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Fleet Admiral Andrew "Chaos" Moore

Name Andrew "Chaos" Moore

Rank Fleet Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 176 Lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Moore has an athletic build and keeps himself physically fit. He lets his hair grow out, keeping it just inside regulation, and keeps a mustache. He has a tattoo of a skull with a dagger through it that says "never quite" under on his bicep, the logo and motto of an advanced tactical team he served on.


Asuka (Deceesed)
Children None
Mary (Deceesed)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Moore does not discuss his past, in part due to the line of work he chose on enlistment and in part because he does not want anyone to know the details of his childhood. He uses humor to change the subject and generally hides behind it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Loyal

- Reckless
- Presents himself as a loner
Ambitions His ambition on enlisting was to be the Master Chief of Starfleet. Since the death of his wife his only ambition seems to be to self destruct.
Hobbies & Interests Drinking, shooting and working out

Personal History Andrew Moore was born in Dallas Texas on Earth to a civilian engineer and a homemaker mother. Moore lived on a ranch where he would help take care of the animals and learned to ride horses. The family seemed perfect on the outside, however, on the inside his mother was suffering from manic depression. His father did not know how to address or help deal with it so he ignored it. When Andrew was 14 this led to his mother committing suicide with a phaser set to high stun and pressed against her temple.

After her death Moores father spun out of control, spending his time either in bars or drinking. This led to a few different situations. First, his father fell in with an Earth first group, who believe all alien races should be shipped off planet and Earth should close it's boarders. More and more often Andrew was bailing his father out of jail or pulling him out of bars. If his father wasn't inn a bar drinking he'd come home from work and start. The ranch fell into disrepair and ended up covered by broken down shuttles and vintage, rusted out vehicles.

The drinking also led more and more to violence, his father blaming him for his mothers depression and subsequent suicide. Moores father took his anger out on the teen on a regular basis until one night it escalated to the man beating Andrew and not stopping. Andrews friend Joe had been there before Moores father got home and rushed out as the man entered. He heard the commotion and reentered the house to find father beating son without pulling punches. Afraid for his friends life Joe grabbed one of the elder Moores antique rifles and shot the man in the back of the head, coming out the side of his face.

Joe was arrested and Andrews father was rushed to a medical facility. Andrew, meanwhile, entered the foster system and was there until he turned 18. After his father recovered the man was arrested for attempted murder and child abuse then sentenced to life in prison. Andrew keeps all of this to himself, never discussing his past nor his family.

When Andrew turned 18 he joined Starfleet as an enlisted advanced tactical officer, Starfleets tier one teams akin to old Earth military US Navy SEALs. He specialized as a sniper and made a name for himself in the later days of the Dominion war then in highly classified operations for Starfleet Intelligence. Not long after joining Starfleet he met Asuka, a civilian teacher on a colony world he'd been stationed on.

The two hit it off almost immediately and had a short courtship before being married. Andrew decided after getting married the type of work he did required to many lies to his new wife and, not wanting to be like his father, he transferred to Starfleet security for a quieter life. He loved the work, quickly making it to Chief Petty Officer and getting trained in investigations, negotiation and spending time as both a special tactical team SNCO in security and investigations officer.

Andrew felt like he had a dream life until he started investigating the Black Sun cartel. The Black Suns had moved in on the border colony Moore and his wife were stationed on. They brought in not only credits and latinum, but also blackmailed high ranking colony official and murdered anyone who they could not control. Andrew didn't let that deter him, having faced much worse in special services, and started taking down drug houses, prostitution massage parlors and more. This ended up putting a target not on him but on his wife.

Asuka was taking a hopper to a medical facility after having been sick for a few days. The hopper was nearly to the facility when it exploded, killing not only Asuka but his unborn child as well. The deaths and finding out Asuka was pregnant only after the death devastated Andrew. He began binge drinking and was shuffled from assignment to assignment and ordered to see a counselor on a regular basis. With his training he did one better and transferred to the counseling department as a Behavioral Health Technician, his way of thumbing his nose at his superiors orders. Every counselor he saw gave up and passed him on to the next due to his closed off nature and ability to turn sessions back onto the counselors.

Finally Starfleet decided a deep space assignment would prove a more useful place for Andrew and assigned him to the USS Pioneer as his final chance to pull himself out of his self hatred and guilt before he was discharged from Starfleet
Service Record SD 237609.07 - Starfleet Academy - 2 year enlisted program, advanced tactical and combat specialty
SD 237806.15 - 3rd Advanced Tactical Team, Decal Colony - sniper/counter intelligence

All Records from this point Classified Above Top Secret

SD 237910.29 - Assigned Starfleet intelligence - Operation Cerberus
SD 238003.01 - Starfleet intelligence - Operation Colossus
SD 238204.30 - Starfleet intelligence - Operation Rogue Warrior
SD 248212.24 - Starfleet intelligence - Operation 4 Lights
SD 248406.22 - Starfleet intelligence - Operation Wisdom
SD 248909.20 - Starfleet intelligence - Operation True Way

End Classified Record

SD249103.01 - Transfer Starfleet Security - Special Tactical Response Unit, Sniper
SD 249303.22 - Ronal Colony - Special Tactical Response Unit, Negotiator
SD 239312.25 -Ronal Colony - Investigations Officer
SD 239407.12 - Starfleet Command - Behavioral Health Technician
SD 239505.03 - USS Pioneer - Behavioral Health Technician
SD 2396 - USS Pioneer - Behavioral Health Technician/Senior Chief of the Boat
SD 2396 - USS Pioneer - Senior Chief of the Boat