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Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister

Name Ingrid Hollister

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 135 Lbs
Hair Color White and Purple in parts (Naturally Blonde)
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Ingrid's body draws stares, as a result, she has never been able to truly blend into her surroundings. Stunningly curvaceous and pretty, she possesses an appearance that sticks in the minds of most men she meets, leaving a lasting impression. Ingrid's body is toned and agile, a result of her martial arts training.

She stands 5 fleet, 7 inches, which ensures that she's only slightly shorter than most of the people around her. She is noted for her physical beauty almost as much as her skill at a helm and her notorious attitude. Her big hazel eyes seem to hide some secret simple truths of existence and have alot to do with the sense of presence she projects. Her white hair has highlights of purple in it and is always kept well-styled and short. She sports several tattoos on her body and considers her skin a canvas for visual art and emotional expression.

Her voice is smooth and sultry and adds to her attractive and mysterious allure.


Spouse Gardo Mekk (Ex-Husband - Deceased)
Father Frank Holt (Secret)
Mother Jenny Schmidt
Brother(s) Mark
Other Family Janine Holt (Adopted Mother)(Secret)
Captain Zachary Park (Father Figure)

Personality & Traits

General Overview The first thing one notices about Ingrid is her beautiful appearance; the second thing is her sharp attitude and unrelenting determination. A social butterfly as well as a strong-willed rebel, Ingrid is exactly what her life has made her. She has climbed from a crime-ridden upbringing to a life that supposedly upholds justice, though the convictions of the Federation are still difficult for her to truly internalize. Ingrid is a trained liar, but hopes, perhaps with considerable naivety, that one day the truth will be acceptable to the fellow officers she's come to love.

Despite a past that might suggest otherwise, Ingrid is fiercely loyal and an eager defender of those she considers "family". She often hides behind her casualness and apathy, a quality she would call "relaxed"; all of this hides her desperate need to feel as though she belongs.

Ingrid is a master of a martial art from her home planet, called "Uproar"
Strengths & Weaknesses [+] Charming
[+] Bold
[+] Original
[+] Practical
[+] Very Observant

[-] Easily Bored/ Constantly Seeks Excitement
[-] Very Sensitive and Vain
[-] Inconsistent sense of right and wrong
[-] Independent-Minded
[-] Aggressive and Blunt
Ambitions Above all, Ingrid seeks to escape from her old life. She has many secrets to keep and she is determined to do so.

Other than that, Ingrid longs for excitement, stimulation, and novelty and looks forward to experiencing as much of these things as she can while she is still young. She has no particular desire to be married or to have children.
Hobbies & Interests Ingrid was raised on Tiron, so its no surprise that her main hobbies are drinking, smoking, playing cards, and hanging with the boys. She is a woman who loves her sports as well, and spends much of her free time doing physical exercises and dancing. She enjoys the company of men as much as anyone, but her charm and stunning beauty allows her to attract attention most others cannot. Her love for travel and exploration is more than fulfilled in her military career.

Privately, Ingrid also enjoys playing piano and painting.

Personal History Born on Tiron Prime, a colony that liberated itself from the Federation, Starfleet was the last place anyone would have expected Ingrid to end up. Her father was Frank Holt, a prominent mob boss; her mother was a young waitress, impregnated by Frank during their first meeting at a local restaurant. Naturally, his wife was thrilled.

After Ingrid was born, her birth mother left her with her father and ran away. Raised by her father and adoptive mother, Ingrid became everything that her upbringing made her. Her father was a very wealthy man and her adoptive mother was his beautiful trophy. She grew up surrounded by mob-like figures at a time when the Nausicaans were desperate for unlawful allies on Tiron Prime. They didn't give her father or men like him any trouble; in fact, they gave them free reign, and they took advantage of it. After much wheeling, dealing, and killing Frank Holt became one of the three mobsters running Tiron through wealth, conquest, and murder in all but name. They had virtually every major business under their protection in some form and nearly every politician in their pockets, and it looked like no one could stop them.

Ingrid was more like a princess than her civilian status suggested and, as her father's only daughter, she could do no wrong. Though Ingrid remained curious about her father's business, he was determined to never let her take part. Instead, she watched her older brothers grow and become quite the gangsters. They were fiercely competent, and what's more, as ruthless as their father. She had always looked up to her brothers, something that would change as years went on.

A "proper Tironite lady in every respect" was what Ingrid was expected to be. She was to be clean, clever, strong, and sexy; these were traits she embodied with uncommon precision. She had a simple and delicately beautiful face, a perfect body, and long blonde hair. She was very naive and knew very little about how the world actually worked; she had always been sheltered from such things. Her coming of age was prompted during her late teen years when her father found himself in need of a strong business alliance.

