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The Crew Makes the CO - Episode 1 Wrap Up

Posted on Tue May 22nd, 2018 @ 2:41am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke

With the close of Episode 1 - The Enemy Within I reflect upon the mission and all that was accomplished. We did it, we told a great story and set the stage for what the Pioneer is about. As the CO I am immensely grateful to have you all as a team of creative wonderful writers. A group that takes the fledgling, sometimes outlandish ideas and turns them into a tangible story, and world. I cannot express my gratitude enough, nor can I give you enough thanks. Just know that I am thankful and proud to call you all my crew and friends.

But that is enough of the gushing on to the fun stuff. With the close of the episode comes the accolades for all of your hard work. So without any gilding the lily and no further ado I give you the rewards.

First your hard work and exceptional writing paid off. For April we won the Gold Unit of Merit Award. This is something to be cherished by all of you because it means that you have shown what you can do. Also, that you have caused our ship to be pushed to the front of the Task Force. So excellent work I am truly honored and humbled that we got that award. So thanks....

Next promotions - I have seen a few of you grow by leaps and bounds during this mission and some have merited promotion. I will start with the top down.

Richard Ballston MD - Since joining the Pioneer Dr Ballston has added not only to the main plot, but he has added to the overall world of the Pioneer. With the race of Azzians and the exploration of who he is. For this unique and special addition I hereby promote him to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all of the rights and privileges therein. Furthermore I grant him the position of Second Officer, welcome to the command structure Doctor I know you will do great.

Amelia Zano PsyD - When the Counselor joined the Pioneer I told them that I may not have use for a Counselor but I would tap them as a Diplomat. The response I got was let's do it. The post where Amelia chats with Garak was a pleasure to write and a pleasure to read. She also has contributed to our community by giving the crew a place to unwind in the creation of After 11 and the NPC Chloe. For contributions to the sim and to the crew at large I hereby promote Amelia Zano to the rank of Lieutenant with all of the rights and privileges therein.

Heidy Dilucca - If I am totally honest Heidy got off on the wrong foot here on the Pioneer. After joining they disappeared and came precariously close to been removed from the SIM. However, in the last hour they approached me and we chatted and they remained. Since her return she has hit the ground running with a lot of posts exploring what the enlisted can do, how they feel and even in some cases keeping officers in check. I look forward to seeing her grow more on the Pioneer. I hereby promote Heidy DiLucca to the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class with all of the rights and privileges therein.

Cornelius Tremble - Our Marine Detachment has gone through a lot this mission. A lot has changed however, the one constant has been Cornelius Tremble. He has remained constant behind the scenes offering advice and pushing Marine posts. After a long conversation with Tremble I heard the ideas that they have for the Marine Detachment and they excited not just me but the XO as well. It is for this and a lot more that I promote him into the officer ranks with the rank of Second Lieutenant. Furthermore I grant him the command of the Marine Unit on the Pioneer by bestowing upon him the position of Marine Commanding Officer. He gains these with all of the rights and privileges therein.

And now ladies and gentlemen for the awards there are quite a lot so please bear with me.

Lieutenant Amelia Zano Crew's Choice Award - "Amelia is fun to write with and she portrays a medical person with little hands on experience quite well."
-Lieutenant Commander Richard Ballston-

"Our post regarding the nightmare she had IC. It made me think. And it turned into an amazing story."
-Lieutenant Larim Myles-

"For her work in the bar and her open personality! Also for adding to the community in the Discord."
-Petty Officer 1st Class Jennifer Masters-

Lieutenant Commander Darf Krackden Captain's Personal Merit Award - "Darf get's the award for this mission. This mission taxed me to the point where I was ready to end the mission and start something new. But there was Darf pushing me, giving me ideas and new approaches to keep things going. He is one hell of a Number One. After going through two XOs I cannot rave enough about finding one that can deal with my quirks. In short you are being tied to that XO's chair you can never leave. Thank you for your help and support."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Lieutenant Hermia O'Rourke MD Executive Officer's Merit Award - "This award goes to Hermia for their combined play of a Marine Corpsmen and their new PC that will be coming on in the form of Lieutenant Hermia O'Rourke. The reason for the Merit award is because of the their ability to constantly have quality tags that help move the stories along as well as the ability to hold the readers engagement. I have had the chance to write a few times with them and really enjoy the experience."
-Lieutenant Commander Darf Krackden-

Lieutenant Amelia Zano PsyD Library Excellence Ribbon - "The Counselor's posts are always a joy to read, including posts written with the NPCs. The transitions between writers are smooth and unnoticeable. Truly great work, I am over the moon to have this writer aboard this ship."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Ensign Elloma Essu Meritorious Newcomer Award - "For jumping right into a JP right out of the gate and pushing us all to raise the bar in the short time that they have been here."
-Lieutenant Larim Myles-

