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Children Causing Problems Part II

Posted on Tue Aug 13th, 2019 @ 6:09am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Ensign Dana Wakefield
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Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Corridor Outside Holodeck 1 - Deck 5 USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD008 1100 hrs

Last Time On Children Causing Problems Part I

With that, he gathered up the PADD's and headed out of his ready room by the side exit and straight into a turbolift.

"Transporter room, one," he said as the computer made the usual confirmation tone and the turbo lift gently began to move.

And Now The Conclusion...

Wilfred's arrival was unexpected, his name preceded him and so did that of the USS Underwood, a flagship that was well renowned but Wilfred was known for only taking the best of the best, and he worked them hard. This little detour was inconvenient, to say the least, after all, he had his own orders and own mission to conduct. Luckily Empok Nor and the Pioneer were only a slight detour and this wasn't going to take long. With that, the sound of doors opening disrupted his thought, he glanced up.

"Captain, Lieutenant," he said in a tone that commanded respect and authority.

Tyler and Rachel were about to part ways. Both knew that it would seem as favouritism if they were to be seen together and have lunch together. However, the voice calling for them stopped them dead in their tracks. Rachel had no idea who the man was save that he was an Admiral. Tyler, on the other hand, knew exactly who he was looking at. "Admiral Sutherland what brings you to the Pioneer. I know it is not for a tour." A smirk crawled across Tyler's lips. He knew that the Admiral would try something sooner or later, however, Tyler doubted his sister would fall for it.

"I know my presence here is unexpected," he said turning his gaze to Rachel. "But I believe you are prosecuting my daughter?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Rachel's eyes widened for the moment. The Admiral Sutherland was Wakefield's dad. This is just gorram great! She thought. "Yes, Admiral I am the judge assigned to hear the case. However, if you think you can use your rank to sway me. You are sorely mistaken."

"Now, now Lieutenant. I'm not here to interfere with your trial, I'm here to simply ensure a beneficial outcome for my daughter, yourself and the Captain," he said looking at both of the officers. "After all, I have been going through the mission reports and other logs about my daughter's recent erratic behaviour and I am sure the Captain would agree, this isn't consistent or normal behaviour of the daughter I know," he said in a more soft tone as he looked at the Captain for a little help.

Tyler looked toward the Admiral and then to his sister. "The Admiral is right Dana has not been acting like herself."

Rachel frowned. "Admiral with all due respect if that is the case, and you want to use your rank to assist your daughter. Why don't you make yourself available to the defense to testify as a witness?"

The Admiral simply said "I'm not here in an official capacity Lieutenant, I'm simply here as any concerned father would be and as I said, I'm simply here to help you facilitate a mutually acceptable outcome." he said looking at Tyler "The Captain here has an insubordinate officer, who struck a fellow officer. I'd quite rightly take them off his hands and ensure they got the help they needed." He paused "And with respect Lieutenant, I can see where this trial is going, they are going to plead on my daughter's mental well-being, saying she wasn't in full control of her actions, it wouldn't surprise me if they even want an adjournment for a full psychological screening which would delay the trial even more and perhaps has just cause for provocation." he paused, letting her process the information just for a second. "Hell she might get her off the hook altogether, as reading the reports she was ordered to push fellow officers and she did have a jug of water poured over her head, couple that with mental distress and well......" he again paused he liked drawing out the picture, and as an Admiral people rarely called him out on it. "So this is where it's mutually beneficial for us all, Captain Malbrooke gets rid of a troubled officer, you, my dear, get a successful prosecution against an Admiral's daughter no less, Dana gets a demotion and a transfer to my vessel and I manage to save her career, I'd say that was mutually beneficial to us all. Otherwise, I may have to step in and recommend that full psychological evaluation, as well as call a couple of expert witness on post-traumatic stress who could describe behaviours when someone is pushed to the limits. I could call half of the crew as a witness as I understand she busted quite a few balls in a staff meeting, it would be interesting to see why they thought of her behaviour and mental state of mind as well." he said now turning to Tyler "What do you think, Captain?"

Tyler's visage and tone went a bit darker. He knew what the Admiral was doing and hated it. The fact that Sutherland and others like him got away with it is what Tyler hated about Starfleet. "Let us not forget Admiral that you get to prevent your precious name through the mud. Look since you are here as a concerned father let us drop the ranks, and simply talk turkey. You are standing here threatening an officer of the court that you will bury her in paperwork, and you expect me to go along with it. Of all the..." Tyler was interrupted as Rachel placed a hand on his shoulder and stepped forward.

Rachel Malbrooke knew that her father and Tyler had one thing in common, their temper. She did not want Tyler to step knee-deep into the mud. "Tyler your own testimony attests to what the Admiral here is saying. Admiral in order to remain impartial, as I am sure you would like me to be. I must hear the defense. However, the best I can offer you is if the defense matches what you say then I will take all you have said under advisement."

