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The Hollow Wounded Part II

Posted on Tue Jan 19th, 2021 @ 1:45pm by Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Major Cornelius Tremble
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Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Holodeck 1 - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 1400 hrs

Last Time On "The Hollow Wounded"

The driver pulled the taxi over towards the curb in front of a large four floor building. there was sort of a courtyard in the middle of the sprawling building providing some green space and it was obvious the building was rather new,

"Here you go," he said with a smile, "just don't take any wooden nickels."

Neil peered at the driver curious, as he glanced at the meter and fished out one of the paper notes he'd gotten. It had an older man with what had to be a wig on it and artful design, with the number one in the corners. Shrugging, he folded it and, as he opened his door, told the driver "Keep the change. And if someone asks if you hauled us around, the extra should inspire forgetfulness, yeah?"

"Never saw you," the man stated with a grin, "thank you ser."

And Now The Continuation...

Richard got out of the car glancing around at the holographic humans as they passed around him as if oblivious to the fact he was so out of fashion. His pale eyes scanned the open courtyard, there were considerably less people passing along those walkways but there were still a few and then he noticed something, on the fourth floor. The apartment window was open and from it several lines, wires by his guesstimation, or cords of some sort holding up fabric items, clothing perhaps but there was something peculiar about them.

"where we headed doll," Richard asked the woman as he offered a hand to assist her getting out of the car, "let me guess the forth floor."

"Aren't you the wise head," the woman replied as she uncoiled herself from the back seat and straightened out her dress, "but Berny will be the one to take you to the big cheese."

The Azzian furrowed his brow, "Berny, is that his real name?"

"I suppose so," she said walking to the curb with Richard in tow, "I don't ask too many questions, it's a good way to get lead poisoning."

Neil stepped out of the taxi and looked around the area. He spotted a couple of likely looking observation posts and a few people on the street that likely acted as lookouts. Some people were avoiding eye contact but were trying to look like they weren't watching them. Others were going about their business, pointedly turning away so they could truthfully say they hadn't seen anything. Still others, some older and others young and overly obvious were looking them over.

Neil took the older people as those who had decided their age gave them some armor. The younger ones were trying to prove themselves, likely junior (and expendable) members of whatever organization claimed this territory.

"Into the Lion's den, is it? The marine asked. "Well, nothing like getting right to it."

"Nothing like getting right to point," Ricard replied shaking his head, "Just treat everyone as a snitch and everyone is wearing iron, the second amendment is still in play here."

"Second Amend....," Neil started as his contact picked up on the term and did a query. After reading the passage, he quirked an eyebrow toward the doctor. "You're saying all of these people are part of a militia? This society must have been under constant threat of invasion."

"No," Richard replied as they got further along the paved path following their hostess, "but it gave everyone the right to have a weapon, primarily a gun." He narrowed his eyes a bit from the sunlight and added, "actually, for the time it was a smart move. No country wanted to invade America because they never knew who could defend themselves and who couldn't."

The woman leading them stayed quiet as she moved forward cautiously watching her surroundings. Her pace was a bit brisk but not so much that they couldn't keep up with her.

Neil wondered at a law like that, but shrugged and moved on keeping the woman in his periphery. Her steps were slightly mincing in the high heels she wore but she covered ground at a good pace. "Sounds like a recipe for trouble," Neil finally commented. "But regardless. We're here."

"Where exactly is here?," the marine asked randomly as they moved closer to the building entrance.

Larim shrugged and shook his head. "Your guess is as good as mine " He smiled as he followed, hands in his pockets

"Chicago, Earth," Richard replied matter a factly, "I've picked that much up and based on how people speak in, English, and use certain word choices I am thinking the 1920's

"August 18th, 1928," their guide offered as she reached for a door nob, "better keep our talk down until we get to my apartment, you don't want to spill too much."

Richard's head cocked as he heard her words and his brow furrowed, "Got it how far are we then, from your place."

"Second floor," she said, "we have 20 minutes before I'm expecting, company."

Neil's eyebrow shot at the comment as he entered what appeared to be a turbo-lifts pre-genitor last, so he could be the first one out. Good company or the kind of company that want's trouble?"

Casting an eye over his shoulder at the woman, he commented "Though trouble is a relative term."

The woman's eyes shifted over to Neal with a look that spoke more volumes than her words, "If they figure out you're not just from out of town there will be, trouble." She paused a moment and add, "I've been expecting your arrival, things have been, out of the ordinary."

Neil met her gaze and sub-vocalized, "Computer, give me information on the US Marine Corp during this time period. Abbreviated version, remote duty stations. Likely off of this continent."

As a list scrolled over his HUD, Neil selected one for additional information and then said, "Right. If they ask why I'm a bit odd tell them I'm a China Marine rotating back and traveling to see friends before I decide to muster out or not. I might have some hot antiques and cultural pieces that need moving and...well you fill in the blanks."

As the door slid open, somewhat labored compared to a turbo lift the woman merely nodded and moved out, my place is to the right, left-hand side."

She looked over at Richard, "you're the one I'm worried about, brains are not as appreciated as they should be."

Ricard Raised an eyebrow, "just make something up, I don't know enough about bluffing to come up with something."
To be continued....

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