"Ensign Essu continues to raise the bar with every post and every idea. I am proud to have the Ensign on my crew and among my team of writers. They have inspired me to explore sides of the Captain that I never thought about. For these reasons they more than deserving of this award."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Lieutenant Amelia Zano PsyD Non-Player Character Award - "Awarded for the creation and portrayal of Chloe de la Vega. The bartender moved in and hit ship running. A fast favorite of most if not all of the crew. I always look forward to reading what she will be up to next."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

"A lively character with a great personality, which prompt some great reactions and situations, Ideal to be running the lounge of a starship, hints of an intriguing back story as well, hope to see more of."
-Petty Officer 2nd Class Heidy DiLucca-

Lieutenant Commander Richard Ballston MD Whoopi Goldberg Diversity Ribbon - "This award is given with great pleasure to the good doctor. He not only created the race of Azzians and wrote the entire Wiki for them so other players can learn about them. He constantly creates posts where he is exploring more about this race and their interactions with others. I am overjoyed to have him and this unique race on my ship. Thank you Doctor Ballston for this addition to the 'verse."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Lieutenant Commander Darf Krackden Outstanding Volunteer Award - "For stepping up to the plate and hitting it right out of the park. He took the second chair on the ship and has been leading by example. He keeps the conversation going on the Discord channel and manages the posting levels efficiently. And all of this before his character was actually on the ship IC. I look forward to all of the great contributions that he will have in the future and I am proud to call him number one."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Lieutenant Larim Myles Creativity Award - "I would like to nominate him for this award because of his creation of a fully populated western town on the holodeck for the crew to constantly interact with. It is a world within a world."
-Petty Officer 1st Class Jennifer Masters-

Second Lieutenant Cornelius Tremble George S Patton Memorial Award (Marines) - "This past mission was Marine heavy and combat heavy. Whenever Tremble tagged in and/or posted they were simply a joy to read. Action packed with his Marines being flawed as well as being the heroes. For the first time this award is to be given I can think of no better Marine to receive it. I look forward to seeing what Trembles team will do next to preserve the peace."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Chief Petty Officer Andrew Moore George S Patton Memorial Award (Fleet) - "The Petty Officer has shown a great skill for commanding battle posts. His alternate character was given the lead to defend Main Engineering from Maquis and came up with an original way for the outcome to develop. I not only love to read this post, but I enjoyed writing it with him. I direct you to the post titled Vying For Control. It is for this reason that for the first time this award is presented on the naval side I can think of no one better."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Petty Officer 1st Class Jennifer Masters Enlisted Award of Merit - "Masters joined the Pioneer and hit the ground running. She adds a unique perspective to the quirky Intelligence Department and can swing dance too. She is not afraid to jump in and write what she wants or put herself out there to help others tell a story. She definitely a great addition to our enlisted personnel and we are honored to have her."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Ensign Elloma Essu Good Conduct Medal - "The Ensign has been an asset to me since joining the sim both in their writing and behind the scenes. Assisting me with plot devices and being a sounding board straightening out my head full of ideas during this past mission. Ensign Essu has proven that they can be relied on for anything that the sim might need. They exhibit the true spirit of this award."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Various Service Citation Six Months - "The following crew members have been with the sim for six months. Considering the sim is six months old I am happy that they are still here."
Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Lieutenant Commander Darf Krackden
Lieutenant Commander Richard Ballston MD
Lieutenant Larim Myles
Lieutenant Vaebn tr'Hwersuil
Lieutenant Hermia O'Rourke

"Thank you all for being part of my crew here is to many more months of service."
-Captain Tyler Malbrooke-

Various Tour Of Duty Award - "The following crew members have earned the Tour of Duty Award for participating in the Expitionary Mission of the USS Pioneer."
Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Lieutenant Commander Darf Krackden
Lieutenant Larim Myles
Lieutenant Vaebn tr'Hwersuil
Lieutenant Commander Richard Ballston MD
Lieutenant Hermia O'Rourke MD
Lieutenant Amelia Zano PsyD
Ensign Elloma Essu
Warrant Officer Joran Thal
Gunnery Sergeant Cornelius Tremble
Petty Officer First Class Jennifer Masters
Chief Petty Officer Andrew Moore
Petty Officer Second Class Heidy DiLucca

This award is only given to those who participate in the very first mission of the ship. There are additions to the Tour of Duty Award that would indicate other missions. Those will be revealed as they happen. For now I thank you all for helping make the first mission a memorable one.

Everyone thank you from the bottom of my heart. We all have the Pioneering Spirit and I am looking forward to see where it takes us.

That is all for now...

Steady as she goes...

Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer


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