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Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin

Name Ameri Skye Ó Flannagáin

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8 Feet
Weight 116
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Commander Quinn Bradon Ó Flannagáin
Children Enya Keely Ó Flannagáin, 9
Father Paul Jean Fitzgerald 64
Mother Heather Enya Fitzgerald (Deceased)
Brother(s) Timothy Fitzgerald 44
Aaron Fitzgerald 40
Sister(s) Gail Brie Fitzgerald 32
Other Family Father-In-Law: Agus Ó Flannagáin
Mother-In-Law: Denora Ó Flannagáin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ameri is a mother first, she will be the first to tell you. She is a Stellar Cartographer second. She is a fun loving and energetic woman, can be a bit outspoken.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Ameri is a very likeable and friendly person. She tends to keep to herself, but if approached she very approachable and likeable. She has a very eneregetic personality.

She is very dependable and takes responsibilities for her actions. She is cooperative and honest to fault. If you ask Ameri to do something, she will get it done.

Ameri is a compassionate person, and loves to help everyone. She loves to help out, when ever called upon to do so.


When Ameri annoyed, or falling a little behind, in her work. She can become very impatient and start to boss people around, to get the job done. Ameri is not a perfectionist, but she can not stand people that are lazy or not motivated to do their job.

Ameri can be a little stubborn about taking criticism. Especially when she knows she is correct. She is also stubborn when dealing with her patience. She becomes bossy because she wants the job done as soon as possible. She likes to effecient and practices time management on a regular basis.
Ambitions To be promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer.
Hobbies & Interests Interests:

Ameri has anatural love for Theater Productions, as a young child her mother use to take her brothers and sisters to shows. She carried this tradition. To remember her mother.

Ameri has a deep love and passion for health and fitness. Like her Husband, she loves to work out, and be physically fit. The family makes it a family day.

Ameri can appreciate the finer things in life and loves elegant dining also known as fine dining. She loves to get dressed up with her family, and have a nice meal. A lot of times, they have to do this in the holodeck.


Ameri loves to cook and not stand the replicator. She prefers cooking. During her ten year retirement, she always prepared meals for the family. One of her biggest regrets, was the fact that cooking took a back to her career. And she fears they will be replicating food more often.

Ameri does not mind a drink, now and then. She is Irish after all. She is not big into the social scene, but she does love to drink.

Most of the time, when Ameri is not working or taking care of the family, you will find her doing one of two things. She is either knitting or reading. Once in a while she loves to listen to classical music.

Personal History Childhood

Ameri Skye Fitzgerald was born on April 5th, 2359, and raised in Dublin, Ireland. By her parents, Paul Jean and Heather Fitzgerald. Together they had four children with Ameri being one of the middle Children. Ameri was always a little shy and stubborn growing up. She always seemed to be getting into bailing her big brothers out of trouble, and raising her little sister, after the death of their mother in 2371, during the Dominion War attack of Earth.

The death of their mother was hard on all four children. Ameri was only 12 years old when her mother died. For a couple of years, she withdrew from her classmates, and self wallowed. Thanks to some intervention from her siblings, and a couple of friends at school she bounced out of it.

Ameri was a good child growing up, never getting into trouble. She was always a helper, a follower, not a natural leader. She preferred to let her work speak for her. She completed her grade school and high school as an average student. She graduated towards the bottom of her class, she lacked the motivation to excel. But she did discover, she loved Stellar Cartography.


2378 - 2381: Ameri attended Starfleet Academy as stellar cartography specialist cadet in the Summer of 2378. She was very excited to be sponsored. Her brothers managed to pull some strings, to give her a shot. All four of the Fitzgerald children joined Starfleet. They wanted to honor their Mom, by joining the service, she gave her life for.

The first year of the academy was a real transition and a struggle for her. She first met Robbie O'Malley, an arrogant man and a womanizer, she thought. He did had a cute friend that she was interested in. That first year, of school, Robbie suggested that the three of stick together. He use to say things like, “Us Irish need to stick together.” She thought it was funny. And she knew he wanted to get down her pants. But she would not give him the time or day. She considered him to be more like a big brother. He reminded her of Timothy.

At the start of her freshman year, she let Robbie know, that she was not interested. He took the news well. And three of them remained friends, deep down she started to like Quinn Ó Flannagáin more than just a friend. Out of respect for Robbie, and her stubbornness, she resisted her feelings and kept their relationship as friends only. Ameri felt bad, but neither of them were taking the next step. But it started to become clear to everyone around them, that they liked each other.

By the middle of their sophomore year, Robbie had enough of the friction between Ameri and Quinn. He spent the next semester trying to get the two of them together. By Summer of 2380, Ameri and Quinn started to go on a few dates and by the fall of 2380, they were dating.

Ameri felt content, and her grades picked up slightly, she found happiness in her life. Dating Quinn made her feel alive. She graduated in 2381 and was 21st in her class. She was on the upper half of the class list. She was very pleased with her final ranking. Her final year at the academy, was very intense. There was a lot of test and simulations, they had to complete. Ameri and Quinn were assigned to the USS Freedom and working the Gamma Shift.


