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The Alamo

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Mission: Episode 9 - Empok's End
Location: Empok Nor - Various
Timeline: MD002 1100 hrs

Captain Robert Rhodes knelt behind the quick barriers set up in the The Cluster’s docking area facing the access doors. His combat armor had scoring on it and he felt like he hadn’t slept in days, despite the keep awakes he’d taken.

The station had been under attack for nearly 12 hours and they’d lost the majority of it. First the station’s shielding and weapon systems had went off line during the last stages of the stations evacuation. The back-ups had kicked in within 20 seconds, but it had been too late and the boarding action had begun. Operations had been overwhelmed within fifteen minutes and various bastions like the Security offices and Engineering within thirty.

Cardassians front line troops and what had been identified as Maquis light troops had boarded the station en-force, met by station security and the Marines. The holding action had only been effective for an hour before the defenders were forced to give ground. As they fell back, the defense had become more efficient, but still the enemy had overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

Still, the Marines had lost two squads by this point. It was a bitter pill as the Operations officer looked at their options.

It was a short list.

A noise in the outer corridor caused him to look up he saw to battle armored marines emerge. The bay’s defenders all breathed a sigh. They would know when an attack was coming, but everyone was still tense.

The armored marines clanked their way over, removing their helmets, revealing Lieutenant Malcolm Sanders and his First Sgt. Shev ne Dar. The blonde human glanced at the Bolian Sergeant then saluted the Captain and said without preamble, “It’s FUBAR, sir. No reason sugar coating it.”

Rhodes gave the MARVEL-EAS suited Lieutenant a give it to me gesture and the blonde continued, “I have a star of marines out there, conducting hit and run and holding actions with elements of station security and Recon element ‘J’ under Staff Sergeant Myers. We regained parts of decks 14 through 20 when we blew the power couplings and cut the gravity grids. Then the Breen hit us and pushed us back to where we are now. Recon says they’re massing for a push right up the pipe. I’d say we have about ten minutes before the push.”

The Bolian grunted as he looked at Rhodes’s tactical display and asked, “Any chance of reinforcements or getting pulled out?”

Rhodes shook his head at the Sergeant, “No.” he said simply. “They own space and comm’s are cut. Me and my magic eight ball says that prospects are not good.”

The Bolian grunted and Sanders looked grim. “I’d like to get my hands on whoever cut the power then spiked the power relays to the Morgue. There are ten suits in there that are fried…”

“Spilt milk,” Captain Rhodes said shaking his head, “How won’t help us.” The Captain felt a bowling ball settle into his stomach and made more notations on the holographic screen. “I don’t plan on surrendering. The Order doesn’t have a great track record…,” the S3 stated and the others nodded.

Glancing at the Lieutenant, he said, “Recall Element J. I’m going to order them to go to ground with a picked team to support reinforcements when they arrive.”

The lieutenant nodded and glanced at the Bolian. “Shev, find platoon ‘C’ and have them start drawing stores and report to Myers when he arrives.”

The captain nodded in agreement with the Lieutenant’s order and the Bolian saluted and moved off.

“Prepare the morgues and those busted suits for demolition before you go back out. I’ll get the boys and girls ready….,” the Captain said, laying a hand on the armored shoulder of the Marine and Sanders nodded.

“Aye sir,” the battle suited marine said before saluting and walking deeper into the Cluster.

* * *

Shek Mer Kat looked over her assembled troops, all battle scarred. Some wounded and felt pride swell through his chest. So far resistance had been as expected and losses executable. She was especially proud of those who had died well for the Order's cause.

They would be remembered.

"The push will begin soon," she stated out of the blue, her mouth vocalizing her thoughts. "True Cardassians will remember this day and will realize they are being led falsely by the deluded Council." She said the last with obvious disdain and contempt before she continued.

"You...we have all paid for our dedication to the true way of things and now it is OUR TIME," she exerted, raising a balled, armored fist as her troops cheered. "We are not wa-xax," she continued, referring to a slow, stupid herd animal on Cardassia Prime.

