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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Posted on Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 @ 12:12pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell
Edited on on Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 @ 12:14pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Arboretum, Starbase Sirius
Timeline: MD010 1030 hrs
1504 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Clarissa left her place she shared with Jayden, she just needed some time to think. Was it true what her best friend told her?

Did she really want to marry Jayden and was just now coming to that realization? She wondered how this happened, it was never her intention to get married.

Even though her parents had a great marriage she just never saw the point of it. But now here she was lost in emotional turmoil thinking about getting married.

She had to wonder if marriage really bring her the happiness that she was looking for?

Clarissa walked into the arboretum not noticing anybody around she walked over to the bench and had a seat. She was relieved that she didn't recognize anybody oh, she just want to be left alone for the moment to think.

Clarissa knew she needed to confront Jayden and espress how she felt. She owed him that much, but deep down she also wondered if she should propose to him?

she had no idea how are you take it because of the fact that she'd always told him that she was not interested in marriage on more than one occasion. Now here she was debating that topic.

In the back room and she was scared that he would say no, but she had a deep-rooted feeling that he would say yes oh, and that also scared her. Why was she so scared? Jayden was a good man, and he could be a good father and a good partner for her.

He started to whisper underneath your breath so no one else could be her, "will you marry me?" she whispered to her so trying to pretend like you was talking to Jayden.

Clarissa felt a little silly practicing alone in the arboretum when she should just be reaching out to him, and expressing how she felt and asking him. She wondered why was it so important for her to ask him, traditionally the man would always ask a woman for her hand in marriage. But now here she was asking for his hand in marriage.

"Computer where is the nearest communications terminal on the station?" Clarissa called out as she decided she wants to discuss the situation with your parents first. Maybe they can provide some insight, their blessing really was the main thing she wanted.

The computer chip for a moment before he finally responded on her communicator. "The nearest terminal is located on the promenade, at the communication hub center." The computer said her.

Clarissa has sat there on her bench for a moment, debating about how to bring up the topic with their parents.

It was not every day that you said hey Mom and Dad, then have to explain to him that you're the one doing the proposal and not the man. She wondered how they would respond.

Her approach was a little unorthodox and outside of normal cultural customs. But she didn't feel like she needed to be, especially since she told him that she was not wanting to get married.

Get here she was, itching to get married. Feels like some kind of biological clock just ticking inside of her, and now she was ready to get married and start a family.

As Clarissa sat on the bench, she debated about how to tell Forest and Sara Lee Rockwell that their little girl is getting married. Now she's being a little presumptuous, because she hadn't even asked Jayden by this point and she wasn't 100% certain that he was going to say yes. She just had a feeling that he would.

at least she hoped you would otherwise she would feel really stupid and embarrassed.

She wondered how he took it, she had a feeling he must have thought about it. Why would he want to stay with her knowing that she didn't want to get married, was it slow that he was feeling also or was it the sex?

She had a feeling I was a little of both, because sex can be very influential in relationship. thank you typically would not consider you would do just to continue having sex.

She was not sure if he was doing it because he loved her or if he was doing it because he just wanted to have sex with her. She felt like there was an emotional connection between them.

Clarissa felt like her biological clock was counting down, telling her now was a time to start a family, now was the time to get married. Now is the time express how you feel and who you are. Now was her time to tell Jayden how she felt oh, and what she wanted.

The unknown was a little scary but she needed to take that leap. Her first Stephen that unknown was to call her parents.

she knew she would not be able to call him from the arboretum so she's decided it was time to go I made a straight v-line for the promenade.

Clarissa wasted little time getting to the promenade area and looking for the communication center. She was ready to call her parents before she chickened out.

Clarissa walked over to the booth, and login with her credentials and started an open conversation with her parents the booth had privacy headphones, at least no one else would hear speaking because the booths are also wear soundproof. She didn't want anyone else to know about this she wanted Jayden to be the first person among the crew to know what her intentions were.

Clarissa grinned if she opened a channel with her parents. She first saw her father appear on the screen, "papa is so good to see you." Clarissa said take it yourself could have Mom have answered the call first, telling your father that you want to marry some guy that he doesn't know isn't the way she wanted to start the conversation on with. she would have preferred to have her mother support before reaching out to her father, maybe she could talk to her Mom first and then switch around and talk to her dad second.

Forest just grin as he saw Clarissa expecting a call from her today, he was curious what was wrong? Last they heard, he was on shore leave at Starbase Sirius.

Clarissa just grinned oh, and she asked. "I was hoping to talk to Mom first, is she around? Clarissa asked, hoping you say yes.

"She's in the kitchen would you like me to go get her?" Forest ask wondering why she wanted you talked to her mother first. He had also made sure it was hoping to talk to her.

"I suppose not, I know how grouchy mama can get, when someone tries to take her away from cooking." Clarissa said with the big laugh.

"Pappa, I want to get married." Clarissa just blurted out to her father. She hoped he was not going to freak out.

Forest looked to Clarissa, and could see that she was serious. "Has he asked you?" Forest asked. Wondering if Jayden had asked her.

"No, I told him several times in the past, I was not interested in marriage, but yet here I am telling you that I am. I am so confused by this Pappa." Clarissa pointed out to her dad.

"It's understandable. Do you love him?" Forest asked, with a big grin on his face. He knew that Clarissa was very close to Jayden, but he did not realize she was ready to get married at this stage of her life.

"I do." Clarissa said, hoping he would give his blessing to her. More than anything, she wanted his blessing.

"Then what's the issue?" Forest asked, as he went on to say. "If you both love each other, and you know he is the one. Marry that boy, before someone else does." Forest said, with a humbling smile.

Clarissa tried not to laugh, but the way he said that was very amusing to her. "Dad, I would hope that would not be the only reason. Fear of loosing them." She said to her father. A little surprised he would say that.

"I know how independent you are, and for you to want to marry him, tells me its very serious. And you tend to live on the side of caution. But he a man, and he will eventually want to start a family, and it sounds like you might be at that stage of your life, so start a family." Forest suggested to his daughter.

Which was very strange for him. For him to tell his daughter, to start a family of her own. But he was trying to be a good father.

"You have a unique way of looking at the world Pappa, thank you." Clarissa said as the scene starts to fade away.

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