2381 - 2385:

Ameri was excited that Quinn, Robbie and her were all assigned to the USS Searcher in 2381. Ameri’s feelings for Quinn grew, and by winter of 2382 they were engaged to be married. Ameri, Robbie and Quinn remained good friends throughout it all.

Ameri and Quinn were married on December 5th, 2383. They got married a few months after the destruction of the USS Searcher, during the Omega Crisis of 2383. The Borg sadly took the life of their friend Robbie. It was a devastating setback for Quinn and Ameri.

She helped Quinn through the struggle, and the two of them married a couple months after the Borg attacked. (Omega Crisis of 2383)

The newly married couple was technically still assigned to the USS Searcher, however they took a short sabatical and went on an extended honeymoon. To help heal and recover from the loss of their friend.

February of 2384, Quinn and Ameri were assigned to the USS Chima, till June 2384, when the USS Chima, was destroyed. The couple started to wonder if the Federation was going to win the war. They had barely been on the Chima for three months, when the ship was destroyed. After the Omega Crisis of 2383, the Gilan Pirate Guild openly attacked the Federation in 2384, taking the USS Chima by surprise and destroying her, luckily Ameri and Quinn were able to make it to a life pod and escape.

June of 2384, Ameri and Quinn were assigned to the Okinawa, till her destruction in July of 2384. Quinn started to wonder if they were the harbingers of death, or was death trying to take them. Against all odds, he and Ameri managed to survive the destruction of three vessels. It appeared to the a standard normal situation for the Federation. Losing ships became a way of life.

July of 2884 Quinn and Ameri were assigned to the USS Polycom, till decommissioning in May 2385, when the war ended, and the pirates were defeated. The two were happy that the war was now over, but life was only becoming a challenge for both. They both suffered from PTSD. But they both did their best to fight through it.

2385 - 2391: With the war ending and the Polycom being decommissioned, Amer and Quinn found themselves displaced not sure what to do? For the past couple of years, all they could think about was surviving the war. And now they did. The transition for them was a struggle, at first they wanted to start a family, but they decided to hold off and give them some time to heal.

May of 2385, Ameri and Quinn were assigned to the USS Midway. They stayed on the USS Midway till 2390. It appeared their lives were back on track. Quinn and Ameri were both promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Quinn and Ameri, spent the next year trying to recoup from the Gilan war. On the USS Midway, the loving couple were assigned one quarters to share. They both did their best they could at their job. And Ameri watched Quinn be promoted to Assistant Chief of Security in 2386. Quinn and Ameri hoped that Robbie was proud of her husband.

Ameri’s career stagnated a little, she was still a Stellar Cartographer, Science Officer. She did not have the ambition to go out on away missions, like her husband, or seek rank advancement. She remained a junior officer while she watch Quinn being promoted to Chief of Security and given the rank of Lieutenant. She was proud of him, and she loved the fact he dedicated his promotion to Robbie.

However fate had other plans for the loving couple on November 11, 2385, Ameri gave birth to Enya Keely Ó Flannagáin. They couple were so happy to have Enya.

2385 - 2395: In 2385 Ameri had resigned her duties as Science Officer and gave birth to Enya Keely Ó Flannagáin. She wanted to be a full time mother. Quinn and Ameri transferred from the USS Midway to the USS Nantucket in December of 2390.

During the next ten years, Ameri’s main focus was raising Enya, but Quinn managed to talk Ameri into taking some training for the operations department. It was mainly because Quinn could see that she needed to get out of their quarters and have a break. This afforded the opportunities to arise for her to help out in both operations and science when needed. Over the course of the ten years, Ameri had finished full training in operations and found herself helping out more there than in science and she gained a love for the job.

2395 Ameri wanted to return to duty, and sadly the Nantucket did not have an opening for a full time Stellar Cartography, Science Officer, or Operations Officer so she asked Quinn to look at a transfer. She was hoping a change of scenery would be good for the family.

Ameri applied and was approved for the Stellar Cartography, Science Officer position on the USS Pioneer. She was happy to be given another chance in this field of work. Ameri was also grateful that Quinn had agreed to the transfer. She was also delighted to find that she would be working in operations if the need arose.

She knew he was taking a lot of slack from the captain, about turning down promotion to Starship Commander. She loved the fact he placed his family first, over his duty to Starfleet. She would do the same for him. But that does not mean, they do not want to serve. They just want to serve together and be a family.
Service Record 2395- Present
Assignment: USS Pioneer
Position: Stellar Cartography, Science Officer

2385 - 2395
Assignment: USS Nantucket
Position: Stellar Cartography Specialist (Retired)

2383 - 2385
Assignment: USS Freedom
Position: Stellar Cartography, Science Officer

2382 - 2383
Assignment: Starfleet Academy
Position: Stellar Cartography Specialist Cadet IV

2381 - 2382
Assignment: Starfleet Academy
Position:Stellar Cartography Specialist Cadet III

2379 - 2380
Assignment: Starfleet Academy
Position: Stellar Cartography Specialist Cadet II

2378 - 2379
Assignment: Starfleet Academy
Position: Stellar Cartography Specialist Cadet I