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Kalina Solwick Reporting for duty

Posted on Wed Sep 9th, 2020 @ 6:08pm by Ensign Kalina Solwick & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Edited on on Wed Sep 9th, 2020 @ 6:09pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD007 0800 hrs

Kalina was a little surprised, to be meeting the USS Pioneer all the way out near the Romulan Border. She was very excited to be getting a deep space assignment. Deep down, she had hoped to meet her ship back on Earth, so she could show her parents around, and get a chance to grab a few things from storage. But there was really no time. She hoped on a transport and headed straight for Starbase Sirius.

Kalina did not know at the time, but Ameri had been tasked with the morning duty assignment. She had no idea that Ameri was on duty or who she was. She had no idea that Ameri's duty assignment was from 0600 hours to 1000 hours. And afterwords, she would be free to spend time with her family.

All Kalina knew was, she was boarding the USS Pioneer, and was eager to get settled in, and meet her new boss. All she knew about him, was he was recently promoted to the chief position.

Ameri waited for Ensign Solwick to arrive and smiled at her as she walked over.

“Welcome to the USS Pioneer,” Ameri said with a warm smile. “I am Lieutenant O’Flannagain, Chief Operations Officer. I am here to meet you and show you around.”

Kalina walked over to Ameri. "Ensign Kalina Solwick, requesting permission to come aboard sir." Kalina said with a big grin, as she stepped off the transporter padd.

“Permission granted!” Ameri gave consent. “I am going to give you a tour as well as show you your quarters, assign your clearances so you will be all set.”

"We can do all that in fifteen minutes sir?" Kalina asked. She did not want to be late for her meeting with the first officer. It did not dawn on her, that she was talking to mrs first officer.

“A tour meaning where the flight control department is, your quarters and then to see Commander O’Flannagain.” She smiled. “Trust me, I am aware of his feelings on being punctual.”

"What can you tell me about him sir?" Kalina asked, hoping that that the duty officer, would be willing to talk.

Ameri smiled to herself and then continued, thinking of Quinn’s qualities as a commander. “He is fair and down to earth. He treats everyone the same. The crew in general respect him.”

"That sounds promising." Kalina said, with a big grin on her face. She was curious to learn more, but she did not want to push her luck.

“I speak from experience,” Ameri continued. “If you make a mistake the command staff will listen and extend grace where they can.”

"That is re assuring to hear, but I hope never to make a mistake. I hope some day to be a captain." Kalina said, with a big grin on her face.

Ameri smiled at her. “You keep that confidence and eagerness for advancement and you will do well.”

"Thank you, I will do my best sir." Kalina said, with a warm hearted smile on her face. She really appreciated the nice gesture of words, that Ameri used.

“You couldn’t have been assigned to a better flight control chief either,” Ameri continued. “It was a good placement for your first assignment.”

Kalina had no idea, that her chief, was her assistant chief prior to his promotion. She was still pretty green behind the ears. And had a lot to learn, she knew that. "That's great to hear, what do you know about him?" Kalina asked, as she noticed that Ameri started to lead them out of the transporter room.

“Lieutenant Michael used to work in Operations with me before his transfer,” Ameri informed her. “He is hard working, experts efficiency in those who work for him.” She smiled then. “You will find the crew here are all good to work with.”

"Glad to hear that." Kalina said, but deep down, she was a little worried, if he was an ops officer before, why the sudden change? She assumed, it was to become a senior officer.

“He is a very good pilot,” Ameri continued. “Sometimes you have to settle for a different field for a while. I used to be in science but my first love is operations.”

"Oh I see." Kalina said, with a big grin on her face. "Where are we off to first?" Kalina said, knowing she did not have a lot of time.

“Your quarters,” Ameri said as they headed onto the turbolift. “Then I will take you to Commander O’Flannagain’s office.”

Kalina was not sure, where she would be staying, or bunking. She eagerly followed Ameri. "I only have a couple of things to drop off." Kalina said, as she had her duffle bag still in her hand. She was relieved to be getting rid of it.

Ameri stopped in front of Kalina’s assignment and entered the temporary code. “Enter the code you wish to use from now on and it will be stored.”

Kalina had a big grin on her face, as she looked over to the key pad, and put in her code. Then the doors swished open. She was eager to step through. "After you?" Kalina asked, wanting to step in first, but Ameri was leading this tour.

“You go ahead,” Ameri smiled. “This it to be your home here on the Pioneer, you should see it first.”

"Thank you Sir." Kalina said, as she walked through. She was surprised to see one bed. The room was small, but functional. She wondered if she was given the wrong room. She expected to get a roommate. "No roommates or bunk mates?" Kalina said, as she looked around for a second bed. Which did not take her long, the room was only 85 square feet.

Ameri looked at her padd and thought it was strange as well. "No, you aren't set for a roommate or bunk mate at this time." She looked at Kalina. "They may move you once there is someone to assign you to." She made a mental note to verify this assignment later.

Ameri did not know, that she was going to have a roommate. Even Kalina did not realize it, at this stage. She had just arrived, and not yet met Zaire or heard from her Great Aunt. "It's perfect, thank you Sir." Kalina said, as she put down the duffle bag on her bed, and took a once look around view of her room. "Cute, tidy and cozy I love it." She said, with a big grin.

"It's a good thing," Ameri said with a smile. "it wouldnt be good if you hated your home on the ship." She paused. "We had better head on our way to get you to see the first officer."

"I appreciate the trip home sir." Kalina said, as she walked over towards the door, and prepared to walk out with Ameri. The scene starts to fade away.

Ameri walked her to Quinn's office and left her there for her official meeting and then headed back to work.

A joint post by;

Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Kalina Solwick
Control Flight Officer, USS Pioneer


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