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Lieutenant Elloma Essu

Name Elloma Essu

Rank Lieutenant


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Kriosian
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 116
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Physical Description: Elloma is average height for a kriosian female, at a weight of 116 pounds she on the slender build, during working hours she keeps her long curly blond hair in a bun. She has spots going from her temples on her forward, down her cheeks and hald way down to the back spinal cord area. She has no other scars or tatoo’s.


Spouse Single
Children NA
Father Sigak Essu
Mother Elae Essu
Brother(s) Awrim Essu
Sister(s) Nassie Essu
Other Family NA

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elloma has been a free spirit, growing up as a noble, she would often join the social circles and night life, but she always found the parties to be dull and missing excitement, until she joined Starfleet. She learned she liked the diversity and cultures of the Federation.

Elloma feels the constant struggle to prove she is not a rich kid, trying to prove her parents wrong. She believes in the ideals and the dream of the federation, and she really enjoys the brotherhood and bond that Starfleet has towards its own. She wants to be a part of something bigger than herself, and help do her part.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Elloma is a creative and caring person, with a lot of enthusiasm. Traits that goes well with her free spirit. She is very trusting and a little naive at times. She tends to believe everyone at face value, she likes to believe all people can be trustworthy. She completed Starfleet academy, but some of professors were a little concerned on how sheltered her life was on her homeworld.

She is a strong willed woman in the point. She very determined, once she has decided on a course of action, she will see that course of action through, despite anyone who tries to intervene. Typically she gets along with most people. She never holds a grudge or allows things to bother her. She is very patient.

Elloma is very dedicated to her friends and respectful to all. She loves to meet new races, part of the reason she wanted to serve as a security officer. At first she thought about serving in the diplomatic corps, but she realized that was her families goal for her, not her own. She wants to find her own way. So she decided best way to help Starfleet, was to join.


Elloma is likes to meet new people but tries to avoid confrontations at all cost, she hates seeing others suffering because of her. She is a little naive and can sometimes miss read body signs from other cultures, a trait she is trying to work on.

When Elloma gets nervous, she can talk too much and try to use humor to break out of awkward situations, sometimes this makes situations worse for her.

Elloma struggles with offering others with any type of criticism, she would prefer to try to help the person to change to see the world the way she does, versus trying to offer positive criticism to an unfavorable situation for her.
Ambitions To become a starship Captain is her overall goal, but at the moment, she would love to become a department head on a starship or a starbase.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to powerboard and using jetpacks.

Personal History Elloma has always felt like everything was handed to her, due to her upbringing on her homeworld, she decided she wanted to be in the service of others, and help make a difference. Against her parents’ wishes she enlisted into Starfleet. She was considered a noble and only commoners joined Starfleet, her family wanted her to join the senate within the Federation.

Elloma was born on May 25, 2373 to Sigak and Elae Essu. She was born as noble and attended a private charted school, and was been breed to serve in the federation senate like her father and siblings. Her mother was a stay at home mother. She decided at the age of 15, she did not want to become a politician.

2387, at the age of 15 she decided based on what was transpiring in her local senate on Krios. Even after freedom was established on the home world, she noticed certain political members started to express interest that the Federation was to soft and weak and a more aggressive approach was needed.

The treaty signed for over 20 years (2367), was now in jeopardy. A civil war appeared to be on the horizon, when a deal was struck, to rebuild the Kriosian Fleet. A band aid was placed on the issue, instead of being resolved.

Elloma could tell that her people learned nothing from the treaty. And she could not understand why politician's with power, were pursuing more aggressive stance, then she remembered. The Klingon Empire, is a race of conquering warriors. In some ways her father was in support of the decision to build a fleet to protect the home world was face, for building an invasion force.

By 2389, the Federation was able to talk to the Krios Senate and convinced them to limit the production of starships, and offered to place more federation ships in patrols near the planet. A couple of senators resigned, but this one action re affirmed Elloma's faith in the abilities of the Federation.

Elloma tried to convince her family to allow her to join the delayed entry program with Starfleet. Her parents refused, and demanded that she join the Kriosian Senate or the Federation Senate. No noble woman, would serve in a commoners role. Her father Sigak, was strongly against her joining starfleet.

