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Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2021 @ 3:29am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke
Edited on on Wed Jan 27th, 2021 @ 3:31am

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Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Malbrooke Quarters - Deck 3 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD001 0530 hrs

The sound of the door chime woke Tyler from a dead sleep. The chime sounded normal enough. However, to Tyler it sounded like there was something frantic about it. He squinted as he turned the lights on. Tyler rubbed his wife's back to let her know that everything would be okay as she stirred from the sound as well. "It seems that a Captain's job is never done." He mumbled as he put his robe on and headed for the door. The shock on Tyler's face barely read as he saw his friend and Science Officer Vaebn there before him. The Romulan looked nonplussed to say the least.

"Captain," Vaebn began, his normal calm and unbroken demeanor showing its cracks, and his eyes wide and wild, "we need to sepak immediately. It is of the utmost importance, and it must be in private."

Kat was awake, so she decided to dress. If nothing else, she could make Ty and whoever was at the door some coffee to drink.

"Come on in Vaebn and have a seat. Whatever you have to talk about can be spoken in front of Kat. So what's on your mind?" Tyler said as he motioned for the couch.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Kat asked Vaebn.

"No thank you sir. And I appreciate you seeing me at such a late hour." He took a deep breath, "It's about my sister sir. I received word from Starfleet Academy security, and it seems that she has been abducted and her whereabouts are unknown."

Kat brought Ty a mug of coffee. "I'm so sorry, commander," she said to Vaebn, sitting down next to her husband.

Tyler exhaled deeply through his nose as he realized that Kat had the right reaction. "I am sorry Vaebn. What if anything are they doing about it?" He knew something big must be going on as it was rare for the Science Officer to come forward with anything personal. He sipped the coffee that he took from his wife. Lord knew he would need it right now.

"However, there is more to it sir." Vaebn added.

"I am all ears. Right now all I can say is hit me with it." Tyler replied followed by another deep sip.

Vaebn took a long drink from the steaming mug of coffee that was handed to him; "The other night I was contacted by a man calling himself Commander Loval. He said he was someone from my past, but I still not sure who it might have been, as I did not recognize him. He spoke about bringing me back into the Empire, as well as a few other statement to infer that I would be forever branded a traitor if I remain here." He took another drink before continuing. "He then made a few insinuations that if I was unwilling, then they would either find someone else, or some sort of leverage to force my hand into returning. I sent a security tracing spike back through the transmission, but I am still running that data to narrow a search field, so for now, he is like a ghost on the other side of the border. As for my sister, the only thing that Academy Security could say for certain, was there was a Romulan transporter signature found on the campus near where she was last seen." He took a deep breath, "It is my belief that this Loval has had my sister abducted, and I am still not entirely sure why. All I can be certain of is that he smells of Tal Shiar, and that I will end him if anything happens to her."

"The Tal Shiar..." Just speaking and hearing the words sent some shivers down Tyler's spine. "...They are believed to be derelict. What is left is something of a bygone age. However, if they are up to their old tricks and somehow got all the way to Earth saying that is a problem would be generous."

Tyler ran his hand through his hair as he thought what to say next. He decided the best way would be to simply be blunt. "Vaebn, I need you to be as succinct as you can be right now. I know there is a lot of your former service that you cannot speak about. Without betraying any oaths I need to know if you have had any dealings or workings with the Tal Shiar?" As he spoke Tyler's voice changed from a concerned tone to a more serious tone. This was a line of questioning that Malbrooke had to know the answers to if he were to put his ship, his crew into harms way.

"And do you have any contacts that could let you know if they really have your sister?" Kat asked.

Vaebn stared at Tyler for a moment, as he contemplated how he would respond next. "During my work with the Empire I had my dealings with the Tal Shiar. However, everyone did at that time it was as you say the nature of the beast. I believe the key at the moment would be for me to explore who this Loval is and how he seems to know who I am. As to whether they really have my sister, I believe that is undeniable. My people are many things but liars is not one of them. Add to that the fact that Romulan transporters were found used at the Academy. There is no doubt in my mind that Loval has my sister." His thoughts turned darker as he thought about what he would do if they harmed her.

Tyler sighed heavily again, he did not like anything that he was hearing at the moment. He looked at his wife and and smiled softly. His face conveyed the thought that he had to save the young woman, he had no choice. "If we are going to go after her I am going to have to go through proper channels. I will have to contact Admiral Lancaster. For now I think it best if you keep tabs on your sister and or Loval. While I work on getting a mission together."

"Aye sir, this is going to be personal. I am not sure what I may do if they harm her..." Vaebn's thoughts trailed off as he looked up at the Captain. Tyler knew exactly what he felt. In truth Tyler felt something similar he viewed all of his crew as his family, so this hit home hard.

Kat put a consoling hand on Vaebn's shoulder. "It's going to be okay. Tyler will do what he can to help get her back."

Kat was perhaps the greatest asset that this ship had and Tyler knew it. She always had a way with making people feel everything would be fine, especially him. If a Tyler was ever viewed as a father like figure to this crew, then Kat was certainly the mother figure.

"Vaebn for now return to Astrometrics, track down this Loval's ship as best as you can. In the meantime I will go see Admiral Lancaster and get some answers. Meet back here in three hours. At that point we will know how to proceed." Tyler spoke clearly and with confidence, he wanted his friend to understand that they were truly behind him. "Like Kat said we are going to get her back." Tyler was already on his feet and heading for the bedroom to don his uniform.

Vaebn rose silently and headed for the door, as the door hissed open he glanced over his shoulder at his friends and spoke quietly. "I know we will get her back. The question is what will happen once we do..." He let his words hang in the air and passed through the open door and they hissed closed behind him.

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