It was also a slur used by certain elements of the Order to those who blindly followed the supposedly legitimate government. "Prepare!" she finished as she saw movement toward the rear of the section of promenade they were using as a mustering area.

Breen shock troops had arrived.

* * *

Chief Petty Officer Aavima zh’Qevith raised her modified phaser rifle to her shoulder and allowed the targeting filters of her helmet to lock onto the small craft as it moved across the landing area near the upper pylon 3. “Charlie. Hunker down, you’ve got fighter closing in on the pylon to your 3,” she said over the secure comm channel. Off in the distance, the Andorian could see the small silhouette of her partner get small against one of the bulwarks near the pylon of the docking ring. “Glad you still have eyes on me Chief,” the voice crackled back. “I’m still not so sure of this idea, but at least you were crazy enough to come with me.”

“I’m impressed you went along with it. Not many would have volunteered to carry plasma mines across an open docking ring. Just stay small for a moment and wait for this patrol to pass.” The glow of phaser fire could be seen through the inner ring viewports as the evacuation continued, but she needed to concentrate. The two of them had much bigger fish to fry, specifically the Antares-class transport that was sidling up to the docking ring, bringing reinforcements and supplies to the Cardassian incursion force that was overwhelming the station. They were ghosts to anyone but the sharpest eyes looking out a window, and that was slim odds at this moment.

The attack craft veered away sharply, to resume its patrol pattern; “Charlie, push off and get moving. You have a clear path to the transport. Estimating 2 minutes to docking,” she said quickly. “I’ve got your cover, so hustle.” “Yes ma’am,” the voice rang back, and the silhouette began its phantom trek across the docking ring again. A few moments later, the figure slipped over the edge of the ring and disappeared from Aavima’s line of sight. “I’ve lost visual, switching to sensors only. Still no sight of our friends in the sky. Secure the payload and come home.”

“Roger that Chief. Locking charges now. Comms going dark,” the whispered voice replied. The next few moments were tense, and Aavima found herself holding her breath now and then as the seconds ticked by, ever slower by her count. A moment later, the phantom silhouette rolled over the edge of the docking ring and drifted across the open decking before latching itself to the hull of the station.

“Fire in the hole.”

* * *

Meanwhile in sickbay Nurse Daha Pirji had finally finished up her medical kit. Doctor Abernathy had started the evacuation of the injured, but medical personnell were required to still go out for search and rescue. A respond time was hardly given when the first injured were brought in. The medical team was trained for this, but Pirji never actually been in situation like this,

Angela walked up to the young Bajoran nurse. She knew that she hadn't much field expierience, but having to train the young Bajoran herself, she knew that the only way was to get out there. "Nurse Daha." She called to her.

Pirji almost jumped up and turned to the doctor and her mentor. "Yes, doctor?"

"This is it, Nurse, this is the real deal," Angela pointed to four marines standing at the door. She had been able to get four of them for this little mission. "You're going on a mission. I have inititated the evacuation. We need to get off this station. I have to remain here and lead the evacuation. So I need you to get out on to the promenade and the habitat ring to evacuate the remaining injured."She sighed as she continued. "I won't lie to you, Pirji," She used her given name as the two had gotten close over time and this was a serious sitation. "It's not pretty out there, and the station is being boarded. I can't promise you will come back. This is the order, the worse of the worse Cardassians. I don't have to tell you what they're like."

Pirji was still a child during the last years of the occupation. But as a Bajoran she wasn't shielded from it. Her parents told her about the Obsidian Order. She had hoped that with the ending of the Occupation she didn't had to face them again. But as a starfleet officer she knew what her duty here was. She nodded to Angela. "Understood, doctor." Her duty came before her own feelings. She walked to the marines. There was an option she wouldn't make it out alive, or she would be captured by the order. She had mied feelings about that last part.

