regular checkups as painless as she can for other crewmembers. This is not to say she will rubber stamp her seal of approval on everything, but she certainly won't grill them more than she needs to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Lunara possesses superb agility, speed, and reflexes. Additionally, her joined nature allows her to draw from a wide range of experiences over two full lifetimes. She's typically fairly composed, but prone to rash decisions every now and then. Additionally, while her movement skills are good, her physical strength is lacking. She isn't particularly strong or staminal, and her small frame means she can't take blows very well. Additionally, her symbiont is a weak point, and any blow to her abdomen will leave her dazed at the very least.
She tends to be stuck in the past as well, and has a more casual 23rd century mindset when she probably shouldn't.
Ambitions Despite her best efforts, she secretly wants a bit of adventure to recapture the days on the Legacy.
Aside from that, she's still trying to figure that out herself. For now, she's hoping that will come naturally as she gets to know her new self.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys reading, especially the novels written by the hosts of the Zell symbiont. Has a potted plant she's quite fond of, and she's considering adopting a small pet for her quarters. She also enjoys tinkering with things every now and again. Secretly, she kind of wants to get back onstage and try her own hand at acting, perhaps in a crew play or something.

Personal History Born in 2370 to Yadan and Nyma Imirea, Lunara is the middle child of two other siblings. Her brother is a musician, and her sister is studying botany on Bolia. She lived a relatively normal life growing up. The community she called home was a small one on the main continent's northwestern coast, going by the name of Banzen Tav. Owing to the town's remoteness, she quickly became used to hard work. She was a compassionate child, if headstrong and reckless at times. Most of the kids on her street were boys, so she picked up many of their mannerisms while playing with them. At the age of 18, Lunara was accepted into the Betazed Institute of Psychology to study interspecies psychology. She was, of course, ecstatic to have been accepted into such a prestigious institution, however the thought of leaving home behind gave her pause. She had rarely gone off world as a young girl, and the thought of leaving home behind scared her. Nonetheless, she accepted the invitation and packed her bags for Betazed- though she still called back home regularly and visited as often as she could. While there, she was fascinated by the specialty courses on trauma and loss, as well as stress reactions. Additionally, she took several courses, originally designed for Betazoids born without empathic abilities, that trained her to pick up on subtle cues and microexpressions. She earned an advanced degree at 23, returning to Trill for a 1 year internship before becoming a certified counselor. Upon its completion and her certification she applied to the Symbiosis Commission. After a grueling selection process that lasted for two years, she just made the cut and joined with the young Hol symbiont. She had no intention of joining Starfleet before being joined, instead wanting to go back home to Trill to start her own practice in her hometown. However, once she was joined, she got Jalen's memories of all the maladjusted members of the Legacy. Her strong sense of compassion kicked in, and, determined to go where she felt she would be needed most, decided to go through Starfleet Officer Candidate School. She had no plans for what to do after the fact, and is still trying to figure it out today. She graduated OCS, was accepted into Starfleet and was assigned to an active duty exploratory vessel at her express request.

Past Hosts:
Jalen Hol: 2272-23XX

An engineer on the USS Legacy in the late 23rd century (2270s). As the Legacy was one of the more eventful ships, he saw many different adventures, including, among other things, an instance of time travel and encounters with multiple parallel universes. After an incident where he was captured by pirates, and his symbiont was forcefully removed, he developed an aversion to touch anywhere on his abdomen, and began crossing his arms over his chest to feel more secure. Due to his experiences with Starfleet Intelligence, another shadowy organization, and both of their morally grey actions, he developed a sense of distrust and disillusionment with the Federation, opposing Trill’s entry. He was a career officer, and earned many awards for his long service, including the Starfleet Medal of Commendation, First Contact Medal, Klingon Campaign Medal, and the Anti-Piracy Operations medal.

(OOC: One of my characters in a TOS movie era RPG)

Perim Hol: 23XX-2395
An actress. Starred in several successful movies, mostly action flicks. Also enjoyed theater, particularly Vulcan theater, although Lunara finds it incredibly boring. Also served as a technical advisor for films involving 23rd century Starfleet. Had a strong, indomitable spirit, which Lunara tries to draw on. Went on several USO tours during the Dominion War. Realized the necessity of the Federation in their defense against the Dominion.
Service Record 2396 - Graduated Starfleet OCS, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade on account of past host's service