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Penny For Your Thoughts Sir?

Posted on Wed Sep 16th, 2020 @ 1:23am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sofia Cipriani
Edited on on Wed Sep 16th, 2020 @ 1:46am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Captain's Ready Room - Deck 1 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD008 0800 hrs

So they had moved. From Cardassia and the trouble they got themselves into, and out of, there to now a whole new front. A whole new challenge.

Sofia thought herself lucky to have seen two parts of space that were so important in such a short amount of time.

She had been speaking to Tyler whom had been totally ignoring her as he looked out the window at Sirius station. Lost in thought, lost in his own mind as to the challenges that lay before them but that was just Sofia's take on it.

"Sir?" she said with no reaction. "Are you listening to me?" She asked once more with nothing, not even a glance.

"Captain!" she yelled a little to snap him out of it.

"hmmmm" Tyler said as he turned to face his Yeoman. He had been half listening. Well if he were totally honest he was not listening at all. Instead the Captain was thinking toward who might be out there pulling the strings. There were a lot of reports coming in from Romulan space and none of them gave any clues as to who was in charge. He decided to feign ignorance. "I am sorry Sof I didn't hear you."

"I know that sir." She said playfully. "I tried to get you to listen to me more than once. You look as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?"

"Nothing more than any other Captain in the fleet..." Tyler said with a smile as he turned to face her. "Now you have my undivided attention. What can I do ya for?"

"Nothing, it's more of what I can do for you?" She asked back. "This quick a move, to another sector, when we were doing well where we were... makes me question why we were ordered here." she said. "I know that is sooo above my business, but you know I'm as good a sounding board as anyone. I'm not Commander O'Flannigain, I have nowhere near the experience you both have but I like to help."

Tyler smiled softly, the exuberance and excitement of youth he thought. "I would agree the move is sudden. The Captain in me answers with we serve at the fleet's whim and therefore go where the fleet commands. However, the man in me is worried. I am worried about what Starfleet is becoming. I mean all starships everywhere are being pulled back and reassigned. The fleet is condensing on the boarders. Exploration is slowing down, and a general mistrust of anything that is not Federation has begun."

"No, I know you cannot question the orders from above. There are so many above me that I know will know best the moves we make." Sofia began. "I have a cousin on Starbase 718 who has said they've shaken the stations command structure as the Romulan activity increases... but the Federation surely cannot be so narrowminded in thinking we are the perfect example of what we should be?" she half asked.

"That is exactly what I fear. That they are that narrowminded and before anyone can realize it will be too late..." Tyler said and then thought for a moment. "718 you say... That station is not too far from here. I heard about the command shake up there as well. See if your cousin can give you any information on who they are putting in charge over there. Be as discreet as you can. I believe that the battle lines of sorts are being drawn. Very soon we will have to chose what the fleet was or what it is becoming. I would like to know who is in command of that station and what side of the line they fall on. I know where Admiral Lancaster stands, and it is imperative that we have a unified front."

"Yeah, 718. I hear she's a big beautiful starbase, like Starbase One just maybe not as shiny." Sofia replied before she realised that Tyler was in fact still talking. "I'll talk to her, she mentioned a Commander T'San, I think he's an El Aurian." she shrugged a little. "I will say to her you would like some information gathered." she gave a little smile.

Sofia hated seeing anyone troubled, but there were more important people than others in her life. Her family being one, and the Captain being another now. She looked up to him, trusted him and had every confidence in the man he is. To see the frown, the pensive look out the window scared her a little and she wasn't scared to admit that.

"That would be best, tell it is curiosity and nothing more. There is no need in scaring people without warrant...." Tyler let his voice trail off as he looked out the window once more and sipped his coffee. As he swallowed the drink he forced a smile across his face. it was time to look on to bigger and better things. "...So tell me Sofia what of our Native American Marine? The two of you were spotted in After 11 the other night." He spoke now with a slight paternal tinge in his voice.

"He's pretty cool. We talked about spirit animals and stuff and he said he would do a spirit walk thing which sounds amazing. You know I like old fashioned things... and he seems a genuine guy if not a little guarded. Like he needs a good shake or something, but I'm not gonna shake him. I don't think I could manage." she gave a little laugh. "I hardly think I count as gossip on this ship, most people probably don't know who I am."

"You know for a Yeoman you may yet still have a lot to learn. People watch you as you are the power behind the chair. The title Captain has a strange mysticism to it. One that I wish was not there. However, since it is and since you are close to it then you are by extension a mystery. Well he sounds like a fairly nice one. Better than Khalon, I warned you that pilots are a difficult lot." Tyler laughed and sipped his coffee again. "If you can handle a Marine, I think a strong jarhead is just what you need." He raised his cup in a mock toast as he spoke and smiled again.

His name made her recoil slightly. It almost felt like an 'I told you so' from your father after you've done something he's told you that you shouldn't. Sofia did compose herself though.

"Handle?" she asked innocently. "I'm not trying to 'handle' anyone. I'll be the same with him as I am with you, or anyone else." she gave a little wink.

He knew was all in jest however, the tone of what they were talking about made Tyler's stomach turn briefly. He felt like a Dad who made a dirty joke to his teenage daughter. There was something wrong with that. He quickly composed himself and brought it back around. "All I am saying is he would be a good catch. Seems to be one of the few Marines that I have met that has never had an issue with anyone or anything."

Sofia did notice a small shift in Tyler, he moved uncomfortably and deep down she knew how he saw her, and how she saw him. The topic was a little uncomfortable for both but his approval did still mean a lot.

"Well, I've only just met him. He's offered to do that spirit quest so we'll see how that goes. I mean if he has like animal heads hanging from his wall or whatever then that'll freak me out..." she said as her mind wandered. "Sorry, my mama has always said I have an over-active imagination."

"I think your mama was right. I also think a certain young lady needs to hit the books and trade in the bars for some chevrons. I mean I must be the only Captain in the fleet with a Yeoman below Petty Officer." Tyler smirked, he had teased her about not going for promotion for some time. He would back her all the way if she chose to just go for it.

Sofia rolled her eyes playfully at the mention of this again. Tyler had been on at her to get her nose into reading so he could promote her. Truth be told she didn't care for rank, nor privilege, she just liked doing a good job and making sure everything was in order. "Fine, if it means that much to you. I'd hate for you to be the gossip at all the big parties." she joked. "I've actually already been looking at it, I just wanted to surprise you." she admitted. "So, surprise!"

A joint post by;

Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer

Crewman Sofia Cipriani
Yeoman, USS Pioneer


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