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Welcome Aboard

Posted on Fri Jun 11th, 2021 @ 1:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Lieutenant Paul Michael & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant Junior Grade Lunara Hol & Chloe de la Vega & Lieutenant Josh Randall
Edited on on Tue Jun 22nd, 2021 @ 8:00am

Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Cargo Bay 1 Lower Level - Deck 8 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD001 1900 hrs

Lunara stepped off the gangway from the station, onto her new home for the foreseeable future. "Damn", she muttered to herself, looking around. It wasn't a whole lot to look at - just a cargo bay - but she couldn't help but be impressed. "They really did change everything, huh?" The familiar harsh green and blue squares that used to cover every console had given way to the softer array of orange and purple LCARS buttons ages ago, but she found herself struggling to get used to it all over again. Oh well. It would come to her soon enough, things usually did. At least the ship wasn't much bigger than the one Jalen had served on. She sighed and started walking towards the exit, unconsciously crossing her arms over her abdomen. Time to figure out where to go...

Jenn walked out of Astrometrics and almost bumped in to a new person. She dropped the stack of padds she was holding all over the floor. She looked up. "What are you doing here? Are you new? Can't you use the transporters? You would at least be on the right deck." She quickly pulled the padds together. She then stopped and took a deep breath. "Sorry for my reaction earlier. "I am Staff warrant officer Jennifer Masters, Chief Intelligence officer." She still felt a little upset about the bump in, but she tried to control her emotions.

Lunara jerked back slightly. "I'm sorry!" Her day was not off to a good start. A few dozen steps and she had already pissed off a department chief. She hoped this wouldn't become a habit. She quickly knelt down, dropping her duffel bag beside her. "Here, let me help you with that. Err... I'm Lunara Hol. The new counselor."

Dr Josh Randall walked off the gangway and saw the Chief Intelligence officer speaking with someone from medical. "Hmm...must be someone new." He muttered to himself.
He looked at Masters. "Masters, slumming it here in the lower decks?" He looked at the other woman. "You going to introduce me to your friend?"

Jenn moved up straightening the stack. She looked a second to the doctor and then said, "Doctor Josh Randall, medical officer, Lieutenant Lunara Hol, counselor. She is new." She then pointing over her shoulder, I was just in astrometrics. And it's classified what I did there." She gave him a playful grin.

Lunara chuckled, rising to her feet. "It's good to meet you, doctor," she brushed off her knees. "I'll try not to knock your stuff over too."

"I have very little 'stuff'. my dear." He smiled at her. "Have you reported for you boarding physical yet?"

"You people don't waste any time, do you?" Lunara grinned. "At least let me get settled in first."

Larim was nearby checking a shipment of upgraded phasers on his oadd and couldn't help but overhear. Putting on his best smile, he walked over. "Hello all." he said. "Welcome to the Pioneer" he said to the new faces. "Lt Commander Myles, most people call me Larim though."

Lunara smiled as he walked over, extending a hand. "Thank you. I'm Junior Lieutenant Hol, but please, call me Lunara."

"Pleasure to meet you, Lunara" Larim replied.

"And you as well." She grinned as she looked around. "Well, this is quite the party, isn't it?"

Josh looked around. "In case anyone needs me...for a medical emergency....I'll be in sickbay." He turned and started walking away.

"Doctor.." Jenn's voice was a little too high pitched at the end, but in a different tone she continued, "I am sure what ever it is they can handle it over at sickbay. We all know what we do with a party right?" She looked around at everyone present. "Just let me put these padds away in the belly, so I see you all in after eleven?"

Lunara watched Josh go, a bit confused. "After Eleven, After Eleven..." She snapped her fingers. "Ah! That's the ship's lounge, right? Sure, that sounds good." She looked around to the other people in the group to see if there were any issues.

Instead of heading to sickbay, like he said, he instead headed for After Eleven, and when he got there, he ordered a drink...whiskey..neat...and sat at a table, looking out the window.

Larim was next to order "Umm..." he said, a little undecided. "A raktajino please"

Lunara walked in after him and saw Josh at the table. "Ah, doctor! I thought you were heading to sickbay." She walked over, waving to him.

Josh held up his glass. "I wanted a drink." He looked around. "Where are your friends?"

Lunara jerked her thumb back to the replicators. "Commander Miles is up there, and Warrant Masters is... on her way, I assume." She glanced over at Larim. "I'm going to go pick something up from the replicators. Want anything?"

Josh held up his glass again. "No thanks. This is all I need right now."

"Well, enjoy your drink." Lunara grinned, heading over to Larim at the replicators. "Hey there, anything good on the menu?"

"I recommend the club sandwich personally. Always a great choice. " Larim replied

Josh watched her go as he sipped his drink. She seemed like a nice person.

"Well, I've never been one for Earth foods, but I guess I can give it another try." Lunara grinned and keyed the recipe into the replicator, watching her dish materialize before her.

Lunara walked back with her club sandwich and a glass of an alien iced tea, sitting across from Larim. "So then, what is it you do here?" She smiled.