When she was just 16, she was promised to Gardo Mekk, a Nausicaan merchant and businessman who had been working with her father. She resisted the marriage as hard as she could, but her father's word was as good as law. Not long after their marriage, the often cold Gardo began to treat Ingrid very unfairly. Having been treated like a princess her entire life, she was particularly unaccustomed to his abuse. She'd warned him that, even though she lived with him, her father wasn't far away and would do anything to protect his "little girl". These warnings worked at first, but as time went on, they began to lose their power and, more and more, Gardo began to lose his control. He would make a point of being rude to her in public and even went as far as threatening her with physical violence.

One night, during a particularly boisterous fight, Gardo slapped her in the face. She went down instantly and cried as he continued to beat her. Later on, after he had calmed himself and went to bed, a battered and bruised Ingrid Holt beat her husband to death with the leg of a chair. This show of deadly force would change her forever.

When Ingrid returned to her father, having inherited her ex-husband's fortune, she demanded to be made a part of the business. He resisted at first, but when she told him what the year of forced marriage had done to her, he felt he owed her what she was asking for. He took her on in a special role as his informal assistant of sorts. She took lessons in piloting, martial arts, and weapons for two years while she learned the business directly alongside her father Most of her work centered around finance and administration. During that time, the effects of the last year started to take shape. She changed her demeanor and appearance. She gained a strong rebellious streak, tattooing her body and dying her hair which upset her parents, but they dared not try to influence her after what they'd put her through.

After years of learning from her father, becoming more competent, deceptive, and dangerous as she went, she gained more authority. Her job centered mostly around undercover work. Her father insisted on her anonymity outside of the family, which allowed her to provide them with information and manipulate people as only a third party could. Very rarely did she break the law, and when she did,it was in subtle and nonviolent ways . She never took to the more violent realities of the family business and she realized that something within her remained resigned about the kind of work that they did. While she very rarely got her hands dirty, she saw her father and brothers do quite a bit of damage. Every incident seemed to distance her more and more from an organization she'd spent her whole life wanted to be a part of.

Her life changed suddenly, however, after a political crises that rocked her family's financial stability. The Governor of Tiron Prime had signed a decree that siphoned profit from one of their largest sectors.Her father and brothers were furious and, to be honest, so was she. Her suggested plan was that they threaten his life. Her father had decided, with very little thought, to kidnap the Governor's daughter instead. Though the entire plan made her sick, Ingrid ordered an associate to deliver an ultimatum to the Governor. When the Governor gave in to pressure and reversed the decree Frank ordered the little girl killed anyway to show what happened when the Holts were crossed. Outraged, Ingrid began to make preparations to leave her family, her homeworld, and her life behind.

Ingrid was alone and lost as she tried to decide what to do next. She had considerable wealth on her side and her anonymity left her safe from implication in any crimes she may have committed. Wanting to make a new start and move far away from her old life, she moved to Earth and began to call herself "Hollister" rather than "Holt". Contemplating her next steps, Ingrid lived for about a year on Earth without friends or family to speak of. She started to miss flying, so she got a job with a local shuttle service. This part of her life was marked by profound loneliness and existential crises.

Her ultimate answer came in the form of a recruitment officer from Starfleet. She'd never embodied Federation ideals, but she'd done enough research to know that Starfleet was the ideal place for her to serve a cause that might make up for her previous wrongdoings; her ultimate hope was that Federation convictions would grow in her and that one day she might even become who she was pretending to be. He recommended that she join the Academy and she reluctantly agreed; she hoped a sense of purpose would eventually come out of it.

Captain Zachary Park was the contact suggested to her. Since her homeworld was no longer a Federation Member-world, she would need a recommendation from a Starfleet Captain before she could join the academy. Over several months, Ingrid built a relationship with Park, paying him regular visits and getting to know him. Having told him that her parents were dead, Ingrid began to feel a sense of security in her newfound identity. Ingrid Hollister was much more like Ingrid Holt used to be when she was younger; when things were simple. Before her marriage and the things she'd seen. The more she embodied this new self, the easier it was to convince herself that she was actually telling the truth. Moreover, she rationalized that she'd never actually done anything wrong; she didn't steal and kill, she only empowered thieves and murderers; and when she'd realized what she was being used for, she'd left immediately. Whatever her crimes, she intended to make up for them in Starfleet.

The Captain grew close to her, and she considered him the closest thing she had to a father now that she'd left her family. All of her lies became truth around him and he opened up to her quite alot as well. It wasn't long before he presented her with his sponsorship letter and blessings to apply to the academy. Unashamedly overjoyed, Ingrid began the entrance exams. They weren't particularly easy for her but her education served her well enough in the end. Her marks were about as low as they could acceptably be, but she was accepted all the same. This was her chance to redeem herself.

