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Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin

Name Quinn Bradon Ó Flannagáin

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1 Feet
Weight 200 Pounds
Hair Color Fire Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Quinn Stands over six feet tall, being the Executive Officer, he takes great pride in his appearance. He loves to work out in the gym, and keep his body in reasonable shape. He works out for tonight not for muscle building. He has average body build with little body fat and no scars or tattoos.


Spouse Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Children Enya Keely Ó Flannagáin, 9
Father Agus Ó Flannagáin
Mother Denora Ó Flannagáin
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Father-In-Law: Paul Jean Fitzgerald
Mother-In-Law: Heather Enya Fitzgerald
Brother-In-Law: Timothy Fitzgerald
Brother-In-Law: Aaron Fitzgerald
Sister-In-Law: Gail Brie Fitzgerald

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quinn is fun loving but very dedicated officer. His fun loving spirit comes from his irish background. He is a devoted father, a loving husband for his family. He places them first, even over his own career.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Quinn is very approachable type of guy. He projects a level of calmness. He tends to have a cheerful spirit and is very cooperative. He loves to lead by example. For everyone who serves under him.

Quinn is a courteous man, he loves to help others at all times. He is often polite and listens to everyone's problem. Quinn learned to be courteous when he had a child.

Quinn is very dedicated and devoted in everything that he does. He is not a perfectionist. But he completes tasks, that he starts. In that manner, he is very diligent and punctual.

Quinn's personality is often seen as energetic and contagious laughter and smile on his face. He is very friendly. Quinn hopes that being energetic and friendly, that others will follow in his footsteps.


Quinn can be a little grumpy and lazy first thing in the morning. He needs a little kick to get him going. Luckily he has a strong wife and daughter to help him with that.

Quinn can be a little nosy, this has to do with his wanting to help everyone mentality. Sometimes he gets to drawn into the situation, and goes from empathetic to sympathetic.

Quinn is very picky about his fine spirits, that he loves to consume. For the sake of his young daughter, he keeps them stored in his ready room. But never drinks while on duty.

Quinn can be a little stubborn, about the safety of the ship, her crew and most importantly to her Captain. He believes its his duty to protect the Captain, even from the Captain.
Ambitions To be the best father and husband for his family.
Hobbies & Interests Hollow deck: Quinn likes to spend a lot of his free time on the holodeck, working on his personal inter relational skills. He finds it hard to bring up small talk. Part of him does not know what to say. He often fumbles through first encounters.

Gym: Working in the gym, mainly likes to tone his body, he tends to keep to himself and participates in the cardio workouts. Even though he is in a sea of people, he feels alone and tends to work out alone. Minding his own business, and completes his workout cycles. He enjoys running on the treadmill and the occasional racquetball game.

Musical shows: Quinn loves attending musical performances on a ship. Most of the time,he attends the show, he hates sitting with people not cause he wants to avoid them for social interaction. Most of the time they chatter way to much.

Quinn is interested in a lot of sports, liked water sports and racquetball. His favorite sport is rafting. He has been known to go rafting on the holodeck, but he prefers the real thing. Beyond water sports, he is also interested in the following; dancing, camping, hiking, swimming, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, and board games from the 21st century.

Personal History Childhood:

Quinn was born August 2, 2361 to Agus and Denora Ó Flannagáin. He came from a proud family of irish farmers. However his father was the first Ó Flannagáin not continue with the family farm.

He joined Starfleet. Quinn loved his father, but he was never home. And he hated that as a child, and as a child he told himself, if he ever had a family. He would place them first. He felt like he missed so much from his father because of Starfleet.

Quinn was raised by his mother Denora, he was the only child, mainly because his father was in deep space, and the few times he was home, they never had another child. Which made Quinn sad, but he had no problem making friends at school.

His best from grade school all the way up to high school was a young man named Robbie O’Mallary. They both joined Starfleet in 2388, straight out of high school. The two friends were inseparable, and Robbie was responsible for Quinn meeting Ameri.


2378 - 2381: Robbie O’Mallary and Quinn Ó Flannagáin joined Starfleet Academy and both went into the Security and Tactical Operations courses. The two of them joked about getting number one in their class. The two of the barely took their courses seriously. But when neither of them placed in the top ten their freshman year, they both had to swallow their pride, and decided to take the academy more serious.

By the end of the sophomore year, Robbie placed first and Quinn placed 4rth. And Quinn was a little jealous, but he tried to happy for his friend. By end of the summer, Quinn doubled down and focused even harder, while Robbie ended up meeting a girl. And his attention was a little distracted.

As the junior year started, Robbie started to date a science cadet. However his new girlfriend would not allow him to slack, he was able to keep first in class status, while Quinn only became third in class.

Quinn graduated in 2381 third in his class while his best friend graduated first in his class. The final year at the academy, was very intense. There was a lot of test and simulations, they had to complete. They both got through the academy, and were assigned to the USS Freedom as Security Officers, working Gamma Shift.


2383 - 2385: The newly married couple was assigned to the USS Searcher, in 2383. Ameri and Quinn immediately took to their new assignment. Quinn was placed on the day shift, and Ameri began to teach on the Searcher. They spent the next few months on the USS Searcher, till her destruction in February of 2384. Again Ameri and Quinn managed to cheat death.

February of 2384, Quinn and Ameri were assigned to the USS Chima, till June 2384, when the USS Chima, was destroyed. The couple started to wonder if the Federation was going to win the war. They had barely been on the Chima for three months, when the ship was destroyed .

June of 2384, Ameri and Quinn were assigned to the Okinawa, till her destruction in July of 2384. Quinn started to wonder if they were the harbingers of death, or was death trying to take them. Against all odds, he and Ameri managed to survive the destruction of three vessels. It appeared to the a standard normal situation for the Federation. Losing ships became a way of life.

