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What is he really like?

Posted on Thu Sep 24th, 2020 @ 2:20pm by Ensign Kalina Solwick
Edited on on Thu Sep 24th, 2020 @ 2:23pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Solwick's Quarters
Timeline: MD010 1500 hrs

Kalina was preparing for the wedding oh, that she knew nothing about. She had no idea who the bride and groom wear or most of the people on this ship, but she was told that she needed to be there tonight.

Kalina was relieved that Zaire agreed to go with her as her date. She did not want to go to her first ship function without a date specially something that was high profile as a ship wide wedding.

She wondered who is getting married, where they in love or was this an arranged marriage like he was having. She knew there was an age gap between the two she also knew that they also work together in the same department which she thought was eventually a conflict but who is she to judge oh, she was trying not to.

her own culture allowed for arranged marriages oh, they didn't always say that the arranged marriages had to be within the same age bracket either. Kalina should feel really lucky that she was marrying somebody her own age.

She had heard that the guy was an El-Aurien, and she knew that they had a very long life span. But for the life of her she could not imagine, why in a lorien would want to marry a non alureon given the fact that most other races only live TV between 100 to 200 years old.

what would that be like she wondered to marry somebody who was at least two or three centuries older than you?

That was a one question she could not answer, what would it be like to marry somebody and then to watch them die and Just to start the whole process over again. Kalina cannot speak for Billy but she know if she was in that situation she would probably grow bitter with resentment for living longer than her partner.

Betazed genetically bonded with
their partners, and become an Imzadi. A race that could live for centuries common must have had some kind of bond of their own.

Kalina was starting to get annoyed at herself again oh, because your she was again judging him oh, and not really knowing about his culture.

like most people she is making assumptions based on observations and how she personally felt about things which was not fair to him, or fair to his lovely bride.

Kalina was an imperfect being doing the best that she could, and then pretty soon she'll probably have people talking about her getting married to a guy that she really doesn't know. She need a lot of humanoid races that give enough arranged marriages, she would rather chosen her partner but her culture heritage had partnered up with a potential mate.

Kalina had met her potential partner going she needs actually stop calling a potential she knew they were getting married and there's not much she could do to stop it. He seemed nice to know which is a good start.

There was just so much she still did not understand about him to help her make a justified decision.

He was really hoping that tonight they would have a chance to bond oh, so she could get a better feeling for him and hopefully fall in love with him. Her people have been doing this for centuries with a very high success rate no, there is no reason for her to be doubting this but yet she found herself doubting it.

Why did the age thing matter? She was not marrying him. Jennifer was. She hated the fact, that she was being judgmental again. It was not an easy thing to break habit from.

What mattered is, that they cared for each other. So she kept telling herself, as she tried to put her own predijuce behind her. She knew she was better than this, despite evidence to the contrary.

Kalina needed to move on, she had her own issues to tend too. They were named Zaire Byrne. Her soon to be fiancé and husband. She was curious, how a compatibility test could determine, how two individuals could be compatible with each other?

How accurate was the algorithym? What were the chances of this marriage ending in a divorce? She did not share her parents faith in the compatibility testing.

Kalina was not sure, and that really freaked her out. Her family was putting their trust in a program, that in her eyes was flawed.
She did not trust the data, and she would be very skeptical on how accurate it was.

Kalina had tried to review Zaire's file, but honestly there was not much on the file. Only that he was Betazed, and he travelled with his mother, for work. The file was very generic.

It was slightly annoying for her. She was trying to learn about his past, but he had no past to learn from. She wondered why that was?

Kalina did not have much time to waste, she still needed to get ready for the wedding later on today. And get her hair done, and get a dress for the evening. She needed to head over to the station, for a bit and get that situated.

Kalina had no idea what she was going to wear for the event tonight. This was her first alien wedding. During Betazed weddings, everyone was naked. So this was strange for her. But she wanted to respect the traditions of other cultures.

Kalina had no idea what was currently in fashion or not. She knew she needed to talk to someone. But she had not made a lot of lady friends on the station. And she was not if a man knew anything about lady fashion.

She hoped the tailor would be able to help her. But she also wondered about asking Ameri to help her, she was very nice. And gave her a quick tour of the ship earlier in the day. Kalina hoped it would not be considered rude of her to ask her for help. She did say, if you need anything to ask. She hoped Ameri’s generosity was sincere.

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