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New Assignment

Posted on Sun Oct 17th, 2021 @ 9:36am by Corporal Sina Ravenna & Corporal Son Th'rerheq
Edited on on Fri Oct 29th, 2021 @ 9:32pm

Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Empok Nor Various
Timeline: MD007 1300 hrs

Pathfinder Marine Corporal Sina Ravenna stood in line waiting to go through Customs and Security, This wasn't her final destination, the Starbase just acted as the Hub for Sector, where she was to meet with the Pioneer and become a member of 'the Cure', Pioneer's Marine Detachment.

The Cure had a reputation for getting s***t done and she had to admit she was a little intimidated by the prospect of joining them.

Looking around the busy station, all she wanted was a bite to eat, apparently she'd slept through the transport's meal break and had had to spend the last few hours of the journey hungry.

Corporal Son Th'rerheq hoisted his gear and quietly took in the hustle and bustle of the station as he made his way to customs. He took a quick look at his paddle and still couldn't believe his luck

"Wow, the Pioneer. You're moving up in the world. Son." He muttered to himself as he patiently waited for his turn.

Eventually it was her turn to be seen by one of the Customs Officers. "Good day, ma'am. What is the purpose of your visit to the Station?" The Customs Officer asked.

"I'm here to meet with the Pioneer, my new assignment." Sina replied.

"Very good, Ma'am, do you have anything to declare, such as weapons or contraband?"

"No, contraband, but I do have a Marine issue Pulse rifle and a k-bar, with the proper authorisation for them." She replied handing him a PADD.

The Customs officer skimmed the PADD and handed it back. "That seems to be in order," he said as he took her bag and placed in a scanner. "Just pass through the personnel scanner and you can pick up your luggage on the way through."

"Thank you." Sina replied.

The Marine passed through the scanner without any problems and a Customs Officer on the other side handed her, her bag and said "Welcome to Starbase Sirus, I hope you enjoy your stay."

"Thank you." Sina replied, accepting her bag and looking for a place to eat.

Finding what appeared to be a 20th century Earth Diner, named Arnold's, she walked into the establishment and right up to the counter.

"What can I get ya Love?" A waitress asked.

Taking a quick look at the available meals, she said. "I'll have bacon and eggs, with toast and garlic butter mushrooms. A long black coffee and Blueberry pancakes for dessert."

"Okay, Love, if you'd like to take a seat in one of the booths, I'll bring it to ya, when its done."

"Thank you." She said. As she made her way to a booth, she heard the waitress say. "Cackleberries and oinker strips, on a board with fungi in Halitosis Oil." To the cook. "Bloob gibbicks with tree sauce in the alley."

Shortly after this the waitress came to Sina's booth with a coffee cup and a pot of coffee.

Son entered shortly afterwards just in time to hear the order called back and he couldn't help but chuckle. He seated himself at a nearby table and let out a barely audible grunt as he dropped his gear.

After filling the cup for Sina, the waitress went to her new customer. Putting down the coffee pot, she pulled out a pad and pencil and asked "Hey, Love, what can I get ya?"

"Just some coffee would be great, thank you" Son smiled. "And some apple pie if you have some."

"Sure, Love." the waitress said and headed for counter, she picked up a cup and said to the cook. "Eve with a lid."

She then returned to the Andorian's and poured him a cup of coffee.

"Cackleberries and oinker strips, on a board with fungi in Halitosis Oil. Order up." the cook called.

The waitress picked up the order and brought it to Sina's table and placed in front of her." Here you go, love. Bonn appetite, I'll bring your pancakes when they're done." She said.

Looking up, Sina noticed a fellow Marine. "Hey, Corporal," She called. "Want to join me, I hate eating alone?" She asked.

"Best offer I've heard all day." The Andorian smiled. "Thanks a lot " he said as he quickly changed seats.

"I'm Sina Ravenna, a pathfinder, what's your story?" She said

"I'm Son. Nice to meet you, Sina." he said, taking a seat. "Rifleman I'd say. Been a "jack of all trades".

"And you, Son, so what brings you to the station?" She asked.

"En route to a new assignment." He said, taking a sip of coffee. "Yourself?"

"Me too, I've been assigned to the Pioneer." Sina replied.

"Here's your food, Love." The waitress said placing the apple pie in front of Son.

"Thanks!" The Andorian smiled. "The Pioneer? Small fleet I guess." He chuckled.

"Indeed." Sina said with smile. "Do you know anything about the Cure?" She asked.

"Only by reputation." Son said. "Heard a lot of stories while pulling guard duty at Starbase 234." he said

"Same here, they do have quite the rep."

