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The Other Side of the Desk

Posted on Wed Mar 17th, 2021 @ 4:09am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Lunara Hol & Lieutenant Junior Grade Zhara Rynn & Sophia
Edited on on Wed Mar 17th, 2021 @ 5:26am

Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Counseling Offices - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD002 0830 Hours

Lunara decided to make a quick pit stop on the way to the Snake Pit. What kind of chief would she be if she didn't introduce herself to her own department? Granted, her entire department consisted of one other counselor and a secretary, but that didn't mean she was going to take it any less seriously. She quickly pulled up her department data on her PADD. Zhara Rynn- a half-Betazoid. She'd been on the ship for a while, too, so she'd know more about the crew than anyone. Definitely needed to check in with her. She stepped out of the turbolift and began walking towards the counseling offices.

Zhara was reading a psychology journal while Sophia took a nap in her dog bed. She had no appointments for hte next two hours and wanted to use the time to get caught up.

Sophia's ears perked up and she lifted her head as she heard someone coming toward the office. She got up and went out to meat the new arrival.

Zhara looked up. "Someone coming?" she aske,d saving her place and gtting up to follow her dog.

Lunara grinned as she saw a black ball of fur coming towards her. "Ah! Hey there, little friend!" She crouched down, scratching him all over, especially behind the ears. She hoped that was where Earth dogs liked to be scratched - she hoped even more it was an Earth dog. "Aren't you the cutest little one on this ship?" She cooed to it, alternating between English and Trill, before looking up. "Oh! You must be my fellow counselor." She stood up and smiled, extending a hand. "Lunara Hol."

Sophia sat, thumping her tail as she accepted the scratches.

"Hello," Zhara said, watched the two for a moment. "I'm Zhara, and that's Sophia. She's a trained therapy dog." She walked up to the other woman. "You must be Doctor Hol."

She waved a hand dismissively. "Please, call me Lunara. We're both counselors here, after all. Have the same rank, too. It's good to meet you." She looked down at the dog and smiled. "And Sophie, too."

The dog thumped her tail again and opened her mouth ina doggy smile.

"Good. I'm not one for formality. Would you like some herb tea? I have several varieties in my office. I like to know a bit about the people I work with, and I'd like to know if you have anything in particular you want to see in the department."

Lunara grinned. "Don't like formality, hm? I think we're going to get along just fine. Please, lead the way! I was hoping to get to know you a little better, too." She paused. "You know, an old friend of mine once told me you could tell a lot about someone from the teas they drank. He was a counselor too, so I hope there's some truth to it. What kinds of tea do you have?"

"I don't know about that, but I do know that hot tea is soothing and can help relax a person so they're more comfortable talking. Music is also good therapy." She led the way into the smaller of the two offices. Two overstuffed chairs and a couch in a warm dark blue made up a conversation area. On a nearby table was a small rock waterfall and on another, several candles. Paintings of the Andes, Mount Seleya, a red-rock desert, and the Carpethian woods hung on her walls. Along the back wall near her desk she had a cabinet with a tea set, several pots and containers, and a small speaker that was playing Mozart. "Please, have a seat. What is your favorite flavor of tea?"

"Anything fruity you have, please." Lunara took a look around her office, whistling. "You really go all out with your decorations, don't you?" Not that she was complaining. A welcoming office, too, was good for therapy.

Zhara selected blueberry and began to make the tea. "I'm a sensualist. That is, I believe that having things that engage the senses can help with therapy. Thus, the waterfall, and music for sound, the couch and carpet for touch, the tea for taste, candles and tea for scent, paintings, waterfall, and plants for sight. I can turn off the sounds and scents if they're too much," she said, setting two cups of tea on a tray and adding some cookies. "And I have Sophia who is very good with people." She carried the tray over to the small table in the coversation area. "Help yourself to sugar or honey."

"Ah, thank you!" Lunara took her teacup off the tray and blew on it. "I can see why you keep her around. She's certainly improved my mood." She smiled. "It's a good idea. I've always used a more subdued environment myself, but you can never have too many different styles on the ship."

"Sophia loves going to sickbay. She'll sit by a patient and let them pet her or just put her muzzle on someone's arm." Zhara added sugar to her tea and took a sip. "I agree with you about different methods. Everyone is different. Some methods work for one person while others work for another. It's good to pair people with the style and counselor that works best for them."

Lunara took a sip from her tea, it had finally cooled down enough. "That's sweet of her! I've been trying to pick up a tribble or two myself." She paused. "Neutered, of course. Have you ever seen what happens when they get out of control? They're a lot less cute when they're clogging up the bussard collectors." She shuddered. "I spent three weeks cleaning them all out..."

"I have not, fortunately." That was not something Zhara wanted to consider. "I have read about their planet of origin and the predators there. It's quite fascinating how they adapted, but that is a different matter to how they breed outside their native environment."

"The quintessential invasive species, hm?" Lunara grinned, sipping her tea. "It's a real shame about what the Klingons did to the planet."

"Outside their native environment, yes. But you can say that about a lot of species. Earth's jackrabbits, for instance. And many of the plants we humanoids have introduced on new worlds. Being alien to the environment, they can often take over and wipe out existing species." Zhara shrugged. "I'm glad I deal with people. We tend to transplant well, as long as our basic needs are met."

"Me too." Lunara smiled. "Fixing people is a lot more rewarding than fixing plasma relays, too."

Zhara smiled. "I've never quite gotten the hang of that. I studied a bit of science, but plasma conduits are beyond me. Which is probably for the best."

"You're not missing much." Lunara chuckled, "You have to scrub them out every few months, and the only thing the build-up sticks to more than conduits is skin. See, that's why I like being a counselor. Our jobs are just as important, but our hands stay nice and clean."

"You're right. I definitely prefer being a counselor," Zhara said. "Besides, I like people. I hear power conduits aren't good conversationalists."

"Well, I guess that depends on how bored you are and how long it's been since you slept. You know, some of the most invigorating conversations Jalen had were with power conduits," Lunara grinned.

"I'll take your word for it," Zhara replied. "I'll stick to talking to Sophia." The dog perked her ears up at the mention of her name. "Yes, and you listen very well," she said to the dog.

"She sure looks like it." Lunara chuckled. "Do most of your patients feel the same way? There was a famous doctor who once said there were things you'd tell your bartender but not your counselor, maybe it's the same way with dogs."

Ÿes. They don't think she understands them," Zhara said. "But I tend to think it's only that she doesn't know how to tell me what they say."

Sophia gave them both a doggy smile. Then she wagged her tail and walked out of the office.

"It's time to visit sickbay," Zhara said. "Would you like to join us? It's not necessary, but we like to see if there's anyone who would like someone to talk to, or to listen."

Lunara nodded. "Of course, lead the way! I need to meet them sooner or later, after all."

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