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Dress Shopping

Posted on Wed Nov 18th, 2020 @ 4:52pm by Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant Lwaxana Myles
Edited on on Tue Dec 1st, 2020 @ 8:30am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Various
Timeline: MD006 1500 hrs

Lax Myles came into the quarters that she shared with her husband itching to get out of her pt gear. "Ah, nothing like a run!" she said. "Now what to do woth the rest of my day." she asked the empty room. Being a damage control specialist, she wasnt really needed when the ship was whole.

She dressed in a fresh uniform after a quick sonic shower and came into the living area. Once entering she found a padd, which of course she read


Dont forget to see Jenn Masters like we talked about. After all, she will need a dress. And yu know fashion better than me.


Lax facepalmed. "Oh right!" she said. She tapped her commbadge. "Lt Myles to Masters." she said.

Jenn had just seated behind her desk for a well deserved cup of tea. This was her first break since she started. She been throwing herself at intell data since the death of Dana. and he combadge lived up and the voice of mrs Myles came through. She tapped her badge. "Masters here. What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if we could meet a little later. Larim suggested that I might be able to help in your upcoming nuptials" Lax said.

"How much is a little later?" Jenn asked. "I have some time now and I could use a change of scenery. Also Billy has been pushing me to get a break." She rolled her eyes. "He should talk." She then continued, "But anyways, as I said, I have some time now."

"Fine by me" Lax replied. "Meet in mess hall?" She suggested

Jenn smiled and said, "Be right there." As she got up went to the mess hall.

The walk wasn't long to the mess hall. She walked in to find Lax already sitting there. She sat down next to her and said, "So this is my first wedding and money is no problem. Let's just say I inherited some money and I was told to spend it on me. So you could say someone gifted me this wedding." She grinned.

Lax grinned back. "That's always good. Plus your saving money on the venue too." She laughed. "Something to drink before we start?" She offered. "Its on me."

"Get me a juice, I think I would like to be clearheaded for this one I think," Jenn said as she looked around. "So how are we going to do this, you got any catalogs or we going to the holodeck. Seriously don't make this too fancy, I am not a princess. Well...more like Xena, warrior princess." She laughed nervous.

"Well..she was basically Wonder Woman right?" Lax grinned. "And I guess however you want. Holodeck you get instant feedback."

Jenn nodded, "Plus I get to try them on." She said in thought. "Ok, let's get to the holodeck."

They went to get a drink and then went to the holodeck. She let Lax load the program and they walked in to a room with lots of dresses on one side and mirrors on the other side. "So do we proceed?"

"I guess so" Lax shrugged. "I certainly would. "Although I really don't know how much help I'd be. Lar and I went the traditional route " she laughed. "But I give good feedback."

"Oh that's nice," Jenn said, as she pulled a dress from the rack. She had no clue. This was her first wedding and she really though this was a great opportunity for her to get to know Lax better. But she wasn't looking forward to a naked wedding, so she wanted to go a more human wedding. "Ok maybe it's time to call in the cavalry." Of course this would be better with her maid of honor anyways, She was married, so she should know a lot about this stuff. She tapped her badge. "Ameri, this is Jennifer, could you join me and Lax...Lieutenant Myles in the holodeck. I could really use my maid of honor now."

Ameri listened to Jenn and sensed a desire for some help. She remembered her own wedding as if it were yesterday and headed to the holodeck. Heading in, she saw Jenn with Lieutenant Myles looking through wedding dresses and headed over. "I came right away!" She smiled at Masters. "Looking for that special something?"

"Well, I don't know," Jen said as she grabbed a dress from the rack and looked at it. "This is my first wedding and well aside from when I was a little girl, I never wore any dresses. I never been to a school dance, I thought it was a waste of my time. I am a pretty simple a functional girl for the most part. "

"There are wedding outfits that are one piece with pants," Ameri suggested. "Are you going traditional with white?" Anymore, most wore whatever color they wanted. "If we don't find what you want here I am sure we can check elsewhere."

"Well, that sounds like something I would like to wear," Jen said. "I am not very traditional. Purple, grey and black are my colors mostly. And I just remember that it's not quite true I haven't worn a dress since. I have worn a cocktail dress for some informal occasions and undercover work. With flats, I am not the high heels girl. Also the black cocktail dress is the only dress I have in my wardrobe." She sighed. "I just told the holodeck to go to the first shop it had in the database. Like I said, I don't really know what I am doing."

"Has the merit of efficiency" Lax chimed in. "And something in purple sounds really cool actually. Good combo with grey. Or vice versa"

“If you wear purple, then I could wear a lavender to compliment yours,” Ameri said with a smile. “Perhaps we should ask the store owner if they have what we’re looking for. They may simply think you want a dress.”

"This is a holodeck, so you mean the holographic owner?"Jenn asked. She thought a moment. "Computer, activate holo shop owner." The computer tjirped and the female Bolian shop owner appeared.

"How can I help you?" The Bolian shop owner asked.

“We are looking for something different than what you have here,”‘Ameri explained. “Do you have a section of wedding apparel for the bride with pants instead of a dress?”

The Bolian holographic show owner looked at the ladies for a moment, seemingly in thought and then said as she snapped her fingers, "Of course ladies, I think this is what you are looking for." The rack of wedding dresses disappeared and a new rack appeared. "Who is the bride?"

Jennifer raised her hand and the shop owner walked past the rack and then pulled out several hangers. "Here's one with a deep v neck, and here is one with a long overcoat, and here is one with a split over skirt. Try these. I think these look very good on you." She pointed her to the dressing rooms in the back. "I have matching veils and shoes for each of these," She added.

Jennifer went to the dressing rooms the Bolian woman was pointing at. As she put the first one she noticed the wedding suit, as she couldn't describe it other wise, was accentuating her figure. The sleeves were of a different fabric than the rest of her body, while the pants were of the same fabric as the sleeves.

She walked out to show it off to her two friends.

Ameri looked at Jenn and smiled. “It looks really pretty on you.” It wasn’t what she would wear but somehow it just looked right for what Masters would wear.

Jenn seemed not satisfied with this choice. She went back in and changed in to the second one. She really liked the overcoat. She stepped out to show it to her friends. "I might favor this one." She explained as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Ameri looked at it for a long moment and then thought about the other one. “I liked the other one but this one makes it pale in comparison.”

"Hmm," Jenn looked in the mirror again. "Let me try on the other one." She went back to the dressing room and put the other one on. She walked out. "A split over skirt? "Well what do you girls think?"

“I like the last one you had on better,” Ameri said after looking at her for a long moment. “It looks terrific on you and seems more ‘you’ if that makes sense.”

Jenn nodded. "that does make sense. Let's go with this one and wrap this up. I think we have been among these dresses too long already."

Ameri agreed with Jenn. She had found one that she loved, it was time now to move on to the other details for the wedding.

"Works for me." Lax said

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