Bright-eyed and hopeful about a chance to start over, and more than a little cocky, young Cadet Ingrid Hollister walked the halls of the Academy like she owned the place. Indeed, her upbringing taught her nothing if not how to take charge. Some might have even confused her following as a mini mob of sorts. Her ability as an officer was deniable though, because she seemed to have a warped view of morality and a somewhat stubborn demeanor. Her drill instructors tried to shout that out of her with relative success. The truth was that Ingrid was rapidly trying to understand the moral structure she was working under. Her upbringing had theft, murder, and mayhem programmed into her head as being normal. It was a difficult adjustment, but every day, she understood it better. She wasn't ready to adopt Federation ideals as her own, but she was getting better at pretending while she considered them.

She was more focused and determined than so many of her colleagues because her success was so important to her. She was an incredibly gifted pilot but she struggled more than most to grasp the complex concepts presented to her at the academy. Her professors admitted to liking her a great deal, but had concerns about her ability to develop an adequate understanding of the material. She studied harder and still received mediocre marks. She excelled, however, in her piloting skills, tactics, and in practical leadership. These were areas her life prepared her for. As a result, she was extremely well thought of; and thought of often.

Ingrid would often meet with Captain Park during her Academy years. Each time she met him, it became more and more apparent that it may not have been right that she was lying to him and everyone else about who she really was. She often pushed the thoughts out of her mind; it was far too late to tell the truth in her book. Besides, her career in Starfleet would make up for all that she had done.

During the summer after her third year, Ingrid was selected to serve as Chief Flight Control Officer aboard the Academy-run USS Ranger. This was a fantastic opportunity for her to show those who had entrusted her with this position of authority that she could behave as an effective officer. She had been asked, though there were those with better grades, because of the leadership she demonstrated with her peers. Many of those ambitious young students were not happy at her selection because they found her too aggressive and impulsive; the instructors disagreed. She demonstrated impressive leadership abilities and amazing prowess with flying. Many of the people who were "on her back" as it were, began to lay off.

Ingrid graduated the academy near the middle of her class but with stellar recommendations, having been Captain of the Academy flight team "War Party" and the mixed martial-arts team. She received specialties in Flight Operations and Logistics Management.

Full of feelings of achievement, Ensign Hollister entered service on Terris Prime as flight attache with the 4th Marines, Special Operations Unit. She was selected for this very rare opportunity on the recommendation of her academy instructors. In those days, Ingrid became so wrapped up in her new life, she hardly ever thought about the old one. She grew close to the uniformed officers around her whether they be Marines or Fleet. They grew attached to her as well, appreciating her casual attitude, loud social exclamations, and the simple way she seemed to look at life. More and more, she found her simply being herself, or at least her new-self, naturally. The lies were fewer and farther between.

At the start of a local conflict between two warring independent worlds, Ingrid was promoted to Lieutenant JG and selected to be the new Deputy Flight Attache. Her primary job was to pilot marine carriers and smaller craft. She spent lots of time shooting the breeze with her fellow servicemen and, when her fighting skills were discovered, she was even called in a few times to fight or fire a weapon.

After the end of the war, Ingrid was assigned as Chief Flight Control Officer on the Defiant class USS Fearless. Her senior officers were pleased with her performance and believed that she would be an excellent edition to the crew. It seemed that her questionable past was truly behind her and that she was closer than ever to being a model officer. She was very proud of this. Her past, however, began to catch up with her when her brother spotted her on Empok Nor. She was blackmailed into helping the family with a business deal during the Fearless's next mission, but the ship was destroyed before she could betray her crew.

Ingrid was one of the only survivors of the Fearless disaster, and she roamed in the vacuum of space in an escape pod for weeks. After being picked up by the Cardassian Union, she spent the better part of seven months in a Cardassian labor camp. Using guile and a stolen disruptor, Ingrid escaped on a Cardassian shuttle and evaded capture for 3 months. Eventually, she made her way back to Empok Nor without being recaptured.

After meeting with doctors, Ingrid was returned to service and given a position on the USS Pioneer.
-Accepted to Starfleet Academy

+Promoted to Cadet, 4th Class
-Worked in local repair shop for old cars

+Promoted to Cadet, 3rd Class

+Promoted to Cadet, 2nd Class

+Promoted to Cadet, 1st Class
-Graduated from Starfleet Academy


+Promoted to Ensign
-Assigned as Flight Attache

+Promoted to Lieutenant JG
-Assigned as Deputy Flight Attache

-Assigned as Chief Flight Control Officer
+Promoted to Lieutenant

-Assigned as Chief Flight Control Officer