Elloma resented her mother and father decision, it only fueled her to do better in school and try to get into starfleet without their support.

May 2390 Elloma graduated from School, her parents tried to push her into the diplomatic corps for the Kriosian Government. She was to learn about diplomatic courtesy and protocols, but before she was going to be placed into the corps, she told her family she was leaving for Starfleet Academy. She was sponsored by Nikomis Diza.

Sigak was furious and disowned his daughter, stating if she chose to live with the commoners, she would be treated as one. And she was bringing dishonor to their family name, and to their position of nobility.

Elloma left Krios Prime, with nothing. She made her way to Earth and enrolled in Starfleet Academy in May of 2390, she had to wait almost a month for the new class of cadets to start. Being alone was a strange feeling for her, she had to learn to take care of herself. No more servants, shopping sprees, or political niceties that her family name gave her.

From June 2390 through 2394, she enrolled and completed Starfleet Academy. She began her studies in tactical and security operations. At first she had thought about enlisting the diplomatic corps, but shot down he idea to security tactical and security operations. She graduated the Academy on May 10, and by the 19th of May, she was given first assignment.

Elloma was given a crash course in reality. She learned fast that most races had removed nobel houses, especially on Earth. There was no form currency. She learned how to clean, how to cook, how to use and repair the replicator. How to take care of herself.

Four the next four years, she tried to send communication to her family, but for over four years, her calls went unanswered. It was clear that her father intention's were being carried out.

Relationship with Sigak Essu (Father)

Elloma and Sigak had always been estranged, she was a happy free-willed child, that refused to see things her fathers way. Her free-will personality only upset him. He tried really hard to get her to see, that nobles were better than everyone else, and not expandable like commoners.

The final straw for him was in 2389 when his daughter decided she was going to join Starfleet without his blessing. This created a rift between them, and in 2390 he disowned her, telling her never to return.

Relationship with Elae Essu (Mother)

Elloma never really had a relationship with her mother, she was always on the go, preparing the house, cooking the meals, cleaning the house, running er-rounds for Sigak. She married their father, to gain nobility status, they were middle class commoners, that went through the proper channels, to earn noble status for their family.

Her marriage to Sigak was arranged, which made no sense to Elloma. Why would anyone agree to get married for the sake of nobility, she wondered?

Elloma had learned about other races, and the forced marriages being barbaric, it abolished with most civilized races within the federation, so why did they still have it?

Elloma resented her mom as much as she did her father. Her mom never made time for her, it was clear to Elloma, that all her mom cared about was getting her family name placed in a nobility status. Elloma felt sorry for her.

Relationship with Awrim Essu (Brother)

Awrim was four years older than Elloma, he is currently serving the Federation Senate as a representative to the Kriosian Government, last she had heard, he was an attache.

They were never very close, he was older and looked at her like she was a three year old child, that never grew up. Elloma could not understand why he sucked up to their father, and why he could not have a mind of his own?

She firmly believed that he was a puppet, a shadow copy of their father. Elloma wondered how he would react someday if he ever outranked his father in the political courts, or how he would do once their parents passed away.

Like Elloma, he was also not close to their mom. But he treated her like a second class citizen, a skill he learned from their father. She was not very fond of her older brother.

Relationship with Nassie Essu (Sister)

Nassie is two years younger than Elloma, growing up she remained quiet, trying to stay out of trouble. It was not until Elloma and Awrim moved out of the house, did she even begin to open up. Her father was surprised by Nassie, like Elloma, she too decided to join Starfleet.

Here father was not very pleased and disowned her. Nassie blamed Elloma's for her fathers actions. She was upset that her father would treat her so poorly. She believed in the ideals of the federation and she knew how corrupt the Kriosian Government was, they needed more people to serve a greater good, if they were ever going to get the Kriosian upper class to change their ways.
Service Record 2394
-Promoted to Ensign, Assigned to USS Pioneer, Assistant Chief of Security

2393 - 2394
- 4rth Year Cadet, Security/Tactical Operations

2392 - 2393
- 3rd Year Cadet, Security/Tactical Operations

2391 - 2392
- 2nd Year Cadet, Security/Tactical Operations

2390 - 2391
- 1st Year Cadet, Security/Tactical Operations