A marine in blast scarred personal armor glanced up as the Bajoran approached and saluted. "Corporal Blevens, Ma'am. The rest here have names, but you can call them Bevis, Lex and Shaw." The corporal indicated a female Bolian, and two male humans, all with subdued PFC insignia painted on their armor. "My information is that we're supposed to give you some cover on a sweep for casualties before the pull back." The heavy set man glanced over her professionally and asked, "You ready for something like that?"

Pirji was a young and proud Bajoran, but she didn't make any illusions for herself. "This is the first time I am going out like this. But Doctor Abernathy trained me herself. She wouldn't have send me if she wasn't sure I wasn't ready."

The Lance Corporal's eyes indicated he might think differently, but he kept it to himself. "As you say...Ensign?" he asked, glancing over her for a rank insignia. "We'll be moving fast. Stick near me and keep your cool. He gave her another once over. "You've got your gear? A weapon?"

Pirji held up a kit in one hand and a handphaser in the other. "Standard edition, Lance corporal." She said. She wanted to smile for that, but she kept her face straight. They were under attack. There was nothing really to smile about and this marine seemed very serious. "Lead the way," She added.

"Right," the corporal nodded. "We'd better get about things or it'll be too late and we'll have to rescue ourselves," he tried to joke.

Heavy on the try.

A couple of Privates entered Sickbay with redheaded civilian. "Corporal, this is Dr. O'Rourke, she refused evac and said she'd be of more use in Sickbay." The Fire team leader said.

Blevens rolled his eyes and looked toward Dr. Abernathy, "She did say Sickbay. Looks like you have more help, Doc."

"Doctor, I'm Dr. O'Rourke, I'm a psychiatrist by profession, but I've kept up to date on my medical training, since leaving med school. So where should I start?

Angela nodded, "Thank you, doctor, we could use all the help we can get. We must evacuate sickbay as soon as possible. The marines are keeping the promenade secure for now, so we have to move quickly. Please take care of any wounded coming in here. There is a triage center over there," She pointed near the entrance of sickbay as she continued, "I am going to prepare the severely wounded for transport."

"Aye, Doctor." Titania said, and grabbing a medical tri-corder, she got to work.

* * *

A soundless plume of blue and white plasma ripped across the dark void, blinding her sensors and plunging her visor display into darkness for a brief moment. The next thing she saw was the tumbling debris and figures of the troop transport as it pushed backwards from the station docking ring by the force of the blast. A rumble pushed into her feet from underneath the hull for a moment before going still again; the blast must have ripped a hole into the outer hull of the station, voiding most of the deck before the emergency fields activated. The tumbling wreck of the transport wheeled away from her position gasping its last breaths; a job well done.

“Command, Chief zh’Qevith on. Target Bravo disabled along with docking port 6. Moving to next location,” she spoke quickly before switching back to her partnered comm. “Let’s go Charlie. Time to climb up the spire and fry the big fish,” she said, giving a glance to the Galor-class battleship connected to the docking arm far above them.

“Right behind you Chief.” Aavima lowered the rifle and moved to pack the camoline sheet that hid her from sensors when she caught sight of it. The fast patrol craft was back, and it must have seen them. It was moving fast, and looked to be on an attack vector. “Charlie!! Incoming!” she shouted into the vox. She raised her rifle as quickly as she could and cycled her targeting system back into view. “Chief, its coming! What do I do?!”

“Move it soldier! Keep moving, I’ve got you!” she called back. She targeted the craft as it sped in, when a blinding flash filled the visor again. The ship had opened fire on the area striking the hull multiple times; ruptures formed and air blasted out of perforations from the shots. Her vision returned, but Charlie was nowhere to be seen; there was, nothing there. She swung the rifle and took aim on the patrol ship and opened fire. Bursts of phaser fire ripped through the void, illuminating her position but she didn’t care. This was personal now, and she had a vendetta with that pilot. The cloak floated off her shoulders as her shots tore through the darkness; the craft turned sharply as her shots found their mark, pummeling its shields as it closed distance. Closer it came, and it loomed larger in her helmet’s visor, until everything flashed white again, and the hull went silent.

