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Ensign Eleanor Raine

Name Eleanor Raine

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 170cm
Weight 57.1 KG
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Eleanor keeps in shape and is both slender and toned. She is of average height for a female and can easily blend into a crowd, that said when she does dress to impress she is commanding, can hold respect and would certainly be noticed.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Arthur Raine
Mother Janet Raine
Brother(s) Jamie Raine (Deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eleanor has a soft, gentle well-spoken voice; she is excellent at reading people and situations, always trusting her gut, something which has never let her down. She is an excellent negotiator and knows how to get people to focus on her; she can command respect with both grace and style and is know to have made grown men quiver and cry. Eleanor can be fierce and passionate when needed, especially if it is a cause or issue, she firmly believes which stems from her time when she worked on the Romulan Refugee Project. Although being observant and an excellent negotiator, she is a private person, enjoying her own company and solace. Eleanor, in her spare time, enjoys reading and studying other races/species history, culture and languages. She also likes to stay physically fit and has a range of holodeck training programmes.
Strengths & Weaknesses Eleanor is a strong-willed individual and can often be stubborn at times; she is never afraid or ashamed to raise a concern or voice her opinion. She likes to think outside of the box and is always thinking several steps ahead.

One of her downsides is her passion, especially in causes or groups shes believes in, sometimes her opinion or view may go against the grain or the thoughts and beliefs of others, but that never dismayed her. Eleanor is a firm believer that everyone has a right to their opinion and beliefs even if they are unorthodox or not what others expect, something which has caused friction, some see her as a champion of others. In contrast, others see her as a trouble maker; either way, people rather love her or hate her. Nevertheless, other peoples perception of her does not concern her; at the end of the day, it is her moral compass and beliefs that guide her.
Ambitions To be the best diplomat she can be, to champion for the voices that are normally missed, to fight for the needs and rights of others.
Hobbies & Interests Eleanor has a keen interest in other cultures and languages, something which assists her as a diplomat. She also likes to keep in shape and has a wide range of holodeck training programs.

Personal History Eleanor always had the knack for helping people, even at a young age she was heavily involved with the Romulan Refugee Program and was a keen believer and advocate for the cause. However, it was a time when she also lost her older sibling Jamie who was killed when the Utopia Planitia Ship Yards were destroyed. This shook Eleanor, especially as the Federation then abandoned its plans to relocate the Romulans resulting in Admiral Picard resigning from Starfleet. Her world came crashing down, but instead of crumbling and giving it, it only drove her forward, even more, she believed in Picard and the resettlement and she firmly believed in the rights of everyone, even Synthetics. Therefore, she joined Starfleet and had a clear plan of where she wanted to be, the place she could utilise her voice and sway opinion, the Diplomatic Core.
Service Record 2384 – Volunteer Romulan Refugee Project
2385 – 2392 – Various Humanitarian Projects
2392 – Starfleet Academy
2396 – USS Pioneer, Diplomatic Advisor