"That they do." Son agreed

"I must admit I'm a little nervous about meeting Captain Tremble." Sina said.

"Glad I'm not the only one." Son nodded

They sat and eat for a while, and then a klaxon sounded.

"This is Empok Nor Security, we have a prisoner at loose on the station. We advise all visitors and non Security personnel to clear the Promenade and secure yourselves in your offices, quarters and businesses." The baritone voice of the Starbase's Security Chief sounded over the PA system. "We will advise you when its safe to leave."

Addressing her new friend, Sina, asked. "Corporal, what do you think about giving our friends in the Fleet, a hand with their Echo Papa (escaped prisoner)?

"Sounds like fun!" he grinned. "Somebody has to show the gold shirts how its done."

"Good." Sina said. Addressing the waitress, she asked. "Could you keep the pancakes hot for me?"

"Sure, love and I'll have a fresh brew for you too." The Waitress said. "You kids, go and enjoy yourselves."

"Thanks, see ya soon." Sina replied and left.

Outside the Promenade looked like a street in an Ancient Western. "Now, I suggest we check out the civilian docks, the Echo Papa is going to want to leave the Starbase. Agreed?" Sina said.

"Makes sense." Son nodded. "And Starfleet pads would be alerted by now." He pointed to his combadge. 'Split up? We each take half?" he thought for a minute. "Or better yet, target the ones closest to the brig. If I were a prisoner, I'd want to get off station as soon as I could."

"Good point, but stay frosty, we don't know if he's armed or not." Sina said as they made their way into the civilian docks.

"Roger." The Andorian replied.

Up ahead Sina saw a flash of movement. Stopping she concentrated on where she saw the movement, blocking out the ambient noise she was able to hear someone moving quickly ahead of them. Signalling to Son, she indicated that their prey maybe ahead of them moving in a port direction, and that they should approach him from two sides.

Son nodded. Using hand signals he indicated that he would block his escape.

Sina approached the target with caution, she was aware of the damage a cornered prey could do.

As she rounded the corner, she came upon a mountain of a man, still dressed in his prison garb.

She drew her weapon. "Freeze, I am here to take you in." Sina said.

The man stared down at her. "Aww, a little fairy, thinks she can beat big bad me." He bellowed.

"I'm not alone." She told him.

"Hi there." the Andorian said. "In a hurry, friend?"

"Aww, the fairy has a little blue friend." The convict bellowed. "How cute."

"Really? I always thought my skin clashed with these greens." Son shrugged. "Oh well. Anyway. I believe my colleague over there put you under arrest. Now do us a favor and just surrender, huh? Saves us paperwork, and you a trip to sickbay."

"Ha, ha, ha!" The man bellowed. He then picked up some heavy tools and threw them in Son's direction.

Son let out a loud "Uhhh." as the tools hit him in the head and the knee. Quickly shaking out the cobwebs he picked up a tool and "returned fire" so to speak

Sina fired her weapon but it had little effect on the man, who fled surprisingly fast for a man of his size.

Stopping only to check Son was unhurt, she pursued the convict deeper into the docks.

Son gave the thumbs up to Sina as she passed by him.

As she started to close on him, the criminal began throwing obstacles in her path, which she avoided with the grace of a ballerina.

"You have nowhere to go, convict, Surrender and I will go easy on you." Sina told him.

"Ha, ha, ha." The convict bellowed. "Try your best, faire, I will crush you like a bug."

Sina sighed. "Have it your way." She said.

She drew a device from one of the pockets of her uniform. Pointing it at the convict, a net flew from it and enveloped the convict.

Before he could rip it from his body, the net attacked him a strong electrical charge, causing him to hit the deck unconscious.

Sina tapped her comm. "This is Corporal Ravenna, I have the convict detained, but will require help to bring him to the Brig. I am currently in the civilian docks."

"Good work, Corporal, a retrieval team will be at you position asap. Please stand by. Commander Valenti, out. " Came the voice of the Station's Security Chief.

Next she tapped her comm. again. "Corporal Th'rerhaq, I've got him. How are you feeling?" She said.

"I'm fine. Just a little scraped up. My pride is hurt more than anything else." Son replied

The retrieval team arrived and took away the unconscious. "The Boss says thanks to you and your friend for the help." The Leader of the team told Sina.

"Not a problem." Sina said. "Also, I'd like the stun net back, when you've finished with it, I'll be at Arnold's Dinner." She then left to find Son.

Finding him, she said. "Come on, I've got some blue berry pancakes waiting for me. I'll buy you another coffee."

"Sounds like a plan." the Andorian smiled.

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