* * *

Dartaw K'gunn led a small group of Security personnel in series of guerrilla attacks on the invaders. The Klingon Special Forces officer was in his element.

He screamed in triumph as his bat'leth claimed the head of a Breen officer.

Pausing only to booby trap the enemy corpses, and claim their weapons, the Security Chief's people returned to their hiding places to plan their next moves.

Sergeant Major Shi'rid advanced around the deck from alcove to alcove. Rather than keep his phaser in use he elected for the Klingon weapon mek'leth, which he held at the ready. He paused and inhaled through his nose the honed warrior could smell the enemy. However, there was another scent on the air one that was familiar yet different. He turned the corner and found the station's Security Chief laying in wait. "Commander you should be aboard a shuttle by now. We are to cover your exit."

"I may be a Starfleet Officer, but I am also a Klingon warrior and I will not abandon this station to these qarDaSngan (Cardassians) and their Breen lapdogs." Dartaw said.

Shi'rid punched himself in the chest and spoke. "vaj batlh Suv legh Dop loDnI'" (Then it will be an honor fight at your side brother). Silently the Marine swore that he would see to it that the Security Chief made it through this whatever it was. "Orders sir?"

"We will use the station to our advantage. We will strike the enemy swift and hard. We will irritate them like glob flies." Dartaw said.

"Perhaps today is a good day to die..." the Sgt Major replied as he indicated that Dartaw should lead the way that he would take the rear.

"Qapla'!" Dartaw replied before moving forward.

* * *

Elsewhere Major Cadama Roi was monitoring the advance of the invaders. She turned to Rachelle Lamberti. "Shouldn't you have evac'ed with the other Starfleet crew?" She asked.

"Probably, but I've become quite attached to this place and I'm damned if I'm going to give it up without a fight." The Intel Chief replied.

"Fair enough, it looks like you're going to get that fight. We're out numbered and they appear to have had some help from someone who knows this station well." Roi said.

* * *

Alexandra Hobard had her orders, and they were to evac and regroup at Camp McCoy. These were orders that she could not follow, and would not follow. This station was home and if they wanted a fight then she would give them such a fight. She knelt at junction K-7 D'Tar was right next to her as they had just gotten the little girl and their prisoner aboard a transport with Lieutenant Tam. "Corporal I want you to know that I have elected to ignore a direct order to fall back and evacuate. You do not have to stay..." Her voice trailed off as her implication was made clear.

"Com's busted Sergeant. I'm not letting you have all the fun." Then he smirked, "Later, we can say we got hung up over procedure. You refused an order, I placed you under arrest. You ordered me not to and it all got lost in committee." The Romulan shifted the carbine around and touched a control. A brief humming sounded and he smiled, "Besides, I've been wanting to try this noise/sound reducer mod in combat for a while."

She smiled and locked a new power source into her phaser rifle. "...And it has been said that Romulans are no fun. We are going to have to get to Ops. The major issue here is pushing through without collateral damage. Civvies are still making their way off the station. But this place is already swarming with Cardies and Maquis. What the hell would have them working together? What do you think?" Alexandra spoke while keeping her eyes darting about. She was not about to die here.

The Romulan hummed slightly as he checked the rest of his equipment then said, "Who knows. The enemy of my enemy is my friend? The Maquis have been misguided children for a decade, if scuttlebutt is to be believed."

Then D'Tar said, "What I KNOW, is that I do believe it is time to put my old Gunnery Sergeant's wisdom. Shoot all Cardassians. If they run, they might be innocent. If they stand still, they're well disciplined. Either way, things will sort themselves out."

She smiled as she leveled her weapon. "Well Corporal, lock and load because we are in spoon city. If they wear a uniform take em out..." Her smile faded into something a bit more somber. "D'Tar just in case I don't get a chance to say it later. Thanks for staying, and it has been a pleasure to serve with you in our beloved Corps."

"That doesn't get you out of buying the first round when this is all said in done, sergeant," the Romulan replied, tightening his helmet and adjusting the targeting monocle. "But, I do have to say, you're one of the more agreeable beings it's been my pleasure to serve with. So, I say Let's GET SOME."