Larim smiled back. "Chief of security." he said. "Nice change from my old job." he said before sipping some of his drink

"Old job, huh?" Lunara leaned in slightly. These stories were usually good. "So then, what did you used to do?"

"Well." he began. " Most recently I was stationed at the academy. Was good to be on Earth again for a while. I was teaching young cadets how not to shoot oneself in the face with a phaser, which actually happened a couple times. Luckily i locked them to stun." he laughed

Lunara's mouth dropped slightly. "How do you even manage to..." She shook her head. "It's the new designs, isn't it? You can barely even tell what end the beam is supposed to come out of on the new type twos. I liked it better when they were shaped like guns."

Larim chuckled "Yeah. I'm the same way. Keep it simple I always say."

"I think we're going to get along fine!" Lunara grinned, then leaned in a little closer. "Say... you wouldn't still happen to have any of the old style phasers in the armory, would you?"

" I do indeed." Larim smiled

Lunara smirked. "Well, I might just have to ask for one during away missions."

"Sure thing." Larim replied

Jenn finally got herself in to after 11 when she got out of her uniform in to something comfortable. Baggy pants and a t-shirt. But her hair was still neatly in a braid. That was comfortable for her. She walked to the company. "Sorry I am late. I couldn't find anything to wear. And then I had to tidy up of course. I will get myself a drink from Chloe." She looked around. "Is she in the back?"

She walked over to the bar. "Chloe? You in today?"

"Always, mi amor." Chloe said as she came out from behind the wall that covered the rear of her lounge. "What can I get for you?" she asked with her usual cheeky smile. "Not hiding from your new husband already?" she joked.

Jenn chuckled and then said, "If I was, this would be a very bad hiding place, you know that all too well." She tapped the side of the bar as she thought about what she wanted this time. "Ok, maybe this something with tea this time, iced tea. What you got for me?"

"Oh I don't know love. I have many hiding places in here, some even security doesn't know about." Chloe said as her eyes lit up devilishly. "I have a couple of iced tea cocktails... Bourbon tea - has bourbon, limoncello and iced tea with a lemon wedge. Ginger tea - brandy, green tea, some mint and ginger with a small drop of syrup and a mint leaf garnish. A Tea Tini - Vodka, chilled tea, honey, lemon juice with a lemon wedge and if you want I can sugar the rim of the glass." Chloe said with a smile.

"Oh that ginger one sounds nice, let's do that one, and yes work your magic," She chuckled. "And my joke seemed a bit lost on you there. If I were hiding from my husband I probably wouldn't be hiding on his favorite place on the ship."

Chloe nodded and smiled as she went to start making the drink. It was simple enough to make and before time passed it was in front of Jennifer. "I hope you like it, I've not made one before and you are my first test subject." she joked.

Jenn chuckled and said back, "Well if I drop dead we'll know it was you." She took the drink and put it to her lips. She took a sip. She let the taste sink in a bit. She then looked at the glass as she said, "Interesting taste, I love how the ginger accentuate the drink. I do not care for the combination of mint an ginger, though it's not bad."

"Good thing I know CPR." Chloe said with a devilish flash of the eyes and a smile. She watched as Jenn tried the drink and listened to what she thought. "We can lose the mint... I don't think it's that important." she laughed a little as she threw the herb into the kitchen. A small yelp was heard and she shrugged as if she didn't care.

Jenn shrugged too as she took another sip of her drink. "So you met the new person yet? Freshly arrived, Lieutenant Lunara Hol. A counselor or something." Jenn hadn't seen a counselor since the last one disappeared. She didn't really know what happened to them and wasn't interested enough to find out. She might need to see a counselor after Dana's death, but that hadn't gotten to her yet.

"Not yet, although I'm always a bit iffy with counsellors. Always feel like they are trying to get into your head, watching your body and face for signs of something." Chloe shivered as a sensation ran down her spine.

"Well, for me it's been a while since I have seen one, since the last one left. Not sure what happened to her." Jenn played with her empty glass. "I have been spending most of my times here. Aren't bartenders the closest thing to a counselor. And best part...drinks!"

Chloe shrugged, she had no idea. For one she couldn't really remember who the old counsellor had been. So many people on this ship and not all of them graced her door. "We are without the pay." Chloe laughed. "Although any advice I offer is always comes with a drink and a smile. Some of it is golden, some of it should come with a disclaimer." she said.

Jenn chuckled. "Yep." She turned over to the table she left her new found friend at. "Maybe another round for the table, what do you say. Chloe?" She smiled. "It's a welcome aboard party anyways."

"Sure." Chloe said with a smile as she called over one of the other bartenders to take the order. "I'm not actually working anyway." she laughed. "Let's go welcome people!"

Jenn looked to Chloe and nodded with a smile. "Bring yourself a drink too." She said grinning. "You can't meet people properly without a drink. But I don't have to tell you that."

"Oh honey, you do not." Chloe grinned as she poured herself a drink. "And you don't need to convince me to come have a good time." she said skipping outside the bar and looking over to her man behind the bar. "Harry, you can lock up." she grinned. "Don't forget to feed the chef." she winked and walked over the table with Jenn.

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