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A moment to reflect

Posted on Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 @ 12:34am by Ensign Kalina Solwick
Edited on on Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 @ 12:35am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Sokwick Residence
Timeline: MD010 1020 hrs

Kalina needed a moment to reflect before she went to see Zaire. She had not been fair to him. He become the scapegoat of her anger towards her auntie.

What Kieran had said,had emotionally impacted her. Now she needed step up and make it right. Which is easier said than done.

Kalina knew she was pretty much out of time. She had drag this out for two days and she knew that he deserves an answer.deep inner thoughts she knew she was going to go along with this wedding he wasn't going to upset her family but she still needed to come to terms with it on her own.

She just hoped her husband-to-be was in a total douche-bag. He had hoped to find somebody that she fell in love with him bet on her own but arranged marriages in their culture was not out of the ordinary. And as much as you hate to admit it her auntie knew her pretty well so oh, the chances that she found a good potential mate for her or higher than just a blind wedding arrangement.

Kalina does now putting her trust in fate and your auntie and to her people's cultural customs. He wondered what kind of man he would be and if she would see him as equals, and if he would see her as an equal.

There's so much she didn't know about him that was a little scary, at least he was cute she thought but she knew they would need more than looks in order to have a successful relationship.

Kalina knew there needed to be more to a relationship, than just looks. Physical attraction can only get you so far. Kalina wondered what he was like. Would he be a good fit for the Solwick family.

Kalina had more questions, than answers. She was quickly learning, she could not make an informed opinion on him, without getting to know him first. Which meant two things. Meet him or not meet him.

If she choose not to meet him, she would take ridiculous from her parents, from her auntie, and from his family. Especially if she never gave him a chance.

"Computer open a channel to the Starbase 900, and reach out to Admiral Marcus Solwick." Kalina called out, as knew it was time to get some advice. Her Dad married into this family, so she hoped he would be able to give her some advice.

"Kalina." Marcus called out, as the channel opened. He was so happy to see his baby girl had finally reached out to him. He anticipated that she might be struggling with the families decision to have her married off so young.

He tried to project calmness, but deep down he was excited to see her on the subspace call. He would have preferred to have seen her in person. But this would have to do.

For the time being, he was limited to subspace call with her. He was in the Delta Quadrant, and she was in the Beta Quadrant. They were no where each other.

"How are you doing father?" Kalina asked, as she looked on the monitor to see her fathers facial expressions.

"I am well, if I may ask. How are you processing all the news?" Marcus said, with a calm and collected presence to himself. He was curious to learn how Kalina was processing all the news. Out of his three kids, she was the only one he had arranged a marriage for.

"I am processing it all." Kalina admitted to her father. She was still taking the moment, to process it all.

"Zaire comes from a good home, and he seems to be very compatible with you." Marcus said, trying to re assure her. He knew that would be hard for her to process.

"I am glad to hear, you did your homework on him. He does seem to be a nice guy. He is very sweet." Kalina said, feeling a little re assured, at least her parents were not throwing her to the wolves.

"Have you met him?" Marcus asked, hoping she said yes.

"I have father, and he is very sweet." Kalina said, with a humble grin on her face. "It appears you and Momma did well. I was just meeting with him, before calling you. May I ask a question, that both Zaire and I are curious about?" Kalina asked, hoping he would say yes. She wondered why force them, but not her siblings.

"I am glad to hear it, your personality matrix seems very compatible, and he comes from a good family." Marcus said, with a warm smile. "What's your question sweetie?" Marcus asked, but knowing already, what she was going to ask.

"Why didn't you arrange marriages for Hero and Kieran." Kalina asked. She was curious, why she was selected out.

Marcus smiled as he took a deep breath. "Hero was married, while still attending the Academy. So need to marry him off. Kieran, as you know can be a bit of a handful. We could not find a compatible mate, and not for a lack of trying mind you." Marcus pointed out to Kalina.

"That is not fair, that Kieran got to choose, because you could not find her a suitable partner." Kalina said, feeling a little annoyed.

"as we both know sweetie sometimes life is unfair, but sweetie arranged marriages are common practice. Your mom and I come from an arranged marriage." Marcus point it out to Kalina.

"And I love your mother very much oh, and I know she loves me. Just give the kinetic Bond a chance, I think you will see I feel sure that you are compatible with each other and I believe you both could fall in love with each other if you're both open to it." Marcus said to clean a nut in an authoritative, but more of a supportive role.

Which was a little strange for him because he was a Starfleet Admiral. He was so used to giving orders to everybody but he knew when talking to his daughter that he need to be more supportive than authoritative.

"Thank you in spending too much time on Vulcan dad, your argument is pretty logical." Kalina said with a big grin on her face.

Marcus just grinned, that was pretty funny he thought to himself as he looked over at Kalina on the monitor. "I only want your happiness, and believe it or not so does Auntie Krisna.

Marcus said having a hard time believing that he was actually defending her. It was no secret that he had a hard time with her oh, but this was bigger than his beef with Krisna. as much as it killed him to say it she actually cared about his daughter.

Marcus new it had to do with the fact that Kalina looked a lot like Trey. He still had a hard time believing that Trey was gone.

Marcus knew that that Kalina was having a hard time, understanding why her and she was giving her so much attention. It was very frustrating for her oh, because she already had two loving parents with high ranking Starfleet positions she didn't need her auntie federation ambassador interfering in her life.

She knew that Trey had been killed in the line of action. And that clean I have been given special attention by her. She never asked for this attention and she never wanted to be a surrogate child or her auntie.

Kalina new her father's right damn that Vulcan logic of his. For a man not born a Vulcan sure knew how to sound like one.

" I promised dad, I will talk to him, and I'll do it soon." Kalina said if she was trying to end the call soon.

"I hope so sweetie, he deserves to know what your intentions are " Marcus said trying to plead his case to her. We still believe that if she gave him a chance that she would feel the genetic bond.

"You think I should talk to Mom at all?" Kalina asked as kinda already knowing the answer to that. He had no doubt that her mom would lecture a little bit.

"You know I'll never tell you no sweetie, but I would suggest reaching out choose a year first and then after that, you should reach out to your mom and let her know what your intentions are." Marcus suggested to kalina hoping that she would take his consideration under advisement.

"I am not trying to sound all preachy sweetie, just give him a chance to prove if he is worthy of you, and if you are worthy to him. I think you both are, based on the compatibility charts." Marcus said to Kalina, as he prepared to change the topic.

"I'll do that and thank you Dad for being so understanding." Kalina humbly said to her father but the big smile on her face. The scene starts to fade away.

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