* * *

Chief Petty Officer Aavima zh’Qevith stood of the hull of Empok Nor, rifle across her shoulder and standing resolute as the debris from a Cardassian patrol/interceptor drifted over her head and clanged off the upper docking pylon. “Charlie…… I’m sorry I couldn’t do more than avenge your sacrifice. They will all pay for their treachery today.” She said through seething anger and gritted teeth, a flush of purple crossing her temples and up her curved antennae.

She turned and activated her maneuvering thrusters, “Command, this is Chief zh’Qevith. I’m proceeding to next target solo. If you’re still listening, scratch one fighter with that transport. Skies are clear and I’m on the move; out.”

* * *

Command Center

Gul Typhon Prenar and James Leyton stepped off the lift and into Empok Nor's Command Center. They found it empty of personnel. This fact brought a smile to both of their faces. The Cardassian more so than the Human. "You had your worries Leyton but everything is going as I have planned. Even more important is that the station is mine. What little resistance is left will be crushed." Prenar spoke as he let his finger drift across the consoles reverently.

"Yes Gul Prenar I have to hand it to you I had my doubts and yet here we stand. But I would not count Malbrooke and the Pioneer out just yet. I will not feel comfortable until that ship is destroyed and no longer a threat." Leyton replied as he looked around a little nervously. His phaser at his side but in his hand.

"You worry too much. I have plans for Malbrooke and the Pioneer. If they took the bait they will be destroyed by now The Silence does not like noise and Malbrooke's crew is nothing but noise. From here we launch our war. The one that will prove to the Federation that they are weak, and that you were correct. At the same time restoring the Obsidian Order and Cardassia to it's rightful government." Prenar could not help but chuckle as he spoke.

Leyton had his doubts but the Cardassian had charisma if nothing else. Prenar had a way of making anyone believe in his plans, and that they would succeed. James Leyton did just that, and allowed himself to relax and even laugh a bit.

Typhon stood in the center and stared at the viewscreen smugly. The Cardassian loved to bask in his victories and this was the greatest one yet. After years of climbing the mountain here he was at the summit. It was all the sweeter when his beloved daughter notified him a few days ago that his son Hadir was in the next system. Revenge would be sweet and would not be swift. "Admiral would you be so kind as to give me a status report on this my greatest Opus."

Leyton smiled and quickly pulled up the tactical readout. The battle was pretty one sided, Empok Nor did not know what hit them. What added insult to injury was that they had the shield modulations for the station thanks to Quaid. "There is some good and some bad here..."

Leyton was interrupted as Prenar turned his head sharply "Bad you dare to say anything is bad..." Prenar snarled.

"Typhon I am merely saying that the Breen did not jam the signal in time and it seems that Hood got a message out. We are now tracking a number of ships en route here at high warp, the Pioneer among them. However, other than that everything is proceeding as we had predicted. The Cardassian fleet is docking at every available docking port. The Maquis have taken up fighter patrols all around the station. The Breen are fanning out through the station and the station personnel are evacuating."

"And when those ships arrive my dear Admiral they will be promptly destroyed. Thus a new Cardassian and Federation war shall be ignited." Prenar said as he clapped Leyton on the back.

The two men watched the battle progressed and unfolded with broad smiles of victory on their faces.

A Maquis turned from of the stations. "Sirs, a ship is entering the system at high warp, definitely Starfleet. Her shields are raised and she is ready for battle. Give a moment to get her transponder." Both Leyton and Prenar regarded the officer with anticipation. "Transponder reads NCC-74757, Intrepid Class USS Pioneer. Orders?"

Leyton knew this would come and was thankful that at least for the time being Prenar was leaving the Pioneer to him. "Fire a warning shot and hail them. This shouldn't take long..." Leyton used to serve as the Chief of Starfleet Operations. As such he knew the weaknesses of every ship in the fleet. The Pioneer would not stand much of a chance, but the question was did Malbrooke understand that.

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