July of 2884 Quinn and Ameri were assigned to the USS Polycom, till decommissioning in May 2385, when the war ended. The two were happy that the war was now over, but life was only becoming a challenge for both. They both suffered from PTSD. But they both did their best to fight through it.

2385 - 2391: With the war ending and the Polycom being decommissioned, Quinn found himself displaced not sure what to do? For the past couple of years, all he could think about was surviving the war. And now he did. Not once did he think about, what to do after they won the war. Transitioning from war to peace time, was a hard transition for him.

May of 2385, Ameri and Quinn were assigned to the USS Midway. They stayed on the USS Midway till 2381. It appeared their lives were back on track. Quinn and Ameri were both promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Quinn and Ameri, spent the next year trying to recoup from the Gilan war. On the USS Midway, the loving couple were assigned one quarters to share. They both did their best they could at their job. Life was starting to return to normal, and Ameri and Quinn started to talk about having a child. It took them three years to have Enya Keely Flannagáin.

November 11, 2385, Enya Keely Ó Flannagáin was born to Ameri and Quinn Ó Flannagáin. They couple were so happy to have Enya, but during the pregnancy. They learned that the war did take a piece of them, during the war Ameri was hurt on more than one occasion, and had a lot of internal injuries, that were not really looked at during the war. They created complications during her pregnancy.

The chief medical officer of the USS Midway, strongly suggested Ameri and Quinn not have any more kids. Ameri was considered a high risk pregnancy. It was a devastating blow to the couple but they go through it. Somehow, none of the events affect Quinn’s performance, he was promoted to Second Officer of the USS Midway.

2390 - 2395: Quinn was offered a promotion to first officer of the USS Nantucket. This was the second offer that Starfleet had given to Quinn, for all his hard work and dedication. His father Agus was so proud of him. His father retired out of Starfleet, after the war as a Lieutenant Commander and Security Chief.

His son had surpassed him. And he was proud. Ameri was also proud of Quinn, sadly the USS Nantucket did not need a Education Director, she took a break from Starfleet, to raise their daughter on the USS Nantucket.

In 2395 Ameri returned to her position, as Stellar Cartographer. A position came open, and she took it. Since she was returning to work, the family did not want to be separated, and there was an opening for first officer on the USS Pioneer, and his application for transfer was approved.

The past 10 years were really great for him. He was not sure if he would able to continue with starfleet after the death of Robbie. Then again after the war the Gilan. It was his family that pulled him through. Quinn loved being the first officer of the USS Nantucket, but he loved his wife more, and his daughter.

Relationship with Ameri Flannagáin:

Overview: Ameri and Quinn met on the USS Freedom, and started court shortly after meeting each other. The two were .

Quinn married Ameri on December 5th, 2383, when things looked the gloomy, and the Federation appeared to be losing the war against the Borg, during the Omega Crisis of 2383. Quinn found a reason to live for when he married his wife, he promised himself, that this was war was not going to take his life.

By 2390, Ameri and Quinn gave birth to their only child on 11/11/2380. They welcomed little Enya Keely Flannagáin into the world.

The Story: Ameri was a Stellar Cartographer on the USS Freedom, and by chance she happened to meet Quinn. First she thought he was a little rough on the edges. The two struck up a conversation, and from that day Quinn made it a point to Ameri when ever he could. Finally his patience paid off and Ameri and Quinn went on a date.

From the first date, they were inseparable. The next two years were incredible, full of adventure, love and happiness. The universe seemed right, and nothing could go wrong. But all of that changed in 2383.

By 2383, the two had started to talk about marriage, and having family down the road. Then the Borg attacked and the USS Freedom was destroyed. Luckily Ameri and Quinn survived the destruction. And fearing they would be separated, Ameri agreed to elope with Quinn, they pushed up their wedding.

There family on Earth scrambled to put together a wedding. The families did not want the two love birds eloping. They were married on December 5, 2383. And from that moment on, they had some wiggle room, if Starfleet tried to separate them. They managed to survive the war, even after losing five starships, they managed to survive.

On November 11, 2390 Ameri gave birth to Enya Keely Ó Flannagáin, but due to complications during the pregnancy. They were told it was nice wise to get pregnant. Ameri was sad by the news, she wanted a big family. After giving birth to their daughter, Ameri resigned from Starfleet, to raise their daughter.

In 2391 an opportunity arose for Quinn to be promoted to first officer of the USS Melbourne, which he turned down. Since they would not allow him to take his family. Later that year the USS Nantucket needed a new first officer, and they accepted him and his family, on the old galaxy class starship. For the next eight years they lived on the Nantucket, without incident.

By 2395 Starfleet Command offered him command of the USS Britannia. Which again he turned down, because the ship was a small patrol vessels, with no families. Quinn made a promise to put his family first, before his career. So after the decommissioning of the USS Nantucket, Quinn requested reassignment.

Service Record 2395- Present
Assignment: USS Pioneer
Position: Executive Officer

2391 - 2395
Assignment: USS Nantucket
Position: Executive Officer

2387 - 2391
Assignment: USS Midway
Position: Second Officer, Chief of Security

2385 - 2387
Assignment: USS Midway
Position: Chief of Security

2383 - 2384
Assignment: USS Freedom
Position: Security Officer

2382 - 2383
Assignment: Starfleet Academy
Position: Security & Tactical Operations Cadet IV

2381 - 2382
Assignment: Starfleet Academy
Position: Security & Tactical Operations Cadet III

2379 - 2380
Assignment: Starfleet Academy
Position: Security & Tactical Operations Cadet II

2378 - 2379
Assignment: Starfleet Academy
Position: Security & Tactical Operations Cadet I