Right if the defense matches. He will see to it... Tyler thought as he shot both of them a stern look.

Wilfred's facade remained neutral, he simply looked at the Captain and replied, his voice a little more commanding this time. "Captain, I wasn't making threats, I was simply sharing the path that the defense will be taking. I have grave concerns like the fact Lieutenant Wakefield was the only one confined to the brig, instead of the medical bay. And why her co-conspirator was not also confined, after all the Chief of Security's log showed the Lieutenant was also struck by a fellow officer, while she was already restrained may I add."

"Lieutenant Wakefield was not sent to the medical bay because she requested no medical attention, save for her injuries. Which were treated in the Brig. In terms of the officer who struck the Lieutenant, this officer was not confined to the Brig as Lieutenant Wakefield declined to press charges. So please allow me to alleviate your concerns, Admiral. Just your being here alone and in uniform, pulling rank, and diverting the Underwood from it's mission to come here is threat enough." Tyler responded through gritted teeth.

"I see one does not have children," he said in a calm voice, Tyler was trying to gode him or get a reaction, but Wilfred hadn't made it to a flagship Admiral to be so easily compromised. "But you are correct, I do indeed have my own orders and mission to conduct. But Captain, just because one does not want medical attention, does not mean one does not require it, especially in such a confused state of mind. I would have least had the counselor drop in to assess an officer's state of mind, especially after such out of character behavior," he said poking back at the Captain's choices before he turned back to his sister. "Anyway, I do wish you to remain, impartial Lieutenant, despite what the Captain is implying. I am simply wanting a speedy resolution and not a prolonged drawn-out case that would take months to resolve, I would rather see my daughter demoted and get the help that she needs, than to sit idly by and see her get disgracefully discharged from Starfleet altogether, because I will not let that happen, I would intervene." turning his gaze back to the Captain "I would take a leave of absence and I would go through hell and back with the best defense I could, going through everything with a fine-tooth comb, I would pick at every little action or inaction that contributed to this full sorry affair, I'd drag it out with expert witnesses, psychologists, crew testimonies and witnesses, I'm sure your crew wouldn't mind extended shore leave for a couple of months." he said, simply implying what any farther would do for his daughter.

"No... You're not threatening not one bit. You stand here and say it is what a father would do. A father would not threaten to take action if something was not swept under the rug. A father would let someone live with the consequences of the decisions that they make. You know when Dana arrived on the Pioneer she did not even want the crew to know who her father was. She wants to distance herself from you, to establish her own identity, her own name..." Tyler was not yelling but he was seething.

"If the two of you would stop posturing like two stags about to fight." Rachel interrupted. "Admiral as I have said the best I can do is listen to the defense that Ms Masters has planned and proceed accordingly. I cannot make any promises. Surely you can see the reasoning there."

'I can see I'm going to have to keep a close eye on the Malbrooke's' Wilfred said in his head, at the least the Captain had the balls to stand up to him, others would simply quiver at the Sutherland name.

"If they were rash decisions and she was in complete control of her faculties then I would indeed let her live by the consequences. And please you insinuate that I did not know that she wanted to carve her own career, I offered to..." he paused he really didn't need to say anymore, Dana could have had any position she wanted, hell he could have even got her onto a fast track command program. "She made her own choices and made her own decisions about her assignment, I just want to ensure all of that isn't gone in a blink of an eye because of the current situation."

Wilfred signed, he had done all he could, but he was poised to act. "Lieutenant, I appreciate you hearing me out and I shall let you enjoy your lunch before the defense makes a case, but I shall be there to observe and step in if needed." he glanced at the Captain again "And Captain Malbrooke, please do no change, it takes courage to stand up to an old school Admiral, lesser officers have shit their pants at even just the sight of me" he smiled "I can see my daughter has had a competent leader, carry on."

The two Malbrookes watched as the Admiral strode away. "You know Rachel I was loathe to admit it in front of the Admiral, but he is right. Perhaps getting this done quickly and with little pain is best. I mean it was the order that Commander O Flannagain and I gave that sent her over the edge." Tyler said without looking at his sister.

Rachel was flabbergasted not only did the Admiral practically order her to sweep this away, but now she finds out that he brother caused the whole mess. All this on her first trial. "Tyler despite what the Admiral might say I want to see justice done here. If Lieutenant Wakefield was non compus mentus then the ruling will be made accordingly." Both Tyler and Admiral Sutherland thought that she could be a push over. Rachel Malbrooke would prove them all wrong in a matter of hours. She would make a deal that would give everyone what they wanted, but it might just cost her dignity.

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