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New Technology, Same Issues

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 7:43pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Paul Michael & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Lieutenant Josh Randall
Edited on on Tue Jul 28th, 2020 @ 1:41am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD006 1530 hrs

Paul had been working on the new drive for days now, spending all his time, while the ship was docked, in main engineering.
The station's engineers had installed the drive, but Paul wanted to go over everything again, from diagnostics to checking the drive's new circuits.

El walked into engineering. "You still here Pauly? I don't know, if I didn't know better, either you're after my job, which you can have if you can deal with the paperwork, or you're avoiding someone." She joked, passing him one of the cups in her tray.

"Here, coffee. Non-replicated, and proper out of a cow milk. One of the benefits of being docked."

Paul looked at Diari. "Don't want your job, Lieutenant, very happy with mine. Captain will want to test this engine out when we leave the spacedock, so I wanted to double check the work the station's engineers did." He refused the coffee and smiled, "Thanks, but no thanks, I'm not a coffee drinker. And just to clarify, I'm not avoiding anyone, Auba.....this needs to get done."

"It's OK, Paul, actually, don't blame you for wanting to double check- if I wasn't doing the power grid, I'd be there with you. I heard the rumour about you getting married, Congrats, When I find it, you can have my old wedding ring to use." Elen replied, trying to put him at ease- she could tell he felt tense.

Just then, the ship's new surgeon, Dr. Josh Randall, entered main engineering.

Tyler made his way to Main Engineering. He officially had some time off however, he was eager to see what the QSD looked like and how it operated. He knew that the installation was almost completed. He strode into Engineering wearing jeans, a pair of cowboy boots, and a flannel shirt. "Elen how goes the installation of our new drive?"

"Honestly, Captain, I don't know. Been setting up the new ECP Power grid around the ship, that's been my priority- Paul's been shadowing the install team, he knows it better." Elen answered, feeling truth was the best way to go.

Randall, with some spare time on his hands, was walking around engineering, just looking around, as he was taking a stroll around the ship.

Paul saw the captain come in, and while the captain spoke with Diari, he continued with his diagnostics. Paul couldn't put his finger on it, but he felt something was wrong with the installation of the new QSD.

Tyler looked and walked toward Paul. "So tell me Paul, what are we dealing with and use Captain words..." He joked. "In truth I am hoping to never have to use the thing. But it will be nice to have in a pinch."

Paul looked at the captain. "I've been double checking the station engineers work, and truthfully, I can't find anything wrong....but I have a gut feeling that either they screwed something or I just missed it in my double check, sir. But I plan on starting at the beginning and going over what they did with a fine tooth comb, sir."

"Good man. But sometimes on a rare occasion a gut could be wrong." Tyler replied with a smile. He understood hunches and most of his were right. However, sometimes they are wrong and Tyler did not want to see the other man burn out trying to prove a hunch.

Paul looked at the captain. "If my gut is wrong and there's nothing wrong with the new drive, then so be it. But I would feel better double checking things before we have to use it, sir."

"Ok, Paul, I'll give you another 48 hours- then I'll get the sign-off from the install crew. Here's the contacts from two specialists I know, talk it over with them, might have an idea or two why it feels off." Elen passed over a Padd with two faces on them.

Paul took the contacts names. "Of course, lieutenant. I'll get in touch with them immediately." Paul turned and headed to the nearest comm panel.

Dr Randall kept walking around engineering. He saw the captain involved in what appeared to be high level talks, so he held back.
He noticed an attractive woman who seemed to be in charge of engineer. So when she had stepped away from the conversation with the captain, he approached her.
He walked over to the woman. "Hello. I'm Josh Randall, ship's surgeon." he said to Diari.

"Elen Diari. Ship's repairer, and engine holder-together-er." She replied, holding out her hand.

Josh shook the offered hand. "A pleasure to meet you." He held onto the hand for a few seconds, thinking ~This woman is beautiful~ Then he released her hand. "I never usually walk into engineering on any of the ships I've been posted to, but I heard that we got a new drive. Is that true?"

"Yep, a new Quantum Slipstream. Personally, don't like it- too many fiddly bits, needing minute adjustments. Would have preferred a Transwarp Coaxial- bigger lump but easier to fix. Bit like a laser scalpel compared to a normal knife" She explained.

Tyler cocked an eyebrow at his two officers. Better safe then sorry... he thought as he turned toward the door, but not before he took one look at the warp core. It got more beautiful every time he looked at it. When turned away from the core he noticed Elen talking with one of the medical staff. Seeing someone from medical in engineering was something of interest for Tyler, especially when he did not recognize the Doc. "Doc, welcome to Engineering..." he said with a broad smile.

Josh looked at the captain, returning the smile. "Captain, Doctor Josh Randall, just transferred in. I heard that the ship has a new drive and I was curious to see it. And then I met this lovely lieutenant, and she was filling me in."

"Excellent Dr Randall and welcome aboard. I am sure that you are in good hands with Lieutenant Diari. It is not often that someone from Sick Bay wanders down here without being ordered to." Tyler said with a chuckle. He subconsciously held out his hand and as if on cue someone placed a cup of coffee in it. He sipped it without thinking and savored the warmth and the caffeine in his bloodstream.

Randall looked at the Captain. "I had some time on my hands and I heard we have a new drive, so I decided to check it out, Captain. I wandered in and ran into this lovely person who started explaining it to me."

El leaned over to the doctor "If you're going to fantasise about me, blue lingerie, not red. ",smirked, and walked off to her office.

Randall watched her leave and walk into her office. "If you'll excuse me captain." Randall walked over to the chief engineer's office and pressed the door chime.

Tyler watched the Doctor follow behind Diari. If he did not know any better he would have thought that the Pioneer shaped up to be the birthing place of many a couple. That would be an interesting match. Tyler thought as he turned to leave Engineering.

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